KitchenAid 4 Burner Review

Most of the grilling products designed by KitchenAid are considered to be entry-level BBQs. Except one – the KitchenAid 4 Burner. This premium barbecue system suits all tastes thanks to its quality of versatility. We will talk in detail about this product in our review, where we will dig deep and discover all the little details you need to know.

You will find out all the essential features, as well as those extras that this grill packs. We will then discuss why you should choose this model and its positive sides and drawbacks. Finally, we will offer you our opinion on whether this BBQ is worth your attention. Ready? Let’s start!


Here is some info about the product that you might find interesting right off the bat:

  • Dimensions: 52.5 x 22.5 x 49 inches
  • Weight: 137 pounds
  • Cooking surface: 697 square inches
  • Heat output: 52,000 BTUs
  • Fuel: Gas (liquid propane or natural gas)

It’s crucial to mention that the heat output listed in the specifications is only restricted to the four main burners that the unit has. If we count the side and rear rotisserie burners, we come to an impressive amount of 80,000 BTUs per hour. That information should be enough to attract your attention and get you to keep reading about the KitchenAid 4 Burner.


Cooking Surface

This product has a lot to offer regarding the available grilling area. The total amount of cooking surface is 697 square inches, which looks as impressive as it sounds. The primary grilling surface is 523 square inches, while the warming rack takes 174 square inches. We are aware that these numbers might not mean much to you, so let’s discuss what matters – the number of people you can serve.

According to the experience of the users, you can serve up to ten people with this unit. That means that you can invite the entire neighborhood or your family and cousins and make a BBQ party remember in your backyard. Thanks to the warming rack, you will be able to prepare both meat and the side dish at once. The secondary cooking surface is located above the primarygrates and is ideal for simmering some vegetables. You can also keep the bread warm or maybe even prepare some sauce. The fact that a secondary rack exists adds a lot to the versatility of the unit. It means a lot that you don’t have to head to the kitchen to prepare those extra because, despite the meat being the essence, they are a significant portion of the meal.

Four Strong Burners

As for the inner cooking surface, it is being heated by a total of four heaters. All of them are made of premium quality stainless steel. They come with a 10-year limited warranty so you can rest assured that they will work the way they should. The strength of each burner is 13,000 BTUs, which means that the total heat output is admirable 52,000 BTUs. Although the cooking area is spacious, this is more than enough power for all types of cooking, including quick grilling. The fact that the burners are potent also means that KitchenAid 4-Burner doesn’t take a lot of time to achieve the desired heat. In fact, it won’t take more than five to ten minutes to get it up to 450F.

There is no need to be afraid of such power because you will have complete control over it. The control knobs on the front panel are there to put you and only you in charge of this unit. By turning the appropriate valves, you change the heat delivered by the burners. Keep in mind that there is a knob for each of them. In theory, that means you can have varying amounts of heat throughout the cooking surface. It will take a bit of practice, but once you become the master of controlling the unit, there is no meal that you won’t be able to prepare for it.

Side and Rotisserie Burners

The central grilling unit is not everything that KitchenAid 4 Burner offers. In fact, there are a couple of more burners included in the package. The first one is a ceramic side searing station. It’s located on the right side of the unit,and it packs 15,000 BTUs of power. You can use it to put searing marks on your steaks, burgers, or other food. There is something special about the meat that has those marks. Not only it has specific deliciousness, but it also looks lovely. People believe that the searing marks are only possible with charcoal grills, but they are wrong. Both the taste and the look of food prepared on the ceramic side burner of this product are unmatchable and comparable with coal BBQ units in any way.

The manufacturer decided to be generous and include another thing when it comes to the bells and whistles of this unit. Aside from the ceramic side station, you will also get a rotisserie burner. It is located in the rear part of the product. It has a motor that is incredibly durable,and it can deliver 13,000 BTUs of heat. That enables you to roast an entire chicken and adds another option to the things you can to with this grill.

