Weber Genesis 2 Review

If you are looking for a top quality product, you need to be ready to pay an adequate sum of money for it. That rule also applies to the grilling systems market, where there is a brand that dominates for decades. Weber Genesis 2 is a series of premium gas grills with two crucial traits – durability and high performance. In this review, we will focus on these BBQ systems that can do wonders for you.

We will start with a quick overview and move on with analyzing the product’s features carefully. You will also read some of the reasons we listed why you should choose something from the Weber Genesis 2 series, and if you prefer to listen to reviews from existing consumers, we rounded them up for you. By the end of the article, we hope to show you that the mixture of tradition and modern that this gas grill offers is just what you need for your backyard. The model presented in this review will be the E310 because overall is one of the best models that the series has to offer.


Here is an overview of the product specifications:

  • Dimensions: 45 (61 with the lid open) x 54 x 31 inches;
  • Weight: 150 pounds;
  • Power: 37,500 BTUs;
  • Fuel: Natural gas or propane.

We are also giving you a quick look at the features of the Weber Genesis 2 E310:

  • Infinite ignition system;
  • Cast-iron cooking grates with porcelain-enameled finish;
  • Grease management system;
  • Flavorizer bars for better flavor;
  • Remote control via a mobile device.

These are just some of the characteristics of the E310 model. Keep reading for an in-depth look at all the features that the Genesis series provides.


Every model from the Weber Genesis 2 series uses the so-called Infinity Ignition System. It enables a quick start of your BBQ by just pressing the igniter button. The single press will activate all the product’s burners, and there is no way that you can fail in igniting the fire. The only thing you need to secure is an AA battery for the igniter.

We can’t exaggerate just how useful this feature is. The fact that the chance of getting your grill running is 100% is an incredible timesaver. When using charcoals, you are always wondering how much time it will take to arrange them on the coal bed and lit them. However, here you just need to make sure that there is enough fuel in the tank and start the cooking process in a matter of seconds. Wonderful!

Three Stainless Steel Burners

Weber Genesis 2 E-310 has three burner tubes made of stainless steel. They have a tapered shape which is not considered a standard with gas grills. That is what enables them to secure a constant gas flow from the front to the back of the cook box. It is also one of the reasons why this series of grilling systems had such an incredible heat distribution and no cold or hot spots on the grilling area. Of course, some of the credit for heat retention needs to be given to the cast-iron cooking grates with the porcelain-enameled finish, but we will focus on them later.

The question that arises is how you can control such power that the Genesis series can provide? The answer is – swiftly, even if you are a newbie when it comes to grilling. Each of the three burners has a separate knob to control its heat. Add to that the thermometer mounted in the center of the lid and you can understand how there will be no trouble in getting the most out of the product.

Reversible Cooking Grates

Aside from the fact that the manufacturer made them from high-quality stainless steel, the porcelain-enamel finish was also implemented to secure that food cannot stick to the surface of the grates. However, the most intriguing characteristic is that they are reversible. That ensures that you can cook virtually any food on these cooking grates.

If you are looking for that perfect sear mark you know and love, you should use the thick side. However, if you are preparing shrimp, fish, or any other delicate food, perhaps it’s smarter to use the thin alternative.

Flavorizer Bars

If you have used a Weber grill so far, you probably know about this feature. The consumers love flavorizer bars, and it’s no wonder that the manufacturer decided to include them in the Genesis series, too. The premise is simple – the drippings from the food you are cooking fall through the grates onto the carefully placed flavorizer bars.

They are perfectly angled to catch and vaporize them. That way the smoke circulates and adds extra tenderness and flavor to your burgers or steaks. It’s this feature that makes gas grills equal to their charcoal counterparts when it comes to food taste. Aside from that, the bars also help the burners not to get congested with the fat.

Managing Grease Effectively

The vaporizing system we described in the previous paragraph is only the first line of defense when it comes to the grease causing troubles to your grill. You can’t expect the flavorizer bars to catch 100% of the drippings and the fat that manages to run away goes straight into the grease tray. The specialized dish is located below the cook box, but just far enough to prevent any flare-ups.

The grease tray collects all the drippings and ensures that they are transferred to the catch pan. That is nothing else but a rather large pot that can easily be removed whenever it is full. That won’t happen quickly, which means that it can endure a long grilling session without emptying. When you want to remove the collected fat, just take out the catch pan and make sure to clean it properly before returning it to place.

