Weber Spirit E210 Gas Grill Review

In this review we will be taking a look at the Weber E210 Spirit Gas Grill. Our aim with this Weber e210 spirit review is to give you all the information you need to decide for yourself whether you want to buy this grill, having taken a look at all the facts.

In that regard, we have decided to structure this review in a clear and straightforward way, dividing it into sections which highlight major aspects of the product. Firstly, we will give a brief overview of the product, and then we will go into more detail, discussing its features and accessories. Then we will take a look at what sets this grill apart from others, and finish with an easy to use list of pros and cons, which will sum up what we had discussed earlier in the text. Let’s get started with the specifications for this grill.

Weber e210 grill specifications

Weber E210 Spirit is a liquid propane gas grill, which is designed to cater to those users who do not necessarily have a lot of backyard room to spare for a grill. Furthermore, it was made to fit a small patio or balcony, so it can even be used by those who live in apartments, if the neighbors don’t mind.

However, in spite of its small size, it brings a lot to the table. It is made to be compact while retaining all of the features you would expect from a top of the line grill. It even has two auxiliary tables that fold down when they are not in use, so that storage is made easier.

Features of the Weber gas grill

Let us now get into the meat and bones of what makes this grill tick. We will go in-depth with all the features that a good grill should have, including such specs such as the total grilling area, the type of construction, the fuel it uses, and other important features as well.

Firstly, what we noticed during our review process is that the main selling point of Weber E210 Spirit is its small size (Smaller than the Weber E310 Spirit). In fact, it measures 50 x 32 x 63 in with the side tables folded in. That is a great size for anyone who wants to fit this grill in a tight space, while retaining all the features that make a great grill. Furthermore, this grill weighs in at around 114 lbs, which is quite light for a grill, and that is another good selling point.

However, being as small and light as it is, this grill does not compromise on any of the qualities one would expect from a grill. Let us talk cooking surface. This grill features a nominal 450 square inches of total cooking area. However, this number can be divided into two parts. Firstly, the grilling area is around 360 square inches, and secondly, the so-called warming rack area takes up 90 square inches of the total cooking space.

Since this is a small and basic grill, it doesn’t feature any extra accessories, such as side burners, or other secondary heating units, since this would take up a lot of space. What we do get are foldable side tables which can be very useful for preparing your meat to be grilled on the cooking surface provided.

Speaking of the cooking surface, it is very important to mention the type of  grate that this grill comes with. Namely, the two grates that come with this grill are made of a sturdy and heat-conducting cast iron, that has been enameled in porcelain. This porcelain enamel imbues the grates with a better heat retention rate, and more importantly, it makes it almost impossible for the meat to stick to the grates. That allows for better control, and much easier cleanup as well.

Furthermore, this grill offers some unique features, developed exclusively by Weber for three of its grill lines, including Spirit. That feature is the Flavorizer Bar. These bars can be used to grill meat in such a way that any drippings which fall onto the tray are heated up further, so that they sizzle and smoke, and this smoke infuses into the meat on the grate above, imbuing it with that smokey flavour without need for wood chips or a special smoker.

If it should happen that any of these drippings that fall onto the Flavorizer Bars do not end up sizzling and smoking, but stay liquid, Weber has a solution for that as well. These drippings simply get funneled down into the special grease management system. The grease management system basically consists of a grease thray that is fitted at an angle, and a catch pan that lies below. This system is placed far enough away from the heat to make sure that the drippings do not catch fire, and both the drip tray and the catch pan are fully removable and easy to clean after you are done with the grill.

Let us now turn to the power supply for this grill. As previously mentioned, this is a liquid propane gas grill. Many grilling enthusiasts swear by charcoal grills, pointing to the superior smokey taste of the meat that is grilled on them, but for someone in a cramped space who wants a good grill, gas is a great alternative. There are several reasons why not everyone can use charcoal grills, but the most important reason is that charcoal is not permitted everywhere, and certainly not in apartment buildings.

With that being said, let us take a look at what the propane gas system of Weber E210 Spirit has to offer. Firstly, the propane tank is located inside the cabinet underneath the cooking surface, for maximum efficiency in terms of the space it occupies. This grill is equipped with two stainless steel burners which can pump out 26,500 BTU per hour. That is an excellent result for a grill this size, as well as the market it is intended for.

