KitchenAid 2 Burner Review

There are two types of grilling enthusiasts – those who appreciate quantity and those who only care about quality. KitchenAid 2 Burner is a compact unit designed for those that belong to the latter group. This review will provide all relevant information about the product that can bring tasty meals to your backyard table and bring the family together for the afternoon.

The company behind this model might not be famous on the grilling market, but it has experience when it comes to designing high-quality appliance. They showed that they know a thing or two about kitchen devices and they now decided to move outdoors. The series of grills they create is impressive and the product we are presenting today is the choice of those who love affordability and compactness.


We don’t like to waste any time, which is why we will start with listing the important specs of the KitchenAid 2 Burner:

  • Dimensions: 48 x 21.5 x 44.5 inches
  • Weight: 72 pounds
  • Cooking surface: 458 square inches
  • Heat output: 26,000 BTUs
  • Fuel: Gas (propane or natural gas)

As you can see, this is a lightweight product with compact design, but it’s still capable of providing decent performance. It uses liquid propane as fuel, which means that it’s ideal for both experienced and novice grillers. If you don’t have an entire day to waste sitting by your BBQ unit, gas-run systems can provide tasty food quickly. That is why they are the best option on the market for your needs.


Cooking Surface

The first thing that the customers use to filter out the grills they like from those they don’t want is the size of the cooking surface. As for KitchenAid 2 Burner, the fact that it is smallest of all units produced by this manufacturer means that you shouldn’t expect too much. That means this model can provide for large parties or serve the entire neighborhood. However, if you are purchasing a barbecue with the goal of enjoying a family lunch in your backyard, it will comply with your needs completely.

The unit offers a total of 458 square inches of cooking surface. That is divided between the primary grilling area, which has 332 square inches, and secondary warming rack that has 126 square inches. If you keep in mind that you need approximately 60-80 square inches per person, you can calculate that you can serve between four to six people at once with this unit. That should be enough for the entire family to enjoy an outdoor meal.

The fact that this model also has a secondary warming rack means that you can prepare everything on your patio. You won’t have to go to the kitchen to simmer vegetables in the pan. You can do that on this unit and deliver a complete meal to the table. The warming rack is also convenient for keeping the burger buns warm.

Bring on the Power

KitchenAid 2 Burner might not have the biggest cooking surface out there, but it still requires power for grilling perfect burgers or steaks. Although this unit only comes with two burners, they are capable of delivering excellent heat output for all your cooking needs. Each of them packs 13,000 BTUs per hour, which means the total capability when it comes to heat output is 26,000 BTUs per hour. If you keep in mind that a burner in gas grills has 10,000 BTUs on average, it becomes clear that heaters in this product are above average. It’s nice to see that the manufacturer wasn’t trying to save money, but their primary goal was to include components that can do anextraordinary job.

Another thing that supports that claim is the fact that the burners are made of stainless steel. All premium grills use this material for designing the heaters,and there is a good reason for that. They are incredibly durable, which secures that one of the crucial components of your BBQ unit works for years. The manufacturer even provided a 10-year warranty on the burners, which should speak enough about their quality.

Electronic Ignition System

It’s not that we don’t appreciate grilling the traditional way from time to time, but it’s a fact that charcoal barbecues are old news. The thing that annoys me the most is that you need a lot of time to start them. It takes me half an hour and sometimes even more to light up the fire and secure the proper temperature. That’s not a problem that you will have with gas grills such as KitchenAid 2 Burner.

This unit comes with an electronic ignition system. That means that all it takes to start up the product is the push of a button. You will notice a switch that’s located on the front panel of the unit. It’s on the left side next to the control knobs. Just pressing that button will light up the fire and get the product up and running. This method works like a charm,and you don’t have to worry whether you will succeed the first time. In fact, this feature guarantees 100% success, which means that the model will start each time without the need for any hassle or effort on your side.