Stainless Steel Side Tables

Weber Genesis 2 E310 comes with two side tables made of stainless steel. They provide all the space you need for the plates you plan to use during a grilling session, as well as rubs and seasonings. There are six tool hooks (three per side) that you can use for hanging the essential tools. That means you don’t have to look around searching where you had left those tongs when you previously used them – you will surely find them on one of the hooks!

You can also make use of the storage space beneath the cook box. The open cart design of the grill secures a sleek look, but it also guarantees an extra room for keeping everything related to your BBQ needs. There is also a shelf located in the interior of the cart.

All Weather Wheels and Casters

Taking a look at an image of the Genesis II grills will reveal that the products in this series are equipped with two big wheels and a couple of additional casters. Although the grilling system is not light, these additions make it easy to move around your backyard or patio. The wheels are suitable for all weather conditions and surfaces.

When you finally find the desired spot for your grill, make sure to lock the product into place by securing the swivel casters. That will increase the stability of the item and make sure that nothing can knock it over.

Remote Control via Mobile Device

The future of grilling is here! Who says that you have to be near your grill all the time to make sure that the food is cooking correctly? The new iGrill 3 Bluetooth thermometer enables you to track the current temperature in the cook box on your mobile device. That means that you can safely step away from the grill and enjoy chatting with your family or friends while the app does the monitoring for you.

Let’s try to explain how this feature works. The first thing to ensure is that you have purchased an iGrill 3 thermometer that you can get for around $90 on Amazon. The upgrade doesn’t come with the product, which means you need to make an extra investment. The good news is that it will be worth it. The digital Bluetooth heat monitor comes with two meat probes and a capacity for additional two. You can easily mount the thermometer to the side table of any model from the Weber Genesis 2 series, considering that the feature is uniquely designed for those grills.

The next thing is to grab your mobile device and download the suitable iGrill app. If you use an Android phone, head to Google Play, but if you are an iPhone owner, you will need to go to the App Store. The application is free for both systems and uses Bluetooth to connect the device and the iGrill thermometer. Once you have everything set up, you can safely move up to 150 feet from your grill. The only thing you need to make sure is to stay within the line of sight.

You can take a look at the current temperature in the cook box at any moment. You can also adjust the settings inside your app to turn on alarms for minimum or maximum temperatures, as well as any desired timers.

Why Should You Choose Weber Genesis 2 Series?

We are sure that you share our opinion that the list of features of the Genesis II grills is more than impressive. However, if you need a bit more convincing, take a look at several reasons why you should choose this BBQ over all the others on the market:

No Learning Curve Required

If you are not an experienced griller, this advantage might be the deciding factor to purchase one of the Weber Genesis 2 models. Even if you haven’t grilled a single time before, it shouldn’t be a problem to learn to deal with this BBQ. Starting it takes only pressing a button while controlling the heat has never been easier thanks to the valves that regulate each of the burners separately.

Even if you are a veteran, you will love the simplicity of this product and how efficiently it delivers excellent results. We are sure that everyone will also be excited to try the iGrill app that enables monitoring your grill from afar.

Enough Space for Everything That You Might Need

The cooking area is ample enough to serve anywhere from five to seven people at once. The warming rack can be useful, but if you don’t need, you can fold it away and get additional grilling space. There is a significant area for storing the essentials, too. Take a look at the two side tables that can hold your plates or any rubs that you plan to use. The integrated hooks are perfect for towels and other grilling tools. And if you need even more space, just check out beneath the cook box, where there is a cart with ample storage area and a shelf. With this much space, we can consider this a series of not only grills but also compact outdoor kitchens.

Choose the Ideal Model for You

There are more than 20 different models available in the Weber Genesis 2 grill series. They all share top-notch quality and excellent performance, but the difference is in the details. Let’s take a look at the different versions that you can purchase:

  • Genesis II E-210 Liquid Propane – the smallest grill in the series that has 380 square inches of the cooking surface and 26,000 BTUs of strength. There is also a natural gas alternative;
  • Weber Genesis 2 E-310 Natural Gas – the model we focused on in our review. The best combination of three things: price, quality, and performance. You can buy it for $524 on Amazon, while the liquid propane option is a bit more expensive;
  • Genesis II E-410 Liquid Propane – the more massive and, therefore, more expensive alternative of the same product. On the plus side, it is available in four colors, such as this beautiful, such as the beautiful crimson one;
  • Genesis 2 E-610 Natural Gas or Liquid Propane – a whopping 770 square inches of the grilling area is more than enough to serve a crowd of any size;
  • Weber Genesis II LX E-240 – this is a premium grill edition that boasts all kinds of bells and whistles. However, it also comes at a slightly higher price than the regular Genesis models. Depending on the size, you can also choose LX E-340, LX E-440, and LX E-640;
  • Genesis 2 LX S-240 – this is a series of grills very similar to the previous one when it comes to both price and performance. It also features larger LX S-340, LX S-440, and LX S-640.