Electronic Ignition System

Now that we have covered all the essentials about the burners and the cooking surface, it’s time to start KitchenAid 4 Burner. Thanks to the technology used, doing so are child’s play. Getting the product up and running can be done in a second and only requires pressing a single button. The unit uses electronic ignition system just like most of theother gas grills. Not only there is no hassle or effort you need to put in to start it, but the guarantee of success is 100%. You know how with charcoal BBQ units you often have trouble achieving proper heat and even starting the fire? That’s not something that will be an issue here.

It’s time to leave the traditional ways and embrace the modern. Who says that the moments of lighting up your grill need to be annoying and take a lot of time? You will save both time and nerves thanks to the electronic ignition system this model provides.

Even-Heat Flame Tamers

Can we tell you a secret? This is our favorite feature in the KitchenAid 4 Burner! We know that you are wondering why, so let us show you right away. You see, the Even-Heat flame tamers have multiple positive sides, which makes them incredibly worthy addition. These advantages include:

  • Securing even heat across the cooking surface – while the stainless steel cooking grates provide excellent heat retention, it’s the flame tamers that enable equal distribution of heat throughout the entire grilling area
  • They prevent flare-ups – flame tamers catch any dripping that falls through the grates. That way they keep them from falling onto the burners and causing a flare-up to occur
  • They extend the lifespan of the heaters–by preventing the grease from falling onto them, this feature prolongs the durability of the stainless steel burners. That is how they manage to function for an extended period,and it’s a part of why they have such an extensive warranty
  • They keep the food moist –we might be listing this benefit last, but it’s the most important one for the end user (the consumer). You see, not only the flamer tamers catch the drippings, but they also instantly vaporize them. The smoke than infuses back into food and secures its tenderness and juiciness. If you are wondering about the secret of tasty steaks that come with the KitchenAid 4 Burners, this is how they are made!

Stationary Side Shelves

The product comes with two side shelves that we could also call tables. They are made of stainless steel,and they can hold up to 50 pounds. It’s vital to mention that the shelf on the right can only be used if you are not using the searing ceramic side burner. When you are not using this station, you can cover it with the lid,and you will get a side table.

These shelves or tables are perfect for storing your platters or keeping any marinades, sauces, and other essentials you need while you are cooking food. You should keep in mind that the side tables are stationary. That is not the case with some different models from this manufacturer, such as KitchenAid 2 Burner that has foldable shelves, but here you can’t fold them. Considering that the unit takes up a considerable amount of space, you need to keep this in mind, especially when you are storing it away.

As for the extra storage space, it is secured by the two-door enclosed cabinet. This cabinet is a part of the cart that serves as a stand for the core grilling unit. The bad news is that a portion of the space is taken by the liquid propane tank that’s used to run the grill. Regardless of that, you still have enough storage room to put away grilling utensils and tools you plan for future sessions.

Other Features

As for the features that we failed to mention in detail, but they are worth noting, we will start with the slide-out tank tray. Gas-fueled grills usually use 20-pound tanks,and it can be a hassle when you need to change them. After all, they are heavy and lifting them and putting the containers in place is not an easy job. Fortunately, it’s made much more comfortable with the slide-out feature of the tank tray. Whenever it’s needed, just pull it out, remove the empty container and replace it with a full one.

Other features worth noting also include the oversized thermometer mounted on the lid, as well as the four casters that enable the unit to be mobile.


If we are being honest, we have to say that we don’t have to recommend any accessories for this model. KitchenAid 4-Burner is a premium BBQ system packed with all kinds of features and bells and whistles. There is not much more it needs than that. We will just mention something that we usually recommend as an accessory, but it also comes included in this unit’s packaging. It’s a grill cover which is provided by the manufacturer. The company apparently wants the product to lasts you as long as possible, which is why they are throwing in a cover for your unit included with the price.

Why Choose KitchenAid 4 Burner?