Control Knobs and Oversized Thermometer

We talked about the strength of the KitchenAid 2 Burner, as well as how simple it is to start. But the question that often worries potential users is controlling the grill’s power. Fortunately, this gas unit exists to make things easy every step of the way. It’s no different when it comes to controlling. When you are standing in front of the product, you will notice two knobs on the panel. Each of them takes care of one burner and is in charge of its heat output. The knob on the left controls the burner that delivers heat to that side, while the other one is in charge of the heater on the right. There are several adjustment levels to secure that you have proper heat for the food you are currently cooking.

However, sometimes you need to monitor what is going on under the hood. That is why there is an oversized thermometer installed on the lid of the product. Most of the units today have this temp gauge placed here. However, it can be annoying when the thermostat is small,and you need to come entirely close to the lid to check the temperature. In this case, the manufacturer decided for a temperature gauge that is huge. As such, it enables you to read the data clearly. It equally matters that the information it delivers is accurate. Our tests confirm that the thermometer is never wrong by more than 10 degrees, which is commendable.

Stainless Steel Cooking Grates

The combination of heat retention and distribution is what secures the unit to be worth your while. If a BBQ system can’t offer that, there is a good chance you are wasting time. When it comes to heat output, it is the job of the burners to provide it. We already established that KitchenAid 2 Burner can bring more than enough power to the mix with its 26,000 BTUs.

While you can’t underestimate the quality of the material used to design cook box and lid (stainless steel), it’s the cooking grates that do the most of the work when it comes to heat retention. It’s their job to use it the best way to grill the food properly. When it comes to this model, the grates are made of stainless steel. That keeps the food from sticking and retains the heat so that you can get a perfectly-grilled meal. Stainless steel is one of the best options when it comes to cooking grates. It may be true that cast-iron is a bit better at retaining the hotness. However, thanks to the powerful burners, there is plenty of heat going around hear which means that the steel alternative can also do a fantastic job.

Even-Heat Flame Tamers

We’ve covered heat retention, but what about its distribution? With high power comes great responsibility, as they would say in the movies. If you are worried about any flare-ups occurring, that’s not something that’s possible with this product. The reason for that is the Even-Heat flame tamers located just under the grates.

The cause of the flare-ups is drippings that fall from the food onto the heat source. That cannot happen with KitchenAid 2 Burner. Any dripping that goes through the grates is caught by the flame tamers and instantly vaporized. The product benefits in multiple ways from this. This feature prevents flare-ups, keeps the burners from getting dirty and greasy, and secures excellent flavor of food. Although it’s something that’s not mentioned as the top priority feature, this addition does wonders and shouldn’t be underestimated.

Foldable Side Shelves

Regardless of the size of the model, the manufacturers today try to implement as much of prep space as they can. Although this product is a compact unit, it still offers a couple of side tables you can use to prepare or store everything you will need during a grilling session. The tables are located on both sides of the central unit (one per side),and they are foldable. That is especially important when it comes to storing the product. When you are not using it, it will take considerably less space than usual, which will save you a lot of room.

On the other hand, the side tables will be an extremely convenient feature while you are grilling. Each of them has towel bars and enough space to accommodate platters, marinades, sauces, or other things you might think you need. The unit also comes with tool hooks that are easily accessible,and they are ideal for storing your utensils.


When it comes to BBQ systems, KitchenAid decided to keep things simple. Their products do not come with bells and whistles and not even the accessories can change that a lot. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t extras you can choose from for this grill. For starters, we would recommend purchasing a cover for the unit. That might not be a flashy accessory, but it is more than useful. A cover will keep your grill safe during severe weather conditions and extend its durability. If you already invested in a barbecue unit, we are sure you want it to be a long-term investment. Giving a bit more money to purchase a cover will also pay out with time.

If you ask the majority of the grillers to choose just one addition for their BBQ system, most of them would answer that they want a rotisserie kit. That accessory is a real game changer,and the good news is that it exists for the KitchenAid 2 Burner. The manufacturer designed an official rotisserie kit, but the unit is also capable of accommodating any 32-inch package out there. However, our recommendation is to stick to the official version because you will be sure that it fits.

Why Choose KitchenAid 2 Burner?

