Top 5 Best Portable Gas Grills on the Market

How to Pick the Right Portable Gas Grill for You

The first thing we need to clarify is what is considered a portable grill. There is no exact definition, but reviewers agree that they should fulfill two conditions. The first one is that they weight anywhere between 10 and 50 pounds and the second one is that you can transport them without too much trouble.

When selecting the desired system, the crucial thing to consider is what your needs are. So, if you are looking for a small grill that can fit onto your balcony, you should look for lightweight versions we recommended. On the other hand, if you want to serve a larger crowd that’s a bit larger during your camping trip, you should consider models that are bigger and (a bit) heavier. They also come with some folding options that can ease the transport.

All the grilling systems we recommended use gas as fuels as we consider that that considerably simplifies the cooking process. The good news is that all the barbecues we recommended can be bought at an affordable price. You also can’t go wrong when it comes to performance as they will all cook delicious food. It all comes down to your needs, so take a look at the five best portable gas grills on the market and see which fits best.

1. Weber Q1200 – A Reliable Grill from a Renowned Brand

Our rating:

Cooking surface 189 square inches
Dozen different colors  [usr 5]
Even heat distribution  [usr 4]

If you know a thing or two about barbecues, then you surely heard about Weber’s products. You can’t go wrong with any of the grilling systems from their portable Q series, but there is one grill that we want to single out. Weber Q1200 runs on liquid propane and is among the best in its category. For lovers of the aesthetics, let’s mention that it comes in more than a dozen different colors, including colors of Universities such as Florida State or Nebraska.

The grill weighs a bit over 30 pounds, and it has a cooking surface of 189 square inches. There is no need to question the cook box because it’s made of cast aluminum, which secures durability and requires minimal maintenance. The cooking grates are porcelain-enameled and made of cast iron, which guarantees excellent heat retention and distribution. Thanks to them, your food will have those recognizable sear marks that a grilling system should provide.

Weber Q1200 has only one burner which works at 8500 BTUs to ensure that the heat is distributed evenly across the entire cooking area. The burner is made of top-class stainless steel that provides excellent protection against rust. You control the warmth of your grill with detailed control settings, and it shouldn’t be hard to learn how to make incredible steaks or other food with this device.

The product is easy to clean. You can purchase an original grill brush from the manufacturer or use any other as long as it’s high-quality. Thanks to the catch pan and the grease tray you won’t make a mess while cooking and managing grease is simple. Considering that this model is an upgraded version of the Q120 product, the design is extremely compact, and it’s easy to move around.


Many features put Weber Q1200 into the best portable gas grills currently available, but perhaps the most significant advantage is the brand. When you are purchasing a product from a renowned manufacturer, you know that you will get a high-quality device. The material used is top-class, which secures excellent durability. The grill’s performance is also admirable, considering that it produces adequate heat and distributes it evenly.

Aside from the results it delivers, the design of the grill is also pleasant to the eye. It comes in various colors, and it has ergonomic handles that make moving around a piece of cake.


The portable grilling cart for the grill is sold separately and isn’t included in the price. The additional equipment also consists of a stove plate or griddle, but both of them will cost you extra money, which increases the overall cost.

Additionally, you will need some practice to make sure you find the right heat to cook with this grill, but that’s something you can consider normal for every grilling system. However, while Q1200 secures adequate temperature, the low-flame setting was criticized by many users. According to their experience, there is no proper “keep-warm” mode, which might be a problem if you are barbecuing for larger parties, especially considering the small cooking area.

2. Coleman Road Trip Portable Grill LXE – A Large Tabletop System at an Affordable Price

Our rating:

Cooking surface 285 square inches
Wheeled cart  [usr 5]
Powerful burners  [usr 4]

There are many reasons why Coleman Road Trip LXE could have been at the top of our list, but we will discuss later why it ended it the second place. For starters, let’s mention some of the core features of the best portable gas grill from this manufacturer.

LXE is made of stainless steel, which is commendable, but the material used could be a bit thicker. The cooking area has 285 square inches, which is considerably more than Weber’s grill we mentioned earlier. With that size, Coleman’s product can serve a grilling party of up to four people at once.

