Top 4 Best Electric Grills Indoor

1. Weber Q2400 – Top-Quality Grill from a Top-Quality Brand

Our rating:

Cooking surface 280 square inches
5-Year Warranty  [usr 5]
Compact design  [usr 4]

Weber has been around for decades, and among hundreds of models, they manufactured they probably haven’t gone wrong a single time. There is a reason why people consider them one of the top brands on the BBQ market. In the Q series, they produced on designing electric grills that will offer a combination of durability and quality along with the sleek design. Nobody runs from the fact that this company doesn’t sell cheap BBQs. However, if you do purchase one of their products, you will get a top-notch grilling system that will last for years.

As for Weber Q2400, it is one of the best electric grills indoor, but thanks to its portable design, you can also use it outdoors with equal ease. The model is a step forward and a revamped version of Q240, with side handles, control knobs, and other new additions. The dimensions of the unit are 25 x 31.5 x 26 inches, and it weighs only 40 pounds, which also contributes to its portability. The collapsible cart is sold separately, but you can consider buying it if you plan to take it to the beach or camping.

Regarding the indoor use, the dimensions explicitly say that it is a compact grill. When you receive the product, you will notice that comes completely assembled out of the packaging. That means you don’t need any skills or knowledge to put it together because the manufacturer already did that for you. The core of the model is the bowl and the lid made of cast aluminum, the cooking grate is of cast-iron, while it also features a nylon frame that is reinforced with glass. These are all materials of superb quality, which explains why this unit has extended durability compared to other grilling systems.

For an electric grill, Weber Q2400 has an ample cooking surface. 280 square inches of the cooking is more than enough to cover a family of four and grill some delicious burgers and chicken breasts at the same time. Electric BBQs aren’t made to serve large crowds, but to provide an alternative solution for condos and residential buildings, which is just what this model does.

There is no compromise when it comes to the taste and juiciness of the food. Q2400 is powered by the 1560-watt heating element that enables it to achieve the desired temperature quickly. The infinite valve you use for heat control is an incredibly convenient feature. The heavy-duty lid doesn’t allow heat to escape through it and the porcelain-enameled grates also do their role in temperature retention while keeping food from sticking to the surface. There are no cold and hot spots on the grill, and you won’t have to worry whether that steak will be under or overcooked – it will always be just the way you want it.

As for the cleaning part, the disposable catch pan is there to collect all the grease drippings. We suggest buying at least one set of the containers along with your product, considering that they are incredibly cheap. Other parts such as the aluminum liners are also removable for more natural cleaning. The rounded edges of the square grill enable your grill brush to do a more effective job.


The users that have owned Weber Q2400 for a while claim that the product works just like on the day of the purchase. The craftsmanship is fantastic, and the quality of the components secure that the unit will last for years. After all, that is confirmed by a generous 5-year warranty that the manufacturer provides.

While some would argue that electric grills can’t achieve or maintain the heat like their gas or charcoal counterparts, this model does an excellent job because of the temperature retention guaranteed by the aluminum lid and cast-iron grates. Controlling the grill is a piece of cake thanks to the infinite valve and even beginners won’t have any trouble in learning to cook with this unit.

The compact design allows you to place this product anywhere in your kitchen and rest assured that it will fit in perfectly without taking too much space. Although it was imagined as an indoor grill, its lightweight also enables easy transport if you ever want to bring it with you on the road. The removable drip pan collects all the grease and allows cleaning of the product with minimal effort.


A whole bunch of electric grills has the same problem as Q2400 – the length of the power cord. The one that comes with the product is only 6 feet long, but the problem is that the manufacturer doesn’t advise using extension cords because of the risk of electrical fires. Of course, this is exaggerated as long as you are careful, but it would have been better if they avoided the issue by providing additional cable length.

We can’t run away from discussing the price, which is currently $299 on Amazon. If you keep in mind that the electric BBQ systems aren’t expensive, you conclude that this one costs a lot of money. However, you need to take into account the fact that this is a premium grill built with most durable components available. As such, it is a long-term investment and worth every cent of the price.