Two Colors

When it comes to listing why this unit stands out from the crowd and deserves your attention, we will start with design. That’s the thing you will notice right off the bat. The sleek and compact design of the KitchenAid 2 Burner is brought to you in two colors – black and red. The black option is for those who like to keep things classic. But if you want the neighbors to notice your BBQ unit, we would recommend buying it in red. It’s a dark red shade, which means that it’s not flashy or unpleasant for the eyes. However, it’s still noticeable from afar and will stand out in any backyard.

Small Footprint

The next thing you notice is the small footprint that this unit has. We already mentioned that it is a compact model. But we know some other grills that don’t offer a lot of cooking space, but they take up a lot of room. That is not the case with this product. The footprint of the KitchenAid 2Burner is one of the smallest we have seen when it comes to regular-sized BBQs. That makes this model perfect for any patio or backyard that doesn’t have a lot of space for a barbecue product.

Store in One Location, Grill in Another

In other words, this unit is ideal for moving around. It has four casters for easy mobility. All of the rollers are small, but they are more than enough for pushing the product from one place to another. The reason for that is that this model is lightweight. It only has 72 pounds once assembled, which is considerably less than other grills that usually go over 100 pounds.

The casters enable you to keep the product in the corner of your backyard or in the garage once you are done with using it. On top of that, the unit has foldable side shelves, which make it a real space saver.

Compatible with Natural Gas

Does your home have a natural gas line? If the answer is yes, you can save a lot of money when it comes to fuel. KitchenAid 2 Burner runs on liquid propane by default, but you can adjust it to use natural gas. However, you will need a conversion kit that is sold separately. The manufacturer does have an official package, but pretty much any will do the trick. If you have a natural gas line, just connect the hose to it and never worry about having enough fuel to rerun the product.


This part of the review is where we try to round things up and see whether a BBQ system we are analyzing is worth your attention. We like to start on a positive note, which is why we will begin with the things we appreciated. For starters, KitchenAid 2 Burner has a modern design. It comes in two different colors, but regardless of your choice, your grill won’t look like it’s stuck in the 80s.

The next thing we would like to comment is the fact that the product is lightweight. With only 72 pounds, it’s one of the lightest units around. That makes it perfect for moving,and you can even consider taking it on the road with you. The weight of the product doesn’t affect its sturdiness. There is no chance of accidentally knocking it over and it won’t be affected even by astrong wind. It’s just not that light.

On the side of the performance, this model has everything you might expect from a gas grill. It comes with the ignition system that only requires a push of a single button, as well as the control knobs for easy managing of the heat. We liked the fact that the strength of the burners is admirable at 26,000 BTUs. They come with a 10-year warranty that everything will work correctly, which is the best indicator of the company’s trust in its creation.

The feature that is sometimes overlooked in KitchenAid grills is the Even-Heat flame tamers. They do a fantastic job of preventing any flare-ups and securing that the food you cook is exceptionally juicy and tender. Any dripping from the meat you are cooking that falls through the grates is instantly vaporized thanks to the flame tamers, which is why the food keeps its moisture during the process.

The temperature gauge located on the lid is not anything new when it comes to gas grills. However, the fact that this unit delivers an oversized thermometer is. That enables you to have a clear look at the temp gauge even from afar instead of having to get close to the product. On top of that, it’s vital to mention that the thermometer does its job correctly. It gives you accurate information on the temperature, which means that you can react in time if there is any need for adjustment.


The first thing you will notice is that the KitchenAid 2 Burner doesn’t come with a searing side station. Although the warming rack can help you in preparing side dishes, perhaps the manufacturer could have included a side burner to secure extra versatility. However, that would probably raise the price,and the product wouldn’t be so affordable then. If you are looking for models with side burners, this manufacturer has other models in their line of grills that equip them.

Unfortunately, this model also comes without an enclosed cabinet for storage. Although the entire unit rests on a cart, there is no room for storing anything. The only space enabled is for a 20-pound liquid propane tank used to fuel the device. On the plus side, the model does have tool hooks and towel bars, but we would still like it there was some space for putting stuff away in the enclosed cabinet.


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