Char-Broil Advantage 4 Burner Review

Char-Broil is a company that makes gas, electric, and gas outdoor grills and other similar products. It’s one of the world’s oldest brands of grills and a subsidiary of W. C. Bradley Co. The company was founded in 1944 and first produced an outdoor cooker named “Char-Broil.” The company’s CB 19 is believed to be the world’s first commercial charcoal grill made of cast iron. Today Char-Broil is a subsidiary of W.C. Bradley Co. and is headquartered in Georgia, USA.

I wanted to review the Char-Broil Classic 4-Burner Gas Grill because I’d heard and read so much about it.

Our Rating:  4.5 Stars

32,000 BTU gas grill

Lidded side burner

Cast iron grates

Cooking Surface: 600 sq/inch

Price: $200 to $300

Char-Broil Advantage 4 Burner Review

The Char-Broil Advantage 4-Burner Gas Grill includes 450square-inch and 150-sq. in. cooking surface. This provides all the cooking space you’d usually need for preparing everything including hamburgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob, and other items. When you need a larger grill for cookouts or if you have a big family then this is the unit you should be considering.

This model also has a secondary cooking warming rack with a swing-away feature. The 150 square-inches with 10,000 BTU side burners make it large enough for all your warming-up needs. It’s a great feature in and of itself but the amount of surface area is a plus since you can warm up everything you need to. It’s a great place to prepare side dishes and barbecue sauces.

When picking a grill you’ll definitely want to look for one with enough power and speed. It’s another feature of this Char-Broil Classic grill The BTUs are enough to get the grill heated up quickly and cook whatever you need at a super-fast speed. I think this is one of the best features of the grill when you have a big cookout and want to start serving grilled food as quickly as possible. The hungry guests won’t want to wait!

The burners are top-ported so you can easily control their temperature. This helps to provide uniform heat on the grill. It’s one of the main features you can have on a grill. When I do grilling I always want the items to be cooked evenly regardless of which area of the grill I place them. So this is definitely one of the top features of the grill since it makes sure that all of your food is cooked evenly all the time. You won’t have to worry about some items being over-cooked and others being under-cooked based on their location on the grill.


When selecting a grill another key feature you’ll want to look for is durability. Char-Broil has been producing grills for over 7 decades and one of the hallmarks of the company has been quality and durability. This Classic gas grill is a perfect example. The unit is very durable so you can likely get several years of use from the grill. That’s definitely a plus so you won’t have to worry about spending tons of money replacing the unit sooner rather than later. The grill constructing includes grates made of cast iron, porcelain finish, and steel handle.

If you’re looking for convenience the Char-Broil unit also includes a starter with a push-button mechanism. This makes it easy to get the grill up and running so you can start cooking and eating your favorite grilled foods quickly. The Class 4-burner grill also includes a temperature gauge that’s mounted on the lid. Why is this a great feature? If you’re like me you probably don’t like dealing with checking the temperature of your cooked meets several times during the cooking process. You won’t have to with this grill so it’s a major benefit of the unit.

If you’re looking for convenience the 4-burner gas grill includes various other features that can improve the quality of your grilling. For example, there’s a side shelf made of durable metal so you can do prep work before grilling your dishes. There’s also a removable grease pan so cleaning is fast and easy.


The grill also includes some excellent safety features to improve your experience. It includes a front panel that hides/protect the LP tank. This is important when you’re grilling because you’ll want to be a safe as possible from the unit’s fuel source. The front panel is very effective in achieving that goal so it’s definitely one of the best safety features of the Char-Broil grill.

Finally, the Char-Broil 4 Burner includes warranties for the grill and burner. The grill is a 1-year limited warranty and the burner warranty is a 5-year limited warranty. It’s important to read the terms & conditions so you’ll know exactly what the warranty does and doesn’t cover.

However, the 5-year warranty on the burner is definitely a great feature. It shows the company wants to provide the best service possible and one way is through a long-term warranty. Since the grill and burner both have a limited warranty it’s important to check what it does and doesn’t cover. That will help to prevent any future issues because you’ll know how much coverage you have.

Setting It Up

This model includes an excellent set of instructions. This allows you to start grilling very quickly after you read the instructions. This is definitely one of the top features of the unit. After you purchase a grill you’ll want to use it as soon as possible. With the Char-Broil Advantage unit, you’ll be able to do that. Just make sure you read the instructions carefully before you get started.

One of the key features of the unit for easy set-up is the 7-inch wheels with 2 stationary legs. This makes it very easy to move the grill around to where you want to start cooking. Then the unit’s legs will provide stability when you’ve found the location where you want to start grilling. This is definitely one of the top features of the unit and especially if you want to transport the grill to the park, stadium, etc. You can easily bring your Char-Broil Advantage Burner with you and start preparing your dishes as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns you can contact Char-Broil’s customer support about it. For example, if you want to ask about issues related to the product’s warranty then you could contact the company about that. There are several channels you can pick from including landline and live chat. If you want the fastest response possible then live chat is the best option.However, you could also use a landline if that’s a more convenient option for you.

When this grill is assembled it has a weight of a little under 100 pounds. The weight is reasonable considering the size of the grill. Another issue to keep in mind is the wheels will also make it much easier to transport the grill if you want to cook in a different area. So it shouldn’t be a problem if you want to wheel the grill to another area outside your house or even to another location. If you have any medical issues when you’ll definitely want to avoid any possible injuries rolling your grill the weight of this Char-Broil unit is definitely a plus.

In Use

This Char-Broil Advantage Grill provides you with excellent temperature control. That’s due to the top-porter burners. When using a grill it’s one of the most important issues to consider. You’ll want to have more control of the cooking temperatures to make sure your meat is cooked to perfection.