This grill features an Electronic Crossover ignition system to light the propane gas. This ignition system works by lighting the gas inside the Gas Catcher ignition chamber with a spark. The energy for this spark is actually produced by the user themselves, simply by pushing the igniter button. The igniter electrode then produces a spark, which lights the propane, and you are good to go.

The firing method notwithstanding, it is very important that you have good control over the temperature you are grilling your meat at. To that end, Weber has made several great design choices that allow you to do just that with ease and in a reliable and safe way.

Firstly, the two stainless steel burners are spaced far enough away from one another to ensure an even heat distribution throughout the surface of the grill. That way, any hot or cold spots that may appear are minimised, which is a very important aspect to consider when buying a grill. These burners are constructed as a single piece of steel, with no welds, which helps them resist rust and corrosion. They are also able to resist the the trace amounts of water found in most liquid propane tanks and natural gas tanks as well.

Furthermore, a thermostat is also provided by the manufacturer, and it is located at the front of the grill along with the two other dials. These other dials control the temperature of each of the stainless steel burners separately. The important thing to note about the dials and the burners is that these dials are not limited to a range of pre-set temperatures. These dials can be turned up to any temperature you like, in order to fine tune it to your preferences.

Finally, let us take a look at the way this grill is constructed. Naturally, when it is delivered to you, it will be arranged in a compact box in pieces. The manufacturer includes detailed instructions on how to assemble it, and there are even videos on the internet which show the entire process of assembly in great detail, so it shouldn’t be a problem. Be careful to find a detailed video on how to assemble the E210 model and not mistake it for the Weber E410 Genesis or the Weber E310 Genesis.
Inside the box, there are numerous components, but the most important thing to assemble correctly is the cookbox and shroud. This consists of the cooking grates, burner tubes, Flavorizer Bars and the grease management system, all of which we’ve mentioned already. The shroud is fitted on top of the assembled cookbox. The shroud is designed in such a way as to allow for optimal circulation of heat, smoke and steam throughout the volume of the closed shroud, to ensure an even temperature and moist meat anywhere on the grill.

Finally, the folding side tables we’ve already mentioned elevate this grill just one class higher, due to their ease of use and efficiency. These side tables are made of aluminum for the most part, but the hinges which attach them to the side of the grill are made of steel, for added durability. The manufacturer points out that they have taken special care to make sure that all the moving parts of this grill, including the hood and the side tables, have been made to feel smooth, and last long without snagging.

Accessories reviewed

Since these grills often come disassembled in compact boxes, grill manufacturers offer include a number of extra products, such as grill spices, protective covers for the grill made to fit the one you’ve purchased, or a cookbook optimized for the type of grill in question. That way the manufacturers curry favor with their consumers, and possibly even hook them on their own product lines.

Weber, however, has been nowhere near as generous as that when it comes to this grill. It comes with next to no extras at all, and the extras that are included are things you would arguably expect to get anyway when you open up the package your grill came in.

With that being said, there are a few items that come with the package, which we haven’t covered so far in our review. The first of these is a very handy propane fuel gauge. Though the grill itself doesn’t come with a propane tank, Weber does provide a fuel gauge, which tells you approximately how much propane is left in the tank. It is not as precise as it could have been, since it only displays the contents in increments of of fifths. Thus, it will tell you when your tank is full, when one fifth has been used, and so on until it is empty.

In addition to that, you also get 6 tool hooks which help you get organized with everything you need to get grilling. You can hang your tongs, spatulas, brushes, and even pots in order to save space, since that is the primary theme of this grill. Finally, Weber does throw in a grilling guide, which showcases different techniques and grilling styles that can be implemented using this grill. Naturally, the box also contains detailed assembly instructions, but that should go without saying.

What sets Weber E210 Spirit apart from other grills?

In this section, we will be taking a look at what makes this grill special; when compared to other grills in a similar price range, size, and other comparable characteristics. There is no point in comparing this grill to larger and more expensive grills, since they will naturally come with more features, and perhaps even better ones. For the purposes of this review, we want to see the value for money that buyers could expect from this grill in its category.