The product was designed to secure that the users won’t have any trouble using it from the moment they unpack it. There is a collapsible stand with two wheels that come with the product. That enables two things – easy transport and no need to worry where you will place the barbecue once you head camping. Despite being a bit heavy, the entire product is no problem to assemble, and you can fold it in seconds to a compact size perfect for placing into the boot of your car.

You don’t need matches to start cooking with Coleman Road Trip LXE because you only need to push a button to ignite it. The cooking power of the product is 20,000 BTUs across two burners that should secure proper heating to the entire cooking area. Cast-iron grates will also contribute to your food being cooked correctly, while the propane cylinder included guarantees that you can grill for more than an hour.

Changing the cooktop is also possible with this grilling system. Aside from the grates, you can also purchase a griddle or stove grate, but they are sold separately. There is a removable tray that collects any grease that drips while barbecuing.


If you are looking for an affordable deal for a large tabletop grill, LXE is a product that will fit into anyone’s budget. For that money, you get a reasonably big cooking surface, as well as substantial performance. The assembly is straightforward and the wheeled cart provided makes it easy to place the product anywhere. Once you are done, you can pack it up again in seconds and fit the folded device into the trunk of your car. Lovers of sleek-looking grilling systems will be delighted that the grill comes in various colors that you can choose without affecting the price.


Uneven cooking is the significant downside of this Coleman Road Trip LXE. Although there are two burners, the heat is not distributed correctly, which means that it will take some practicing until you learn how to get the maximum performance from this grill. Also, due to the thin materials used, slow-cooking shouldn’t be an option with this system.

Although you can’t expect thick and top-quality construction at this price, the durability of the product is also questionable. It comes with a limited 3-year warranty, but if you are using it often, there is a good chance that it won’t last for more than a couple of years.

3. Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 Portable Gas Grill – A Different Approach to Grilling

Our rating:

Cooking surface 200 square inches
Infrared grilling  [usr 5]
Broad temperature range  [usr 4]

There isn’t a list of the best grilling systems that you can make without including at least one product from Char-Broil brand. As for the Grill2Go X200, with its weight of only 20 pounds, it’s among the lightest product on our list. Despite that, the manufacturer didn’t omit any features that contribute to a solid performance of a grilling system.

X200 features a cooking area of 200 square inches and a cooking grate made of stainless steel. There is only one main burner, but it produces the 9,500 BTUs per hour to secure proper heat. The product uses TRU-Infrared technology that prevents flare-ups, optimizes efficiency and ensures the tenderness of your food. The TRU-Infrared cooking technology offers a different approach to grilling than when using the other product from the list. Instead of using hot air, Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 uses natural, radiant heat to ensure the food is cooked without drying.

The temperature ranges from simmer to sear to provide the best results, and there is a gauge that lets you monitor the temp level while you are cooking. The firebox of the grill is made of cast aluminum, while the latches are of stainless steel. X200 also comes with the legs that ensure you can place it anywhere, as well as handles that secure effortlessly carrying around. Cleaning the grates might be a tricky thing, but fortunately, there is a unique tool that comes with a product that does the job correctly.


It’s commendable to see that Char-Broil went with the TRU-Infrared technology to offer a distinct approach to grilling with their best portable gas grill. It’s not tricky to get used to using this product, and its reliable performance guarantees tasty burgers, hot dogs, and other foods cooked on it.

X200 only weighs 20 pounds, and it’s bordering with unbelievable that a grill that has 200 square inches of grilling surface doesn’t weigh more. The system is built for the road, and it’s perfect for camping or going to the beach.


Although the manufacturer claims that the product is durable and perfect for adventure, you shouldn’t be careless when carrying it around. Considering that it is lightweight, the materials used had to be light. That means that the latches and legs can break if you drop the grill or hit it against a wall or something like that.

Stainless steel might not be an as good alternative for a grate as cast-iron. The cooking results will be satisfying, but cleaning can be tricky. You should use the tool provided, but even that doesn’t guarantee that cleaning up the grates will be easy. On top of that, you should make sure to keep them oiled, and that won’t secure that they don’t start rusting after using the grilling system for a while.