Why is this critical? One is health because it’s critical for meat to be cooked to a particular temperature to make sure you can avoid health issues when preparing pork and chicken in particular. Another issue is there are various factors that affect the cooking temperatures of your grill. Providing you with more control of the temperatures will help to make sure that the items are cooked at even heats. This will help to provide better results, which is definitely a plus when using your char Broil grill for cooking.

The Char-Broil 4 Grill unit also includes a built-in temperature gauge. This is an excellent feature to keep the chef aware of the cooking temperature of the meats. When preparing grilled foods in particular it’s critical that the items are cooked at certain temperatures. This is based on various factors but the main one is the type of meat that you’re preparing. You’ll certainly want to maintain the proper temperatures when using the grill to make sure that you avoid any health issued related to under-cooked meats, for example.

One of the top features that must be mentioned in any Char-Broil Advantage 4 Burner Reviews is it has an electronic ignition system. The one-button operation makes getting your grill up and running very easy. This will save you time and effort and help to get you started with your cooking as soon as possible. If you’re like me then you don’t have enough time during the day to spend several hours preparing and cooking food. The electronic ignition system will save you precious time so you can get to the cooking as quickly as possible.


In terms of the cooking space, you’ll be getting a total of 600 square inches of cooking space. That includes 450 sq-in for the primary cooking area and 150 sq-in. for the warming rack. That’s more than enough are for most situations even if you’re cooking food at a cookout or other big event. It’s certainly one of the top issues in order to produce the best results.

The secondary cooking surface on the Char-Broil Advantage 4 Grill makes it a lot easier to prepare your favorite grilled foods. Space is large enough that you can make the volume of items like barbecue sauces and other items you need to prepare. This is definitely a plus when you’re feeding a big crowd and have a lot of things to prepare for the meal.

Another plus of the secondary cooking surface is there’s enough power with the 10,000 BTUs. It’s a lot less power than the primary cooking surface but that’s ok. What’s important is that there’s enough area to prepare sauces and other things to complement the entrees whether it’s chicken, beef, pork, or seafood. This grill has all the cooking surface you’d need for most cooking situations so you won’t have to worry about running out of space. That’s a situation you’ll certainly want to avoid.

Amazing Durability

One of the factors that have made Char-Broil a leader in the world of grilling is the durability of its products. This is certainly a key issue to consider when grilling because you’re working with high temperatures and meats.

The Advantage grill is another example of the company producing a well-constructed grill. For example, the cooking grates are made with super-durable cast iron, which itself is coated with porcelain. This helps the units to retain heat well and makes clean-up a lot easier as well. These are both key features to look for a grill and the Advantage certainly delivers.

The burners are also made of stainless steel so they’re built-to-last. Why is this a critical issue? The burners are some of the most important items on the grill and you’ll want them to be as sturdy as possible. Stainless steel is one of the most durable materials available for grills so this is definitely one of the top features of the unit. It will help to improve your overall grilling experience and prevent the need to replace the unit sooner rather than later.


The portability of a grill is one of the most important features to take up when you have to move the unit to your patio, or to a vehicle in order to transport it. I can say that the Char-Broil Advantage grill gets high marks for portability.

It all starts with the weight. The unit is about 100 pounds so it’s very practical to move around whether it’s at your house or to another location. Keep in mind that this is a large grill so not only does it provide features like two big cooking surfaces but it’s also fairly lightweight. This will improve your grilling experience.


However, the portability is made easier by the two wheels attached to the grill. This makes it much easier to transport the unit around your home, to your vehicle, etc. Even if you have any physical condition that makes it tough doing heavy lifting you shouldn’t have too many problems transporting this unit around. As always you should still consult your physician first to make sure moving the grill won’t be a problem.

Then after you move the grill to where you want to start grilling the unit’s two legs will keep it stationary. This is important to improve your grilling experience and also as a safety issue. Even though the unit has two wheels there won’t be any problems since the legs are durable and can provide stability after you’ve moved the grill to where you want to operate it. It’s a very simple process.

The Round-Up

Char-Broil has a lot of experience producing grills and this is definitely an excellent example. It’s a large grill with two big cooking surfaces that includes a total 600 sq-in. of space for cooking. This is important because it provides more flexibility in how much food you can prepare at one time. If you’re planning a holiday cookout, company picnic, or family reunion you’ll have plenty of cooking space to prepare hamburgers, hotdogs, and other items. The secondary cooking space provides a great area for preparing sauces and other items.

The built-in cooking gauge is really helpful. You won’t need to keep checking the meat temperature using a thermometer since the lid’s temperature will track that for you. It also ends the need to keep lifting the lid to check the meat temperatures, since that increases the cooking time. When you have a small army of people waiting for grilled food it’s not a situation you’ll want to be in!

Another major plus of the unit is the durability. The features like stainless steel construction and cast iron cooking grates are big advantages that can help to extend the life of the grill. This is important because you’ll to avoid the need to replace the grill soon after purchasing it. Char-Broil is an established brand so you can be assured you’re getting top-notch quality when you pick one of their products.

In terms of the unit’s price, it’s quite affordable. The $200 to $300 price range is ideal if you’re looking for a big grill with several features but an affordable price tag. Meanwhile, the warranty on the grill and burners helps to protect your investment and help to reduce out-of-pocket expenses in case you need some repairs or replacement parts are purchasing the unit.

Does this product have any negatives? While the unit contains many durable components the unit has received some criticism for the overall durability.

Finally, if you’ve got so far into our Char-Broil Advantage 4 Burner Review you might as well try it out because this is one grill that can give you an edge when it comes to cooking.


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