Char-Broil Tru Infrared 2 Burner Grill Review, Specifications and Manual

Char-Broil Tru-Infrared 2 Burner Gas Grill Review

Food makes the world go round, but cooking makes the family come together. Slaving away at the stove might not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, grilling is a right of passage for almost all men out there.

Barbecuing is not easy. You have to be careful because there is so much heat around you. You want everything to be cooked evenly and that nothing gets burned. And, at the end of it, you will need to clean it properly.

It can intimidate even the greatest chefs around the world. Still, barbecuing is a great deal easier if you have the right tools – and the right grill.

Choosing a grill might be a daunting task, but we are here to help you. Today, we will take a look at the Char-Broil Tru-Infrared 2 Burner Gas Grill, see what it has to offer and give our verdict.

The Char-Broil Tru-Infrared 2 Burner Gas Grill

How do we explain this grill? For starters, this is a compact gas grill which makes for a perfect addition to your backyard. Rather than making you give up a chunk of space, this grill will fit in nicely and provide a safe space for cooking.

Saving up the space, but not on the features, the Char-Broil Tru-Infrared 2 Burner Gas Grill is a smaller grill with great qualities.

It has the infrared system, allowing you to cook your food more evenly, avoiding many flare-ups. There are also the folding side shelves, which are useful when you want to store your food. And don’t forget the durable burners and grates that give the chef the opportunity to cook longer.


At first sight, this grill wins us over because of its compact size.

However, the design goes beyond that. One of the first things that attracts us is its sleek design and curvy lines.

It isn’t something that will draw a lot of attention, but it also isn’t an unfortunate looking grill. The subtle curves of the lid give it a more mellow look. And the lack of very sharp edges makes it safer if you have kids around.

When it comes to color, the Char-Broil Tru-Infrared 2 Burner Gas Grill has two options for the lid style:

  1. Stainless steel
  2. Porcelain coated steel

And it also features two options for the body style as well:

  1. Stainless steel door
  2. Black painted steel door

However, you have only 3 elegant, fuss-free combinations that would blend in perfectly in your backyard or on your patio.

Bear in mind that the stainless steel door body style is sold only with the stainless steel lid style. That is a plus if you prefer a more uniform look for your grill.


Let’s go over the specifications for the Char-Broil Tru-Infrared 2 Burner Gas Grill. First, we should mention the fact that this is a gas grill. That means that it uses liquid propane. This feature means that it has the always helpful electrical ignition, which makes the start up fairly straightforward.

It also features a Tru-Infrared cooking system, which would be beneficial for the chefs out there who have a hard time getting the food to cook evenly on both sides. This system guarantees that your food will be juicier every time you use it.

We should also mention the compactness of this grill. If you are someone who invites a lot of people to a house party that features a barbecue, you may want to consider the fact that this grill probably will not be able to serve many at the same time. In that case, you should organize your cooking appropriately, so that your guests wouldn’t wait for too long.


So, how does the Char-Broil Tru-Infrared 2 Burner Gas Grill look like? Well, for starters, this grill won’t make you give up half of your backyard or patio.

It will, of course, tend to your needs, but without taking up a lot of space. That is a huge advantage for anyone that enjoys regular barbecues. It is the solution of a lifetime – a smaller grill for an experienced griller.

When assembled, the grill measures 44.5 inches in height. It also has 43.7 inches in width, and 23.4 in depth. The assembled grill weighs 89 pounds, which is a plus. That way it can be easily moved to a different location in your backyard..

It features a generous amount of working surface – 325 square inch just for cooking – and it also has a 120 square inch warming rack, which will get your grilling skills even more established.

But, that’s not all. This grill also features a pair of folding side shelves that will help you store your already cooked food and, if necessary, provide an additional cooking surface.


This grill uses an infrared system that allows you to cook your food more evenly and it also causes less flare-ups. That makes it safer than most grills that don’t use this kind of a system.