4. Cuisinart CGG-180T Petit Gourmet Gas Grill – It’s Small, But It Does the Job!

Our rating:

Cooking surface 145 square inches
Extremely lightweight  [usr 5]
Integrated lid lock  [usr 4]

The product comes in three different colors, including red, black, and stainless steel. It’s interesting to mention that the price varies depending on the color you select, although it all comes down to your personal preference. You can also pick the default model or versions that include additional accessories along with the tabletop grill. A cover that protects the product from wind, rain, and other inadequate weather conditions will cost additional $25 while including a telescoping stand means that you will have to spend $70 extra (although you can look for excellent discount deals).

Cuisinart CGG-180 Petit Gourmet Gas Grill is even lighter than the previous product we reviewed. It weighs less than 15 pounds, and it also has a compact design that makes it perfect for outdoor uses in small spaces, such as patios or balconies. The cooking area can accommodate up to 8 burgers or 10 smaller chicken breasts thanks to its surface of 145 square inches. That should be enough to grill for a little family party when you are out camping. The grill also has an integrated lid lock to make sure that the lid is into place while your food is grilling.

The product is equipped with a burner made of stainless steel that can produce up to 5,500 BTUs per hour. The grate is also made of steel, and it is porcelain-enameled. The small legs are foldable and made of aluminum, which means that you don’t necessarily need to purchase a stand, although it can come in handy for outdoor use. The transport of the product is no sweat thanks to the carrying handle that will make you feel like you have a briefcase in your hand.


If weight and size are your leading concerns when deciding on the best portable gas grills for your needs, you should consider Cuisinart CGG-180. The product is ideal for all the needs of a small family, including heading to the beach or camping and even taking it to vacation in your RV or boat. Storing the product is also uncomplicated because you can quickly fold it and put it away. A small additional investment into purchasing a cover also makes sure that you can continue using the product while it’s raining without needing worry that it will damage your grill or its performance.


If you noticed the numbers in our descriptions, you probably saw that the heat of 5,500 BTUs this product can produce is somewhat lower than the other portable gas grills we reviewed. Some users did complain about the ability of the CGG-180 to retain heat, but that’s only a small portion of them. You should also be aware that the steel grates are removable, but you need to do a thorough job of cleaning them each time you finish barbecuing. Otherwise, you risk that they rust quickly. The other issue previous grillers had with the product is that it doesn’t lay flat when you fold the legs, which means that it takes up a bit more space than it should when you are storing it away.

5. Fuego Element Portable Gas Grill – Brilliant Design of an Equally Brilliant Product

Our rating:

Cooking surface 159 square inches
Cast iron cooking grates  [usr 5]
Legs double as a handle  [usr 4]

Fuego used us to surprise when it comes to the design of their grilling systems and Element is no exception. We have to admit that the product is looking sharp and is probably the most attractive one on the list if you only care about design and elegance. Fortunately, it doesn’t lag behind when it comes to features either.

The grill weighs only 13 pounds, and it has a compact size, but there is still enough space for a cooking surface of 159 square inches. That should cover you whenever you feel like enjoying a family afternoon, or you head to the beach or make a tailgate party. Fuego made sure to secure a proper amount of power for its Element portable gas grill. Although there is one burner, it is 8,500 BTUs strong, which ensures even heat across the entire grilling area. When you start cooking, you can control the heat thanks to the variable valve.

Let’s get back to the design now because we have more things to share with you. The product has legs that it stands on that double as a handle, making it perfect for carrying around. You just use a sleek red band to lock the legs into place. If you want, you can also attach the shoulder strap and then carry your grill around while your both hands are still free.

The Element grill even features a system that manages grease. Once you are done the cooking, just remove the tray by unscrewing it and place it in your dishwasher. The product uses liquid propane as fuel, and it comes with a 1-year limited warranty.


There is no doubt that Fuego made the coolest looking portable grill on the market. The only burner it uses is pretty capable, and it heats up the surface nicely. The grate is made of cast-iron, which means that the manufacturer wasn’t trying to save when it takes to the integral parts of a grilling system. The legs that double as a handle and the optional shoulder strap combined with the fact that it is incredibly lightweight make the grill incredibly easy for transport.


Some users complained that the Element was challenging to use and the truth is that it might take some time to learn how it works. The materials used could have been a bit thicker, but keep in mind that we are talking about a portable gas grill. Also, be careful when using the shoulder strap, considering that some users had mishaps where it broke, and the product fell on the ground.