2. Wolfgang Puck Electric Reversible Grill and Griddle – Celebrity Cooking in Your Kitchen

Our rating:

Cooking surface 207 square inches
Griddle included  [usr 5]
Effortless cleaning  [usr 4]

Ever heard of Wolfgang Puck? If you have been watching cooking channels or following celebrity news, there is a chance that you came across this name. The guy is a famous chef that owns a restaurant in Beverly Hills. Recently he decided to launch his line of cookware, which includes the Wolfgang Puck Electric Reversible Grill and Griddle. He has been serving celebrities for years, which led him to believe that he has something to offer to the rest of us. It turns out that he was right!

The critical feature of this model is that it is a two-in-one unit. If you have a compact kitchen with limited space available, you will be thankful to have a product that is both a grill and a griddle. If you fill like making pancakes for breakfast, just reverse the plate and enjoy the magic happening. When the lunchtime comes, flip back the grate and enjoy a burger or a steak. There is an interlock feature to make sure that the grill/griddle is in place and avoid any issues.

As for the necessary information, the grill has a height of 8, length of 16, and width of 25 inches. It doesn’t take too much space and is perfect for your kitchen counter. The grilling area has 207 square inches of space, which is enough to prepare a meal for a small family. Its heating element is even more potent than the Weber Q2400 and boasts 1800-wat of power. That means that it achieves the desired temperature quickly. It also implies that you can get the grilling system as hot as you want or need, which increases its versatility. If you need to adjust the heat settings, just use the temp control option to get everything the way you want it.

An overall advantage of the best electric grills indoor is that there are no hot or cold spots on the cooking surface. That is the case with Wolfgang Puck Reversible Grill and Griddle as you don’t have to worry where you will place your food in the grilling area. The material was also chosen carefully to ensure that the surface is non-sticky. That is why the reversible plate might seem a bit heavier, but it’s worth the quality.

Aside from the ease of cooking, we know that our readers also care about effortless cleaning. The good thing is that this model won’t make a mess. Any excessive oil or grease will go to the side and slide into the catch tray that collects any drippings. The dish is removable and makes the process of cleaning easier.


If you have restricted space available in your home, you will be glad to encounter a model that is a real space saver like this one. Wolfgang Puck Reversible Grill and Griddle is not only two products in one, but it also managed to do all that while remaining incredibly compact. The materials used for the most components are of very high quality and extend the overall durability of the system.

Users also comment the versatility when it comes to the type of food you can prepare. You can grill burgers, steaks or chicken breasts, as well as roast some vegetables to go along them for your lunch. If you want to cook eggs or pancakes for breakfast, you can use the griddle side of the grate. You can use this unit to prepare any food you desire, which is a huge plus.

When you are cleaning the unit, you don’t have to lift it completely. Instead, the grates are removable, and you can quickly take them to the sink and use soapy water to clean them. The job will be even more comfortable if you take into account that you don’t need to deal with any of the drippings, which go into the catch tray via the grease channels on the side.


There is no doubt that you are not only buying a product, but also a brand. While there are cheaper alternatives when it comes to electric grills/griddles, if you decide on purchasing this one, you know that you will get a reliable product that can deliver excellent results.

We couldn’t help but feel that the manufacturer should have used plastic of higher quality or another material for the base of the unit. This way, it seems like the bottom is not very durable and only 1-year warranty appears to confirm that. However, the grate is of the highest quality, and that is far more important. Also, you might think about getting something rubbery to place beneath the grill to avoid possible sliding of the model. The fact that it is a simple fix is just why the designers should have thought about adding it themselves.

3. DeLonghi BG24 Perfecto Indoor Grill – Are You on a Budget? No Problem!

Our rating:

Cooking surface 155 square inches
Lightweight and easy for transport  [usr 5]
M-shaped heating element  [usr 4]

If you are on a budget or you, don’t want to invest a hefty sum of money into an indoor electric grill, pay close attention to this model. DeLonghi BG24 Perfecto Indoor Grill is a genuine value deal with its price on Amazon being less than $50. For the price, you do have to be ready for some limitations. For example, the grill has just 155 square inches of the cooking surface. It can prepare a meal for a party of two, but anything more than that means that you need to cook in batches.

The grilling system weighs just below 11 pounds, meaning that you can quickly pick it up and move it from one place to another or take it to your friend’s. The heating element is in the M-shape, purposely designed in that form to ensure proper and consistent heating to the entire cooking area. It manages to do a commendable job to achieve the desired temperature. That is when the tempered glass lid comes into play.

