Dyna-Glo Grills Reviews


When you say grilling systems, Dyna-Glo probably won’t be the first company that comes to mind. That is a real shame because they know how to make reliable products. That is why we will dedicate this article to Dyna-Glo grills reviews. We intend to inform you on everything relevant related to this brand so that you can see whether you will purchase their products or not.

Brand History

Dyna-Glo is not a company, but rather a brand that belongs to GHP Group. This manufacturer has a wide range of products in its catalog, such as heaters, water filtration, and purification, as well as fireplaces of all types. When it comes to outdoor, they not only design grills, but also smokers, fire pits, and BBQ and smoker accessories. There is a good chance that you encountered their products in major online stores and home centers across North America. Although that is the focus of their market, they are doing business throughout the globe.

Dyna-Glo is a relatively new manufacturer on the grilling market and doesn’t have the tradition of Weber or Char-Broil. However, they gathered an experienced team that has more than 100 years of experience in the industry. Together, they designed BBQ systems that are more than competitive in both gas and charcoal categories. Their perhaps most-known product is the Smart Space Living Gas grill, which often ends up on the list of the best affordable grilling units on the entire market.

Gas Grills
Dyna-Glo Smart Space Living

We are starting with perhaps the best, but surely the most famous model designed by this company. Dyna-Glo Smart Space Living is a gas grill edition that has two models – 2-Burner and 3-Burner. However, the consumers like the latter one most, which is why we will focus on it. Those of you who are into aesthetics will appreciate that they can choose between the stainless steel or bronze colors. While the former one is classic, bronze is not a color we often see in grills. We have to admit that Smart Space Living looks different in bronze and the only question is whether you will like it.

Either way, there are more pressing issues, such as the performance of this unit. Let’s mention some general info first, such as the weight of the product which is 76 pounds and the dimensions, which stand at 22 x 29 x 45 inches. As you can see, the model is a bit narrow, but at least its height is more than appropriate regardless of how tall you are. The product does have locking casters at the bottom, but they were not designed to push through uneven surfaces.

As usual with gas grills, there is an automatic electronic ignition that lights up the system when you press the switch. The unit packs three burners designed of stainless steel for the best possible durability. Each of the heaters provides 12,000 BTUs of heat, which means that the potential of this grill is 36,000BTUs in total. There are no side burners, but you do have tables on each side of the model. They can hold up to 50 pounds of weight (25 pounds each). That should provide all the work and prep space you might need. We don’t know about you, but we are annoyed when we need to juggle with platters or hold tools in our hands. That is why these tables combined with the hooks on the sides are an excellent addition. And when you don’t need the extra space, just fold them and get some spare room.

The warming rack is an excellent alternative to a side burner. It is located above the central cooking grate and provides 117 square inches of space. Why are we talking about that first? Well, because side dishes and buns take two-thirds of the meal you are preparing. However, we know that everyone cares about the meat. Don’t worry; there is plenty of space for that, too. Dyna-Glo Smart Space Living 3-Burner has 390 square inches intended for grilling. That means you can host a party that will be visited by six to eight people. Although the design is compact, this grill is by no means small – it is an average-sized product that will fit in any backyard.

The cooking grates are of durable cast iron with a porcelain finish. The two advantages you get here are that the food won’t stick to the grate and they will last forever. They also do a fantastic job in retaining heat, which will need to be controlled at times. You can do that by using the knobs on the front panel. There is a separate valve that controls each of the burners. You should also notice the thermometer located on the top of the cover.

Dyna-Glo DGE Series

The manufacturer used the name Smart Space Living for their series of compact grills with two or three burners. However, they don’t have a specific way of naming their standard units that pack four or five heaters. They do use DGE in the instruction manual, so that is what we will stick to in this Dyna-Glo grills reviews article.

As mentioned, there is a DGE Series 4-Burner and DGE Series 5-Burner. They are similar in features, but they vary in size. The smaller model has 646 square inches of cooking surface in total, while the unit with five burners has 708 square inches available for grilling. Regardless of the model, heat output is 10,000BTUs per burner. Both products have a side heater that boasts extra 12,000BTUs if you want to simmer some vegetables or prepare a side dish. Three colors are available to choose as your favorite – stainless steel, bronze, and gunmetal. Keep in mind that, unlike it’s the case with Smart Space Living, not the entire unit is painted, but only the cabinet and the lid.