Furthermore, the Char-Broil Tru-Infrared 2 Burner Gas Grill also comes with a grease tray. This tray will catch all the drips and allow for an easy clean up. It also has porcelain coated grates. These grates are fairly durable, rust-resistant and will make for an easy clean up as well.

Aside from the tray and the grates, the grill also possesses a lid-mounted temperature gauge. This gauge will keep you up to date with the temperature inside of your grill. Moreover, the electronic igniter will reduce the use of matches and allow you to start up your grill with just a simple push of a button.

And let’s not forget about the swing-a-way warming rack. This rack will swing back when you open the grill, allowing you to easily reach your food.

You also get locking casters on two of the wheels. These will make your life a lot easier since they allow you to easily move the grill. When you decide where you want the grill, you can stabilize it by locking the wheels in place.


The Char-Broil Tru-Infrared 2 Burner Gas Grill uses high-performance materials which are great for customers who enjoy cooking a bit longer.

Both the lid and the body of the grill are made of steel, and you can easily pick out the style (porcelain coated or stainless steel).

This makes up for a sturdy construction of the grill, but it does not make it bulky and unattractive.

You can easily move this grill, given the fact that it has two sets of wheels. The stability is there too, provided that you remember to lock one set of wheels in place.

How to use

The Char-Broil Tru-Infrared 2 Burner Gas Grill is fairly uncomplicated to use. If you read the manual properly, it will cause no problems at all. If you are someone who has used the Char-Broil grills before, you will have no trouble at all with the instructions or grilling. But if you’re not sure of what you have to do, then it might be worth checking the manual here.

Once you assemble all of the parts and connecting the gas source, it is time to start up the grill:

  1. Make sure to turn the gas burner control valves off.
  2. Don’t forget to open the lid of the grill before lighting or relighting.
  3. The next step is to turn ON the LP gas cylinder.
  4. If you wish to ignite, turn the burner knob to HIGH and, immediately after that, push and hold the electronic ignitor button. The burner should light up shortly after that.
  5. If you are having trouble getting the heat started and it does not happen in the first few seconds, you should turn the burner controls off. Wait for about 5 to 10 minutes and then repeat the procedure.

Steps 4 and 5 are also used to light the other main burners. After you have grilled all your meat and veggies, make sure to turn the controls and the gas source off.


Once you have a grill like this one, you may want to complete the look and the feel of grilling with some of the available accessories.

Luckily for us, Char-Broil provides an exceptional list of optional purchases. Let’s see what they have to offer:

  1. 2 – Burner Performance Grill Cover ($24.99). If you love your new grill and you want to keep it safe from all the weather conditions, then this is the cover for you. Made with the 2-3 burner grills in mind, the heavy vinyl material of this grill cover will keep your gas grill safe at all times, while the straps provided will give you an extra bit of security.
  2. Cedar Planks ($12.99). You have worked very hard grilling your food and you want to keep it away from the direct heat. Why not go a step further and add to the flavor? These planks will not only keep your food safe, but will also add a nutty flavor to the meat and veggies, bringing your cooking and grilling skill to a whole new level.
  3. Grill Starter Bundled Accessories Kit ($49.99). The best griller always has the right tools. With that in mind, Char-Broil assembled an accessories kit that will get you started in no time. The kit contains: Comfort Grip 4-Piece Tool Set, 4-Pack of Steak Thermometers, Leather Gloves, Cool Clean 360 Brush and a Porcelain Pan. It has everything you need to cook, grill and clean afterwards, making sure you don’t waste your time fumbling with inadequate tools.
  4. Mighty Grill Spatula ($19.99).  Now this is something that every griller has, but never knew it could be even better. A sleek design and a size out of this world, this Char-Broil spatula enables you to handle any kind of meat or vegetable, without worrying if you are going to drop something. And, as if that wasn’t enough, the spatula also serves as a bottle opener and it folds up, making it fairly easy to store.
  5. Potato and Rib Rack ($7.99). This sturdy rack provides the help that we often need when grilling for a bigger group of people. Just set it aside on one of the folding racks, or maybe on the table, and you will have enough space to store multiple racks of ribs, potatoes, and corn.


