Weber Genesis E410 Review

In this review, we will be taking an in-depth look at the Weber Genesis E-410 gas grill. Our aim with this review is to provide you with all of the facts and features that you need to make an informed decision on whether or not this grill is the right fit for your particular needs.

With that in mind, we have decided to structure this review in a particular way, so as to highlight all the most important aspects of this product. Thus, we will start by giving a brief overview of the basic specifications of this grill, and then go into a lot more detail about all of its features. We will then take a look at any accessories that come with the grill, and briefly explain what sets it apart from other grills. Finally, we will conclude by providing a list of pros and cons of this grill. Let us get started with the specifications.


The Weber Genesis E-410 is a big grill, with four burners, and a large cooking area. It was made to cater to those users who want a large and powerful grill and who have room to fit it in.

With that being said, this is not a grill that will fit easily on a balcony or a small patio. This grill was designed for homeowners who want to throw large grilling parties, and be able to cook all the meat at once.

It is made of the best materials available, and in a really sturdy construction with great design. Still, it doesn’t come with a lot of bells and whistles one would expect from a top-tier model, so we would say that this is a large but basic grill.


Let us take a more in-depth look at all the features of this grill one by one. This section will contain information about the grill’s size, power, ignition system, and so on. We will start from the more basic features and work our way up to the more specific and advanced features offered by this grill.

Firstly, let us take a look at the cooking area available when using this grill. The total cooking area can be subdivided into two sections, the primary grilling area, which comes in at around 646 square inches, and the foldable heating rack, which has a surface area of around 188 square inches. As we have already mentioned, this is quite a large grill, and you can cook a lot of meat on it in one go, so it is perfect for large grill parties with lots of guests. Alternatively, you can also fit very large single pieces of meat for a low and slow cook, if that’s more your style.

Naturally, the dimensions of the entire grill as a whole are also very important, since you need to know whether you can fit it in before you even consider buying it. This grill measures 26 x 39 x 33 inches, which is a reasonable size for the cooking area you get. The only downside to this is that the side tables don’t fold down, so what you see is what you get, which could be troublesome for some users.

Furthermore, the weight of a grill is also important. Sure, it will get shipped to you, and once you set it up, it is unlikely to move much, but if you want to put it on some decking in your backyard, you need to know whether it will be able to handle the weight. This grill weighs a total of 183 pounds.

It is heavy, but not heavy enough to cause any serious damage to whatever surface you choose to put it on. Furthermore, the weight is evidence of excellent quality materials being used to put it together, as we will see later on.

Now let us move on to the power supply and output. As we have already mentioned, this grill runs on gas. It comes in two varieties, liquid propane and natural gas. The downside to this is that once you settle on one of these options, you can’t convert the grill to the second type later on, so choose carefully.

Whichever power source you choose to base your grill on, it will go on to power the four burners this grill comes equipped with. Each of the burners outputs 12.000 BTUs of heat energy per hour, making the total amount of BTUs per hour that this grill can output a solid 48.000. This is more than enough power to cook regular meats that go into everyday consumption. However, it may struggle to perform when extreme temperature cooks are concerned, so for those who want a more advanced grill, this is probably not the right fit.

The grate that comes with this grill is of particular note as well. It is made of a great quality cast iron, which is considered the industry standard for great quality grates, due to its inherent heat-conducting abilities. However, cast iron grates are notoriously sticky, so Weber has decided to coat their grates in a porcelain enamel, which prevents sticking. Porcelain is also a well known heat-conductive material, so it should help you get an even better sear on your meat.

The burners themselves are made of stainless steel, so as to prevent damage from any drippings that find their way to them. Furthermore, the stainless steel helps protect against any leaks, or bursts, since it is constructed and welded to the highest professional standards.

They are evenly spaced out throughout the grilling surface, so the temperature is even over the entire cooking area. There are no hot or cold spots on the grill, which is a characteristic many grills struggle with. In fact, we would say that the evenness of the heat distribution on this grill is arguably its strongest feature.

While on the topic of the burners and power output, let us also discuss the ignition system. This grill has a surefire electric ignition system, which is guaranteed by Weber to fire up your grill successfully every time. The ignition button is located on the front panel of the grill, and it works by converting the energy you expend to press the button into an electric spark, which goes on to light the stream of gas passing through the ignition. Thus, lighting the gas on fire is successful every time.