Let’s focus on the Dyna-Glo DGE 5-Burner now. The total of 62,000BTUs of heat output makes it the most potent unit by this manufacturer. However, the quality of construction is something we cannot underestimate. Not only are the burners of stainless steel, but also the heat tents that are between the grate and the heaters. They are in charge of protecting the heaters from any drippings and thus expecting their durability.

The grates are also of stainless steel, as well as the cooking rack. You can close the side burner and turn it into another table to use as prep space. As for the two-door enclosed cabinet, it has ample storage room. However, keep in mind that a portion of it is taken by the propane gas tank you need to insert for the grill to work. On the more positive note, the sliding tray makes it a piece of cake to change the tanks.

Dyna-Glo Open Cart

The latest series of gas grills released by Dyna-Glo is Open Cart edition which also has a 4-Burner and a 5-Burner model. The design seems classic and traditional. It combines black and silver color, but it’s noticing that the black is a bit different than what we usually see on grills and it seems much more natural. The interesting thing related to the design is that the cart is open on the back side. So, aside from the fact that there are no doors on the cabinet, you could never say that it is an open-cart design from the front.

The burners underwent an upgrade, and each one of them now packs 12,000BTUs. The same amount of heat is provided by the side burners. There is not a lot of difference when it comes to cooking space as the 4-burner has 597 square inches (461+136) and the 5-Burner 626 (483+143) square inches intended for grilling. Side tables are there on both sides (one of them requires to close the side burner), and the cart equips four legs and two wheels for mobility.

Charcoal Grills
Dyna-Glo Signature

There are several models in this series, but their primary distinction is size. Although, there are units that come with offset smokers, in which case you need to be ready to pay extra. We will focus on Dyna-Glo Signature Heavy-Duty Barrel Charcoal Grill that delivers constant results and cooks tasty food.

The device has the recognizable barrel design that this company uses in many products. Its weight is 134 pounds, while the dimensions are 51 x 34.5 x 60 inches. It’s a good thing then that there are two oversized rollers on the legs as they make it possible to transfer the unit around. Thanks to them, you can use one location as a storage point and the other one across the yard for grilling.

We like the idea of the working space being on the front side of the unit. It comes in the form of a foldable steel table and provides ample room for preparing your food. However, we won’t argue that it can be a bit tricky to reach the cooking grates if the table is lifted. While we are talking about space, let’s mention the rack on the bottom of the open stand that holds the unit.

The body is constructed of heavy steel, which should secure considerable durability. The components made of stainless steel include the cooking grates and the thermometer mounted on the lid. The handle remains cool to the touch which means that there is no need to be scared of burning your hands.

As for the quality of food, the story is similar like with other charcoal grills and depends mainly on your skills. If you know how to take advantage of the coal system, you are in for a real treat and some delicious, juicy burgers or steaks.

Dyna-Glo Compact

We would like to turn your attention to three models from the Dyna-Glo Compact series of charcoal grills. Everything starts with the basic model that belongs on the affordable part of the scale. You can’t expect it to last for decades, but there is a good chance that it will provide superb food for years. You access the coal bed on the front. When you light up the fuel, the stainless steel cooking grate quickly gets hot. If you need to adjust temperature, there is a damper you can utilize. Although it’s an affordable unit, it comes with an ash catcher pan that makes it a child’s play to remove the residue and clean up the product. The total cooking surface is 546 square inches, and 381 of it intended for meat grilling.

Heavy-Duty Compact Charcoal Grill is on the more serious side of the story. It also features an open-cart design with four legs, two wheels, and a wire rack at the bottom. However, this unit has an adjustment crank that you can utilize to modify the position of the charcoal. That provides an even better way to control the temperature and choose whether you want to grill on the direct or indirect heat.

Dyna-Glo Premium Compact takes things one step further by adding wheels to all four legs on the cart. If you need to move your grill each time before you begin a cooking session, this model will make your life more enjoyable. It has incredible mobility, but it also comes with two locking casters to keep it in position once it is in the desired spot. The front of the cook box and the lid are double-walled to improve heat retention. All other features expected to be there are included, such as cast iron cooking grates, adjustment crank for charcoal, temperature gauge, and an ash pan.

Dyna-Glo X-Large

You probably wouldn’t guess from the name (oh, the irony), but this grill is large. Technically, this edition has two models, but we will focus on the Dyna-Glo X-Large Premium Dual Chamber (also known as Dual Zone) Charcoal Grill. It is entirely different than the other models by this manufacturer because it offers two separate zones for cooking. The divider located in the charcoal tray enables you to load the coals in one half, while the other remains only half-full (for example). That way you will have the direct heat on one side, while the other part of your grill will have indirect heat. Therefore, this unit provides incredible cooking versatility since you can get both grill burgers and simmer veggies at the same time (once again, for example).