If you feel that this grill is perfect for you, you should remember to keep it in its perfect condition.

Of course, if you are grilling regularly, the Char-Broil Tru-Infrared 2 Burner Gas Grill will probably get a few scrapes here and there. Still, you may want to develop a cleaning routine for it in order to keep its value for a longer time.

Luckily for us, this grill is fairly easy to clean. The grease tray makes all the difference and it will catch all the drips that may come from your meats and veggies.

The grates are a bit different – you need to clean them regularly to avoid rust buildup and ensure that your food does not lose flavor when you cook it.

This type of grill comes with porcelain grates that will hold the heat well and will be rust-resistant for a longer time.

Nevertheless, if you accidentally chip or scrape the grates, it will expose the metal underneath it and the grease and the water could seep in. So, be careful and be gentle when you are grilling.

As far as the cleaning goes, it is best to clean the porcelain grates with a nylon or a soft bristle grill brush. Do not use metal or wire brushes because these can actually chip or scrape the grates. That would make them more difficult to clean later on and they might not work properly.

Pros & Cons

As with almost every other product, there are always some pros and cons which you should pay attention to. Let’s look at the pros of the Char-Broil Tru-Infrared 2 Burner Gas Grill:

  1. Sturdy construction and quality materials
  2. Pretty compact, does not take up a lot of space
  3. Infrared grilling system – almost no hot or cold spaces
  4. Good performance for a smaller grill
  5. Additional features like the folding sides add to the value and convenience

As far as the negative side goes, we should mention a few things. Anything “compact” might not work for people that often entertain a bigger group of people. That is, of course, if the group wouldn’t mind waiting a bit for their food to be ready.

Also, be aware that this grill might emit more smoke during grill time. This will give you juicier results, but it is also something that might bother other people.


If we take into the account the size of this grill and its compactness, it’s no surprise that this grill is a bit cheaper than the rest.

However, the price tag depends on the style you choose:

  1. Porcelain coated steel (lid style) + black painted steel door – $229
  2. Stainless steel (lid style) + black painted steel door – $199.99
  3. Stainless steel (lid style) + stainless steel door – $249.99

The prices obviously vary on the Char-Broil website, but you can also get it at selected retailers and online.

Still, those retailers don’t seem to have any discounts – the price on goes up to $272.63, while has it on sale for $199.98.


If you are wondering what the grillers say about the Char-Broil Tru-Infrared 2 Burner Gas Grill, then it is probably not a surprise that there are mostly positive reviews. The overall opinion is that the grill performs well and can reach a high temperature fairly quickly.

The Char-Broil Tru-Infrared 2 Burner Gas Grill also has understandable instructions for assembling, as one reviewer pointed out, but the compact size is something you have to get used to. There are also mentions of it cooking the food evenly, just like the product description says.

Overall, the reviews agree that this is a nice and compact grill for 2-4 people that performs well and gets you what you want – tasty food.


The Char-Broil Tru-Infrared 2 Burner Gas Grill is an exceptional gas grill that performs well and in a short amount of time. The overall look of it is fairly agreeable. It has a stylish design that is pleasing to the eye and the compact size of it will not take up all the free space you have left.

As far as the use goes, it is generally easy to use and easy to clean. However, keep in mind that regular cleaning is a must. Another thing to remember is the quantity. The Char-Broil Tru-Infrared 2 Burner Gas Grill is great for 2 to 4 people and will probably satisfy a family on the weekend.

Still, it might be good to consider the situations when you will use this grill. If you plan on throwing big barbecue parties, you might want to consider its size because it just might not be enough for you.

However, if you have no problem cooking a bit longer and your guests aren’t too hungry at the same time, then the Char-Broil Tru-Infrared 2 Burner Gas Grill may be just what you were looking for.


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