Weber Grills Reviews

Even if you have never grilled a burger, there is a good chance you’ve heard of Weber. And if you did, we are sure that you believe it is one of the top companies when it comes to grilling products. But have you ever wondered why that is the case? Let’s take a look at the history of this firm and list some of the best Weber Grills reviews we have available.

Brand History

The company has an intriguing history that started as far as the end of the 19th century. Weber Bros. Metal Works was first founded in 1893 as a family business. However, they didn’t enter the grilling market up until 1951. At the time, George Stephen Sr. was a part owner of the Weber shop in Chicago. He was a grilling enthusiast, and he looked for ways to improve his backyard brazier. It was then when he designed the famous kettle and revolutionized the grilling market.

Soon after that, the company opened its BBQ sector that will later become the focus of their work. Stephen bought the entire company in 1958 but kept the Weber in the name. The official title of the business since then has been Weber-Stephen Products. The company was in the ownership of the Stephen family until 2010. However, BDT Capital Partners than bought a majority stake. That didn’t affect the quality of the products – if anything, they became even better. Today, Weber-Stephen is manufacturing and selling all sorts of grills, including gas, charcoal, electric, and portable BBQ systems.

Weber Gas Grills
Weber Spirit

Spirit grills are an edition of BBQ systems intended for newbies and those looking for entry-level units. The price and the size of the cooking surface vary depending on the model you select. Weber Spirit E210 is one of the most affordable gas models designed by this company. However, the most popular one seems to be Spirit E310. It’s one of those grills that doesn’t boost a massive power but overcomes that with stable performance. Total grilling area comes out to 529 square inches, but 104 are reserved for a secondary warming rack. Combine that with the fact that you have foldable side shelves and an enclosed cabinet and you don’t have to go to the kitchen ever again to prepare a complete meal.

E310 has three burner tubes of stainless steel that has a total power output of 32,000 BTUs per hour. The construction is sturdy, and components are of high-quality. The grill even has some of the premium Weber features, such as flavorizer bars to vaporize the drippings. If you are looking for a sear station burner, you will find it in the E330 model, which is somewhat more expensive because of this extra accessory. The manufacturer designed both natural gas and liquid propane models for your preference.

Weber Genesis II

If you wish to make a step forward from entry-level grills, we suggest trying one of the units from the Weber Genesis II series. Regardless of the model you choose, you can learn what it means to own a Weber grill. The company takes pride in the CS4 grilling system that this series equips. The system is combined with four components – simple auto-start ignition, tapered burner tubes that secure a constant gas flow, flavorizer bars for vaporizing the drippings, and grease management tray. Thanks to them, you can have a complete BBQ experience and enjoy delicious food every time.

The design of the units is traditional except for the cart, which the manufacturer left open instead of enclosing it. Only premium Genesis II LX E-340 model has a two-door enclosed cabinet with storage space for grilling tools and essentials. The size and power vary depending on the unit you choose. If you only need two burners and modest cooking surface, Genesis II E-210 will do the job. However, if you are planning on impressing the entire neighborhood with your grilling skills, E-610 packs six burners with 60,000 BTUs of power. The largest model of the series offers a whopping 1000 square inches of cooking space, which means that you can feed an entire basketball team with it. All models support Weber’s iGrill3 feature for digital heat monitoring.

Weber Summit

We have no doubt that this is a series of high-end BBQ systems designed for those that want only premium grilling equipment. Bells and whistles are what make this edition stand out from others. Depending on the model, they have from four to six burners with each of the tubes bringing 12,000 BTUs of power to the mix. You also get a searing station and a side burner for sauces and side dishes, as well as a rotisserie station to roast an entire chicken.

Don’t expect these units to be budget-friendly. Summit E-470 is the most affordable one, but it will still require you to splash a handsome amount of cash. Just like it’s usual with gas grills, the models that can be connected to your natural gas line are a bit more costly. There are also built-in units that will perfectly fit with your outdoor kitchen and add that classy look to it.  For those of you that consider grilling a lifestyle, consider purchasing Weber Summit Grill Center. It’s a premium unit that has everything that you can ever want in a grill. Is there an ample cooking surface? Yes! How about side and rotisserie burners? Of course! And does it come with a smoker box? Well, why wouldn’t it! If you count the total heat output of all the burners, you get over 110,000 BTUs of power, which is damn impressive.

Weber Q

We are heading to the other side of the pricing scale now since Weber Q series is an edition of affordable tabletop grills. The beauty is that they are also portable and you can take it whenever you want. The cart will cost you extra, but who says you need it anyway?