There are four other control components on the front panel of this grill. Those are the four temperature dials that control each burner separately. The neat thing about these dials is that they have infinite temperature control. That means that there are no preset temperature steps built in by the manufacturer, which allows the user to precisely control the temperature the meat cooks at.

Weber includes several of its flagship proprietary features with this grill. They call this the GS4 system, and it consists of four distinct parts, two of which we’ve already covered. Firstly, the electronic ignition system and the stainless steel burners make up one half of this system, and we’ve already spoken about them. The other two components are only available on Weber grills, and those are the Flavorizer bars and the Grease Management system.

Let us take a look at the Flavorizer Bars first. Since this is a Genesis series grill, a more high-end segment of Weber’s portfolio, the Flavorizer Bars stretch throughout the grilling area, as opposed to lower-end models which only have Flavorizer Bars in certain areas.

These are special elevated trays that sit beneath the grilling grate, and catch all of the drippings released by your meat. These Bars are heated so as to make the drippings sizzle and evaporate, giving off smoke and steam. This smoke rises upwards and gets infused into the meat that is searing above, thus enhancing its natural flavor.

Thus, it is almost as though you are getting the benefits of a smoker while your meat is searing in the regular way. Naturally, this doesn’t add much in the way of smokey flavor that is particular to a certain type of wood used for smoking, but it does enhance the flavors that are already in the meat greatly.

The Flavorizer Bars are closely connected to the final of the GS4 system components, the Grease Management system. Every grilling enthusiast knows that managing the drippings that come off the meat you are grilling is arguably the toughest task when it comes to grilling, since drippings can damage your grill, or light on fire and cause injury. That is why Weber introduced a novel system for handling the drippings, and they place so high an emphasis on it that they included it as one of the four cornerstones of their technologically innovative features.

Let’s see how it works. The drippings from the meat drip down onto the Flavorizer Bars, and they sizzle and evaporate, forming a fond on the Bars. However, not all the drippings get vaporized, and those pass down the Bars and into a special drippings tray that is installed at an angle, so as to allow gravity to pull the flammable fats away from the heat source, to prevent flare ups. The drippings are directed toward a central hole, where they fall into a removable drippings tray.


Grill manufacturers are well known for including freebies along with the package of the grill you ordered. These can range from cooking utensils such as spatulas, grill cleaners, tongs, hooks, etc, to grilling apparel such as aprons, gloves, or even branded T-shirts or hats. Alternatively, some manufacturers may opt to include some food preparation products such as spices, rubs, sauces, smoked salts etc. They do this to get you hooked on their line of products, as well as to thank you for choosing to buy their grill.

Weber, however, has not taken to adopting this strategy, so there is very little we can talk about in terms of any extras that you can expect to get inside the packaging for this grill. That is an important thing to note, since some users may expect to find something extra in their package, only to be disappointed.

However, there are two things Weber includes which could be considered accessories. Firstly, Weber includes 6 tool hooks with this grill. These hang off the side of the grill and make all your tools easy to reach. Most grilling utensils have a hole at a certain spot in order to be able to hang in just such a way, which is a very useful feature indeed.

The other accessory that comes with this grill is the Owner’s Manual and Cookbook, a short volume which offers advice on how to properly care for your grill, how to clean it, light it, and so on. The cookbook contains recipes that were optimized to take full advantage of the features offered by this grill, so these recipes will work every time.

What sets the Weber Genesis E-410 apart from other grills?

In order to deliver a verdict on the benefits of this grill, it is very important to compare it to other grills to see what sets it apart. With that being said, in this section, we will see which features of this grill beat the industry mean, to provide a distinguishing element which may convince some prospective buyers to go for this grill instead of some other. There is no point in comparing this grill to much more expensive professional grills, since these come with all of the bells and whistles which can fit inside, whereas this grill is aimed at the home grilling market.

Thus, arguably the most important feature of this grill, which may set it apart from its competition, is the evenness of the temperature across the grilling area. The four burners that this grill is equipped with are spaced apart from one another in such a way as to insure that there are no hot or cold spots anywhere on the grill, which is something many grills struggle with, even ones that are considered more high-end than the one at hand. Furthermore, the burners provide a steady temperature once set, with no power fluctuations due to the even flow of gas through them.