If you are already spending hundreds of dollars on a grill that will last for years, why not include some more cash on accessories that will further improve its performance? For example, we just love the diamond-pattern sear grate available at $40 on Amazon, and we are sure your guests will be impressed, too. And there is not much that can match with the delicious taste of chicken prepared using the Weber Genesis 2 rotisserie kit. It is made of stainless steel, and it’s perfect for slow roasting chicken over your cooking grate.

If you want to add even more versatility to your product, we suggest considering the elevated grilling system. It creates a total of four levels of your cooking needs and is perfectly suitable for vegetables, kebabs, and drumsticks. And why not consider the possibility to prepare breakfast on your grill? With this griddle that you can buy for $70, pancakes with bacon become feasible.

While the cover for your grill is considered an accessory, we suggest that you purchase one so that you can protect the product during severe weather conditions. That is particularly vital considering that Genesis 2 has an open cart design that can lead to problems quickly. You can buy the official Weber’s polyester fabric cover on Amazon.


We won’t hide that we have been bragging the Weber Genesis 2 series up to this point. Now, we have decided to give the word to the existing consumers. We analyzed customer reviews on Amazon and here is what we discovered.

The users were surprised with the power that ‘only’ three burners can provide. One of them emphasized that he was able to achieve 400F temperature by only turning the knobs halfway. They were also thrilled with the tenderness and juiciness of the food, as well as with the versatility. Even bread can get that delicious smoky flavor if you grill it using this product.

Weber did spoil the consumers a bit, and the efficient performance in combination with excellent results became natural for their grilling systems. However, everyone was thrilled with the new way of monitoring your grill from afar thanks to the iGrill feature. Some of the users didn’t believe that this will work and that they could leave their BBQ unattended while the food is cooking. However, they were delighted that they got to spend precious time with their guests while the product was making delicious burgers and steaks.

Easy Maintenance

Genesis 2 grills series has another vital benefit, and that’s ease of maintenance. Although you will need some proper tools and a bit of time, these systems require minimal effort compared to other grills when it comes to cleaning. The cooking grates can easily be cleaned with a brush, while the grease management system minimizes the mess from the drippings.

Those who know a thing or two about the materials also commended Weber’s choice for this item. The stainless steel for most of the components means that the company didn’t use cheap parts. If that matters to you, we will mention that Genesis 2 LX models are manufactured in the USA, while the others are assembled in China. However, that doesn’t influence the materials as they are all of the highest quality.

Finally, the customers also commended the generous 10-year warranty. They did emphasize that you need to make sure to comply with the mentioned terms and conditions, but it’s still a sign that the manufacturer trusts in their creation.


Assembling the grill will take some time, and you could use a set of helping hands. In fact, the manufacturer recommends finding another person to help you. You can try to do it yourself, but some of the parts are very heavy, and you shouldn’t risk any injuries. On the plus side, the instructions for setting up the BBQ system are clear and straightforward.

While the open cart design enables the grill to look sleek, it also caused weird issues for some users. Those who have placed it in a heavily wooded area had trouble with all sorts of bugs and in some cases even squirrels, finding their way to the grill and knocking away the catch pan and the tools that were hanged on hooks.  The same problems occurred for those who own dogs, and the overall impression is that the company would have made a much better choice if they included doors with the product.


When you are purchasing a grill, you should consider it as a long-term investment in a product that will last for years. That is precisely the case with Weber Genesis 2 grilling system. Each component of the grill was designed by using exceptionally durable materials to secure extended longevity. The performance never came into question with this manufacturer, and the smoky flavor that this BBQ can provide thanks to its flavorizer bars is terrific.

Genesis 2 is an actual mix of the traditional sleek design with a touch of modern that comes in the form of the iGrill feature. It enables you to spend time chatting with your guests while you monitor the cook box temperature via your mobile device. If you are looking for a grill that will impress your neighbors and friends, this could be your perfect choice.



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