We are sure that you liked everything we listed about this model so far, but let’s take a look what makes it the candidate to cross the finish line first when it comes to choosing which grill to purchase:


There is not much that you can’t do with this BBQ system. Are you looking to grill some burgers quickly? Then you can use the strength of burners and have them ready in a matter of minutes. Do you prefer enjoying an afternoon with your friends while you are barbecuing your food? Use the knobs to control the heat and make them possible. Are you feeling like you could it an entire chicken? Why not roast one on the rotisserie burner in the back? While you are doing that, you can also sear some steaks on the ceramic side station. The sky is the limit when it comes to possibilities of this unit,and that needs to be emphasized!

Supports Both Liquid Propane and Natural Gas

Liquid propane is the default option when it comes to fueling this grill. However, why wouldn’t you consider saving some money and using the natural gas line you have running through your house? If you purchase a conversion kit, you can connect a hose to that line and use natural gas to run the KitchenAid 4 Burner. You need to keep in mind that you can’t place the unit far away from the supply line, but that’s a small price to pay to enjoy the benefits of the alternative fueling method.

Premium Materials

This is much more than an entry-level grill. Although it is suitable for beginners, the experienced grillers will also appreciate its features. If you know a thing or two about BBQs, you will be delighted with the quality of materials that the manufacturer used to design this model. The entire unit is made of top-grade stainless steel to ensure resistance to rust and impressive durability. We particularly loved that the lid has dual walls, which secures unmatchable heat retention. That enables you to use the strength of the burners to the max when grilling.

Easy Mobility

This product weighs 137 pounds once it is assembled, which means it does not belong among light BBQ systems. However, that’s not an indicator that it’s not easy to move this unit around. The product is equipped with four casters to enable this. This gives you the option to store the product in one place and then take it out to the center of your backyard whenever you feel like eating grilled food. Don’t worry – this does not affect the sturdiness of the product. Once you place it in the desired location, thewind of any strength won’t be able to knock the unit over to the ground.


If you read other reviews on our website, you know that we like to start with the things we notice at first glance. Here, the oversized thermometer caught our attention. It is located on the lid of the cook box,and it provides accurate information on the temperature inside it. We loved that it is not small, but just the right size so that you can see the numbers even while you are far from the grill.

The quality of construction is the next thing we noticed. The top-quality stainless steel used to design the KitchenAid 4 Burner deserves to be mentioned. Extraordinary materials were used for each of the components. The lid has dual walls, while the burners come with a 10-year warranty. The heaters also provide a superb amount of heat – 52,000 BTUs per hour.

That doesn’t come as strange since a lot of power is needed to heat the cooking surface. The amount of grilling space is impressive. You can cook for up to ten people with this unit, and maybe even more if you activate the ceramic side station and the rotisserie burner in the back. These two additions are the extras that move this unit into the category of premium grills. They also contribute to the versatility and extend the already broad range of options for cooking food on this product.

We tested different types of food,and we always had the same feeling about the quality of the meat prepared – it was delicious! We probably had to thank the Even-Heat flame tamers for this. They vaporized the drippings and infused them back into food, securing that it feels every bit as tender and juicy as when eating a charcoal-grilled food.

Although this is a top-rated gas grill and a premium model, it doesn’t mean that it’s not suitable for beginners. In fact, just like with any gas BBQ, you will quickly find your way around this model. The electronic ignition system will get it up and run in seconds while keeping the grilling process under control is simple thanks to the knobs used to maintain the hotness in the firebox.


There is one thing that we really didn’t like about this model. It’s the fact that the side tables are stationary and they cannot be folded. Other premium models usually come with this feature,and it surprised us that the manufacturer didn’t include it, especially since it is a part of some of their units that are cheaper than this one.

Although it won’t affect you while using this product, it will probably annoy you that you cannot fold the side shelves once you are done with grilling. That particularly matters when you are storing the unit away. The model takes up a considerable amount of space anyway,and you need to keep in mind to make room for the width including side shelves. If you could fold them, you would save inches, but that is not possible with this unit.


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