As whe have said already, the running theme of this grill is advantageous space management. This grill is small in size, and lightweight, so it can fit in small, cramped spaces, and even on verandas in apartment buildings. That is a key benefit of this grill over others that may be priced similarly, but haven’t been designed with this goal in mind.

Another thing to keep in mind when this grill is concerned is the fact that it comes with a well thought out grease management system, as already noted. Most grills have a tiny drip tray which can’t cope with the amounts of grease that flow through it. This is true even of grills in a higher price category. However, Weber E210 Spirit is equipped with a large drip pan which can take all the grease and deposit it into a replaceable dripping container.

Finally, the grate that comes with this grill is also of note. It is made of a durable and heat-conductive cast iron, and coated in a porcelain enamel. That means that the grates can retain heat extremely well, allowing it to sear the meat in a classic rill pattern, while the enamel makes sure that the meat doesn’t stick, and makes it easy to clean up when you’re done with your grilling session.

Pros reviewed

In order to give a short and easy to read summary of all the main features and benefits of this grill, this section will contain bullet points with short descriptions of those features and benefits. These will include some of the main points of the previous sections, but in a format that is compressed and easy to skim. Let us take a look at some of the great features of this grill.

  • Compact: This grill is designed to be marketed to those who do not have a large backyard or patio available for large grills. That is why it has foldable side tables, as well as an integrated firing system, with the propane tank located on the inside. Furthermore, this grill is easy to disassemble entirely or in part, so you can fit it into your basement or pantry when you know you won’t be using it for a while.
  • Great grate: The grate that comes with this grill is made of a very high end cast iron, which means it can very likely last you a lifetime. In addition to that, it also provides a great sear to your meat, due to its well documented heat conductive capabilities. In order to prevent the meat from sticking, and to provide for easier cleanup, the grate is enameled with porcelain, which is another selling point.
  • Sensitive dials: This grill comes with two burners, and each can be controlled separately using its own temperature dial. These dials were not made with pre-determined temperature steps like so many other grills. Instead, Weber has opted to allow the user to fine-tune the temperature almost infinitely, since the dials are very responsive and easy to use.
  • Flavorizer Bars: The feature that stands out when it comes to Weber grills in general, as opposed to grills made by other manufacturers is Weber’s proprietary Flavorizer Bar technology. These bars vaporize the drippings dropped by the meat, and this serves to create smoke which flavorizes the meat that is searing on the grate above.
  • Grease management: This grill offers a great system to manage the grease that accumulates during the grilling process. It uses a slanted drip tray to get the grease away from the heat source in order to prevent it catching on fire, This reduces flare-ups, and increases the overall safety of the grill. That is especially important for users who intend to fire it up in an apartment building.

Cons reviewed

It is only natural that every product comes with good and bad sides. The trick to buying a great product is to find one whose pros outweigh the cons. With that in mind, it is very important for us to provide you with a clear picture as to the shortcomings of this grill, in order to allow you to make an informed decision about it. With that in mind, here are some of the downsides to this grill.

  • One ignition: The electric ignition system installed in this grill does the job quite well but there is one downside to the way it works. Namely, as there are two separate burners, the ignition system only lights the one on the left, and the one on the right then gets ignited by that one. Therefore, you cannot control which burner to ignite, and neither can you choose to only ignite one. It’s both or nothing.
  • Propane tank not included: When you get this grill delivered to you, your first impulse may be to fire it up immediately. However, you will likely have to wait until you’ve bought a propane tank to power it, since one is not included with the grill. It requires a 20 pound LP tank to function, so it is understandable why it doesn’t ship with the grill itself.

Weber E210 review – Conclusion

In this review we have tried to lay out all the different features of this product in a way that is informative and easy to follow. We have looked at this grill from a number of different aspects, and we have concluded that the main selling point of this grill is its compact nature. That coupled with the fact that it packs in everything you need for an amazing grilling experience makes this grill a real winner as far as we’re concerned. Furthermore, the innovative systems implemented by Weber into this grill, such as the grease management system and the Flavorizer bars, really elevate this grill into a whole new category, and provide great value for money.

We hope that this Weber E210 Spirit review has helped you make an informed decision on whether this grill is the right fit for you and your needs, because, of course, ultimately the decision is yours to make.


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