Two basic models are fueled by gas in this series – Q1000 and Q2200. They both pack just one burner, but the latter one is bigger and offers 280 square inches of the cooking surface. Although they come with only a single burner tube, they are reliable and deliver fantastic results. The quality of construction is Weber-like, which means you get premium components that will last for years. Grates are of cast iron and cook box, and the lid is of aluminum to secure maximum resistance to rust. You also can’t underestimate the convenience. Not only the Q series is portable, but it also comes pre-assembled.  That means you don’t have to go through the trouble of packing and to unpack it each time when you are taking it on the road.

Weber Charcoal Grills

While gas grills show that Weber can keep up with modern technology, their charcoal models appeal to grilling traditionalists. The kettle that they designed decades ago is still the concept in use, which proves that this company knows its way around BBQ systems. There are more than a dozen of different units available, but we will single out some that we consider worthy of your attention.

Weber Original Kettle Charcoal Grill

This model is available in three different sizes depending on the crowd you want to serve. The smallest one has a cooking bowl with 18” diameter, which is approximately 240 square inches of the grilling surface, and the biggest model has 26” diameter of the cooking grate (508 square inches of space).

You can also choose between the Original Kettle model and Weber Kettle Premium Grill. The latter one offers more features, but the truth is that they are not all that different. The crucial distinction is that the plated-steel cooking grate is hinged on the Premium unit. That is why this model handles the drippings better, and it allows easier access to the charcoal bed. The Premium option also comes with four hooks included, which provides you with a convenient space to hang your tools or other essentials.

As for other areas, the two products are similar. They have a lid and bowl that are porcelain enameled for increased resistance to rust. The thermometer that’s built in on the gauge monitors the temperature, while the ash catcher is there to help you deal with all grilling residue. The nylon handles are reinforced so that you don’t burn your hands when opening the lid. The entire unit stands on three legs, and two of them equip wheels for increased mobility.

Weber Performer

Some people like when they are trying to get the charcoal lit. They are proud of putting the personal effort in heating up their grill. Others would gladly give up the hassle if there were a more comfortable option. That is precisely what Weber Performer offers. The core unit of this grilling system is nothing else than the original kettle. However, it has an automatic Touch-N-Go gas ignition system. That technically makes this grill a hybrid because it uses gas to start up and the coal to cook food. The crucial thing that you need to know is that everything you need to do to get the fire going is to press a button.

At first glance, Weber Performer looks a bit unusual. It has an open cart design and stands on four legs with wheels. Two of those rollers have locking casters to ensure sturdiness. There is a foldable table on the side of the kettle that you can use as prep space. There is a built-in lid holder that makes dealing with opening the cover much more comfortable. The Performer Deluxe and Performer Premium models also come with a charbin storage container, as well as a bigger cart and the side table. However, all three models have the same cooking surface of 363 square inches (22” diameter of the bowl). The hinged grate is of plated steel and comes from the Weber Gourmet BBQ System of cookware. That means you can buy a wok, pizza stone, and other accessories to make this unit more versatile.

Smokey Mountain Cooker

Smokey Mountain Cooker is nothing like other models from this company. This unit was not designed with quick grilling in mind. Instead, you should use it if you have an entire afternoon and you want to do things nice and slow. The result will be beautifully-smoked food that all classic barbecue lovers will enjoy.

The standard unit of this series is Smokey Mountain Cooker 18” that offers 481 square inches of cooking space. There is a smaller model (14”) and a bigger one (22”), too. Their vertical design is what sets them apart from other units. In fact, you might even think they resemble a kamado grill. The charcoal grate is located at the bottom, and there are four aluminum dampers in total that you use to regulate the heat. The temperature is monitored via the mounted thermometer, and you can use a heat-proof handle to open the lid at any time. A cover for the unit is also included in the price.

Other Charcoal Models

When it comes to charcoal models, you might want to check out the Weber Master-Touch grill. It offers an original kettle design, but it also includes a small warming rack of 80 square inches. The fact that you can simmer vegetables or keep buns warm during the cooking process can mean a lot.

And if you are looking for a genuinely large model because you often host BBQ parties pay attention to the Ranch Kettle. This model offers more than 1,100 square inches of cooking space. In theory, that means you can serve a crowd of 20 people at once!

Finally, the Weber Summit series also has its charcoal representative. Since it is a premium edition of grills, expect the price to differ from the other coal units significantly. It offers 450 square inches of cooking space, a charcoal bed that can be adjusted, automatic ignition, and many other bells and whistles that will delight all the barbecue enthusiasts.