The cover is what secures excellent heat retention during the grilling process. Don’t underestimate the fact that the closed central area also means that your food will be basting with its juices, which is the best way to grill a tender chicken breast or enjoy a juicy burger. When you finish cooking, you can use the lid to keep your food warm until you want to eat. In the meantime, if you need to adjust the temperature, you can use the thermostat with several preset positions.

As for the grease management system, there is a catch pan below the grate that catches all the drippings. It is easily removable and safe to put in a dishwasher. It’s probably needless to say, but keep in mind that you should empty the contents of the pan before washing it. The surface of the grilling area is non-sticky, which will prevent troubles while cooking, as well as make maintenance of that component more manageable.


DeLonghi BG24 Perfecto is one of the best electric grills indoor on the market because of the incredible performance it provides at such as affordable price. The shape of the heating element ensures even cooking, while the tempered glass lid enables the meat to keep moist during the grilling process. There is no need to have any prior knowledge of experience to deal with this grill. The entire process is straightforward, and the adjustable thermostat makes it easy to set the desired temperature. In fact, that’s pretty much the only thing you need to do to make sure that the food is adequately cooked.

The cleaning takes a minimal effort thanks to the removable drip tray that catches all the drippings and can be cleaned in a dishwasher. You just need to empty its contents and wipe the cooking surface. Overall, if you are looking for a grill that will serve your needs during the winter season or you want to enjoy a burger in your residential building apartment, DeLonghi made the product just for you. It has a small footprint, and it can fit pretty much anywhere.


The heating element is not too overpowering, which means that the heat output it can provide is somewhat limited. That is why you should avoid grilling thicker pieces of meat on it. If you do want to cook pork or other red meat, we suggest thinning each slice as much as you can. Don’t worry; you will keep the tenderness because you will be cooking it in an enclosed space.

While DeLonghi BG24 Perfecto might be extremely affordable, that also means the product has a limited lifespan. For that money, you can’t expect a unit that will last for decades. Instead, you will get a grill that will provide reliable performance for a year or two, but it’s still enough value for the money.

4. Zojirushi EB-CC15 Indoor Electric Grill – Versatility and Performance at an Affordable Price

Our rating:

Cooking surface 120 square inches
Keep Warm mode  [usr 5]
Safety features included  [usr 4]

Zojirushi EB-CC15 is a bit more expensive than the previous product we listed, but it’s on discount on Amazon, and you can purchase it for less than $80. With that cost, it still fits into the affordable grills category and the features it offers to justify a slightly higher price. The unit provides a modest cooking surface of about 120 square inches. The area is heated with a heating element that has 1,300-watt strength. That is more than enough to secure proper and equal heat to the entire surface. There is an adjustable thermostat that can be set to temperatures up to 410F. We particularly liked the Keep Warm mode, which maintains the heat of approximately 175F.

The product is 14 inches wide, 20 inches long and only 6 inches high which puts it among the smallest products even in the category of the best electric grills indoor. Some of the features implemented are there to make the usage more comfortable. The handles are resistant to heat, which ensures that there is no danger of burning your hands. The catch pan collects all the drippings without making a mess, and it is appropriate for cleaning the dishwasher. Keep in mind that you can’t do the same with the top component of the grill. However, cleaning the cooking area with paper towels should do the trick.

If you are using this grill for the first time, you should know that it takes only a couple of minutes for the pre-heating. However, we suggest repeating this process two or three times before putting food on the grilling area. That way you will make sure that your grill is up and running correctly.


The power of Zojirushi EB-CC15 combined with a nonstick surface secure admirable versatility when it comes to the food you can prepare. You can have a perfectly-grilled steak in minutes or choose to simmer some veggies to accompany your meal as a side dish. The manufacturer also kept the safety of the grillers in mind. The model will not start heating until everything is set up correctly, which is a nice touch.

Even if you are dealing with an electric grill for the first time, you will be comfortable using this unit. The adjustable thermostat gives you the needed control, and the grilling system does most of the job itself. Cleaning also takes minimal effort, especially considering that the dishwasher-safe catch pan collects all the grease drippings.


It might be hard to believe, but there is no lid for this Zojirushi model. That’s a shame because we think the food would be even juicier if the manufacturer included one. Apart from that, you shouldn’t expect that the product will last for decades. Just like with DeLonghi’s grill, it still provides more than expected and two or three years of the substantial performance will pay off your investment.