Another great feature, and one we couldn’t fit into the previous sections, is Weber’s proprietary iGrill system ,which this grill can take advantage of. The iGrill system allows you to attach a temperature probe (sold separately) to your meat on one end and your grill on the other, and by installing the iGrill app on your smart device, you can get precise temperature readings anywhere in real time. That allows you to have more control while not always hovering over your grill. You can even set alarms so the app will tell you when the internal temperature reaches a certain point, so you can do other things and only check on the grill occasionally.


Since the aim of this review is to provide the reader with all the information they may need to make an informed decision on whether or not this grill is the right fit for their particular needs, we have decided to include an easy to use list of the benefits of this grill. This serves two purposes, firstly, it highlights the main features that make this grill worthwhile, and secondly, it allows for easier perusal and skimming. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the pros.

  • Big cooking area: This grill is made to cater to those who have a lot of room to spare, and want to be able to cook a lot of meat all at once. That is why this grill has around 646 square inches of grilling area, with an additional 188 square inches of warming area that sits above the grill and can be tucked away.
  • Porcelain-enameled grates: This grill comes with an amazingly efficient and well-designed grate, which is made of cast iron. Cast iron is well-known for its heat-conducting properties, which makes it the go-to material for making grill grates. Furthermore, the grates are coated in a layer of porcelain enamel which serves two purposes. Firstly, it helps prevent the meat from sticking to the grate, and, since porcelain is also a great heat-conductor, helps deliver an even better sear.
  • Even temperature throughout: This grill has four burners, each of which can be controlled separately through a dedicated dial, located on the front panel of the grill. These are spaced apart from one another in order to make sure that the heat is evenly distributed throughout the surface of the grill, which eliminates the possibility of any hot or cold spots forming on the grill.
  • Flavorizer bars: The Flavorizer Bars are located beneath the grate, and serve to catch the drippings falling off the meat. These drippings are then heated until they evaporate, releasing smoke and steam which waft upwards and infuse into the meat. This helps intensify the natural flavors inside the meat, ultimately giving you a better tasting piece of meat.
  • Infinite controls: The four dials located on the front panel of the grill, each of which controls one of the four burners within, were made to allow the user to control the temperature the meat cooks at in a precise way. These dials were not pre-set at certain temperature steps, but allow the user to control the precise temperature of the burners themselves. This gives more control to the user, and allows you to fine tune your grilling experience.


In our effort to present all of the products we review fairly, we always take care to include a list of the downside of any given product as well as the benefits. No product is perfect, and our aim is to provide you with all the information you need to decide whether this grill fits your particular needs. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the drawbacks of this grill.

  • Relatively low BTU: The burners inside this grill produce 12.000 BTUs per hour each, which adds up to 48.000 in total. While this is a standard number for home grills, some users have noted that this grill should fall into a higher quality range, and therefore offer more BTUs. This added power would help pull off more advanced extreme heat grilling techniques, which this grill is unlikely to be able to handle.
  • No extras: Once this grill arrives unassembled at your doorstep, and you open up the packaging, the grill is pretty much all you will find there. Weber includes no extras in terms of grilling equipment or apparel, which could irk those who have had the experience of buying grills from other manufacturers who did decide to include these little extras.
  • Non-convertible power source: This grill comes in two varieties, depending on the type of fuel it uses. There is the natural gas model and the liquid propane model. The trouble is, once you settle on one of these options, it is impossible to convert to the other type of fuel. This is not the case with some grills, and this lack of flexibility has been pointed out by a number of users.


This has been our review of the Weber Genesis E-410 gas grill. The aim of this review was to provide you with all the information you need to decide whether this grill suits your needs, in an objective and impartial way. That is why we subdivided the text into numerous sections, in order to highlight all the various aspects of this product, as well as to provide an easier reading experience.

In our view, the most important distinguishing feature of this grill is its reliability in terms of the evenness of the temperature throughout the grilling surface, which is a very important aspect when you are considering buying a grill. However, you have the last word when it comes to whether you are impressed with this grill or not.


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