Weber Electric Grills

Weber is a company that takes care of all of their clients. They are aware that not all consumers can enjoy backyard grilling. Some of them live in a city or in communities where an open fire is forbidden. That is why they are offering a way around it with their Q series of electric grills. There are two models particularly worthy of your attention – Weber Q1400 and Q2400 and their features are very similar.

The body of the grills, as well as the lid, is made of cast aluminum. That ensures incredible rust resistance and extends the durability. The nylon frame is reinforced with glass to make it heat-proof for comfortable handling. The cooking grates are the best available material – cast iron – and they have porcelain finish to prevent the food sticking to the surface. The heating element has 1560 Watts of power. You can adjust it by using the control valve. Those who never tested electric grills claim that they can’t achieve proper heat for grilling, but the Q series can. The high-quality material used for body and lid is accompanied by aluminum liners for heat retention to secure consistent BBQ results.

The difference between the two models is that Q2400 offers a more significant cooking surface. It has 280 inches of grilling space, which is almost 100 square inches more than Q1400. Aside from that, you will enjoy the benefits that come with an electric grill with both of them. The top of that list is probably the fact you don’t have to worry whether you have enough fuel or go through the hassle of lighting up charcoal. You can use the 6-foot cord and plug it into any power outlet to get the product running. And don’t underestimate the economic factor. Burning electricity is far cheaper than continually purchasing propane tanks or charcoal.

Weber Portable Grills

While the Q series with its tabletop design also offers adequate portability, now we will cover models that Weber designed with mobility in mind as a top priority.

Smokey Joe and Jumbo Joe

If you like powerful stuff that comes in little packing, take a look at the Smokey Joe portable kettle grill. It might feature only 14” (147 square inches) of grilling space in the cooking bowl, but it does offer you the possibility of taking your grilling fun on the road. The lid and bowl are enameled with porcelain, while the cooking grate is of plated steel. It seems that Weber had in mind to design an affordable option for all those that like to take their grill camping or on a road trip. If that was the case, they did it. Weber Smokey Joe might not offer high-quality materials, but that is because this unit is not designed for everyday use. Instead, it comes in handy in situations where you are going away from home, and you don’t want to stay without the kettle grilling experience. In that case, you can just place the unit that weighs less than 10 pounds in your trunk and goes! You can choose between charcoal and gas alternatives. If you want an additional aluminum damper (three compared to two), take a look at the Smokey Joe Premium.

And if you would like extra grilling space, consider purchasing the bigger brother Jumbo Joe that has an 18” cooking bowl with 240 square inches of grilling space. It also offers a lid lock for more comfortable transport.

Weber Go-Anywhere

The name is there for a reason because you can literally go anywhere with this model. It is a tabletop grill with a briefcase-like design for transport. The legs double as lid holders, and the handle on the cover can then be used for carrying the unit around. Aside from the handle on the top, you can also notice two on the sides for comfortable maneuvering.

The gas alternative has a single burner with 6,500 BTUs per hour, but you can also choose the charcoal unit. In that case, you get a couple of dampers with three vent holes each for regulating heat. Regardless of the model, you will get a lid hanger that protects the grilling grate from the wind. Although the product has only 160 square inches of cooking space, you can use a maximum of it thanks to the rectangular design. The unit weighs less than 15 pounds making it a dream come true for all portable grilling lovers.

Why Choose Weber

Weber is considered as one of the most reputable names on the BBQ market. But have you ever wondered why that is the case? Let’s take a look at several reasons why you should choose them before other grilling manufacturers:

  • Tradition – they have been on the market for more than six decades now. Not only they brought joy into lives of millions of grillers, but they also revolutionized grilling by inventing the kettle design.
  • Innovation – the fact that they are one of the pioneers of BBQ doesn’t prevent them from keeping up with the latest technology. Some of their grills are equipped with modern features such as iGrill 3, which enables monitoring the heat while you are away from the unit
  • Reliability – Weber has made dozens of products, and they were all very successful in their respective categories. Whether you choose an affordable model or you are a fan of high-end grills, you know that you will get a product that delivers excellent results
  • Something for everyone – traditional grillers will love kettle charcoal grills. Those who are more open to modern technology will appreciate gas grills. And if the community regulations don’t allow either, why not purchase an electric unit? All these are designed by Weber!

Final Note

That concludes our Weber grills reviews article. We believe that you have found the perfect model for your grilling needs by now. If there is one thing sure, it’s that you can’t go wrong with Weber regardless of the type and model you choose. We can only wish you years of happy grilling and hope that you will have the same positive experience with this company like millions of others.