You can also adjust the height of the coal bed on each side with the dual crank. The total cooking surface is 816 square inches, which is enough to serve fifteen or more people at once, while the grate is of cast iron. The hood is constructed of stainless steel on the outer side with the inner liner of double-walled steel to provide better heat retention. Overall, we are impressed with this charcoal grill, and Dyna-Glo sure did an excellent job with X-Large Dual Zone.

Dyna-Glo Dual Fuel Grill

Charcoal grills provide unique flavor and give that feeling that you are grilling just the way the previous generations did. On the other hand, gas offers a quicker option to cook your favorite food and requires less effort. What would you say if we tell you that there is a grill that combines both fuel types? It sounds incredible, but that’s just what Dyna-Glo Dual Fuel Grill does.

This is not the only model on the market that enables you to grill using gas and charcoal at the same time. But unlike some other models, such as Char-Broil Deluxe, this one looks very elegant. The painted black color of the cart and the side tables probably helps, but the overall impression is that it doesn’t look like you bumped two units into one.

The left side of the grill is fueled by two gas burners that provide 24,000 BTUs of heat. The heaters are made of stainless steel to secure their extended durability. The automatic ignition system enables you to get this part of the unit up and running with just a push of a button. As for the right side of the model, you can find that the height of the coal bed is adjustable. That way you can control the heat at any time. There are separate thermometers on both sides of the grill that monitor the temperature inside the cook boxes.

The total cooking surface is 952 square inches, and it seems that it is divided equally between the two halves. That means that you can cook for fifteen and maybe even twenty people at once on Dyna-Glo Dual Fuel. If you need a number, let us tell you that up to 40 average-sized burgers can fit on the cooking grates. Granted, it will take practice and a bit of effort to make sure everything runs smoothly. After all, gas and charcoal heat in different ways and you will practically be dealing with two grills at once here.

While we are on the subject of cooking grates, let’s mention that they are of cast iron with a porcelain finish. Dyna-Glo went with the best possible choice to secure the tastiest food with recognizable sear marks. The side shelves that you use as prep space are foldable to make storing the unit more comfortable.

Dyna-Glo Portable Grill

Dyna-Glo has a single representative in this category, and it’s the Signature Portable Tabletop Charcoal Grill. The first thing you notice when you take a look at this model is that it looks a bit different than classic portable models. Although it has the word “tabletop” in its name, the legs of this model are long enough for it to stand on the ground. You might need to sit while grilling, but it still sounds like a better option than putting a unit this high on a table.

Either way, the box where you arrange the charcoal is below the grate, but you are removing it by sliding it out on the side. While you are there, notice the ash catcher pan that collects any residue and makes the cleaning process effortless. The body of the grill is in the form of a barrel, and the cooking surface comes out to 287 square inches of space. That is more than enough for serving four or five people at once.

The weight of the product is 40 pounds, which is acceptable, but you can’t say that the size of the unit is compact. However, it can still fit the trunk of any car or into the storage space in your RV. It might be useful to know that you can attach this unit to another grill from the Dyna-Glo Signature series and use it as an offset smoker.

Why Choose Dyna-Glo

We had a look at the official website of the manufacturer, and they take pride in the fact that they rigorously follow industry standards. As such, they claim they always meet the expectations of the buyers regarding quality, functionality, and durability. While it might be impossible to satisfy each and every customer, there are some things that Dyna-Glo does excellent:

  • Versatility – you might be more inclined toward traditional charcoal grilling, while your son or someone else from your family loves gas grills. Dyna-Glo offers many options to choose from for both of you. Furthermore, they even have a model that uses both gas and charcoal simultaneously to bring the family together
  • Reliable performance – regardless of the model you choose, you can rest assured that you will get a product that can deliver. If you were looking for perfectly-grilled food, that is just what you are going to get
  • Innovation – perhaps it can’t compare with other manufacturers when it comes to tradition, but the team from Dyna-Glo is striving for change. They are keeping up with all the perks of the latest technology, and they make sure to implement them in their products

Final Note

It’s not easy to battle with other beasts on the grilling market. The very fact that Dyna-Glo secured their portion of the market is more than enough to know that they design high-quality products. The only question you have to answer is whether any of them suits your needs. If the answer is yes, there is no need to second-guess your choice because there is no doubt this is a reputable manufacturer.