Broil King Signet 320 Review

The Canadian manufacturer Broil King seems to focus on those who consider themselves amateur grillers and enjoy barbecuing in the intimacy of their backyard. If we keep in mind that is the profile of the most grilling enthusiasts out there, it’s easy to see why that’s where the manufacturer put its focus. The series we will dedicate our attention to in this review is Signet. To be precise, we will discuss the Broil King Signet 320 gas grill. We will test how it performs while cooking food and carefully list all the features. Our goal is to be your number one info on all the details related to this unit!


The first thing I take a look at when purchasing the grill is its dimensions and power output. The first tells me whether I can fit the unit where I planned to, while the other gives relevant info on the capabilities of the model. Here are the specifications of the Broil King Signet 320:

  • Dimensions: 62 x 23 x 48.5 inches
  • Weight: 134 pounds
  • Cooking surface: 635 square inches
  • Heat output: 40,000 BTUs
  • Fuel: Gas (propane or natural gas)

And here are some features unique to this model:

  • Dual-Tube burners
  • Sure-Lite electronic ignition
  • Flav-R-Wave cooking system
  • Linear-Flow control knobs
  • Foldable shelves
  • Four wheels for mobility

Since we only listed the characteristics in this section, we will now move on to focusing on each of the features to explain them in detail.


Although the product has only three burners, they can deliver a hefty amount of heat to the cooking surface. The total output comes out to 40,000 BTUs per hours, which means that a single heater provides more than 13,000 BTUs. Just like other models from the same manufacturer, all burners were designed with the use of the dual-tube technology.

This means that the heaters have a large diameter and they were made by using the tube-in-tube concept. That is what secures that the equal amount of heat comes from each section of the burner. That way you can be sure that the distribution of hotness will be identical per burner. You get two flame rows instead of one. That way you prevent any hot spots from appearing on the cooking surface. That is particularly vital in this model since only three burners are in charge of an ample grilling area. Classic heaters might cause your food to burn, but with this technology, there is nothing to worry about.

Sure-Lite Ignition System

Broil King Signet 320 is a gas grill, and there is no doubt about it. However, just like most of the gas BBQ units today, it uses electronic ignition. The system is called Sure-Lite because you are sure that the fire will ignite every time. The only thing that you need to do is to press the button located on the front panel of the unit. You will quickly discover it since it is in the middle and just below the central control knob.

Cooking Surface

Once you get the machine up and running and the burners start emitting heat, you can turn your attention to the cooking surface. A couple of pleasant surprises waiting for you there. For starters, you will be pleased to notice that the grilling area is impressively big. The central space rounds to 400 square inches while the warming rack adds extra 235 square inches. That is 635 square inches of grilling room just for your needs.

The warming rack is located above the primary cooking grids and is perfect for simmering vegetables or keeping your food warm while you are grilling more. But what I loved is the fact that the grates are reversible. The default side will secure those searing marks that are familiar from charcoal BBQs. When you turn over the grids, you can slowly barbecue your food ensuring that it will keep all the juices. The grates are made of cast iron, which is the best possible choice for this component.

Flav-R-Wave Cooking System

The burners are not located directly below the grates in this model. These two are separated by an additional layer of stainless steel bars. This extra layer is called the Flav-R-Wave system, and it brings two considerable advantages to the table. The first one is catching any dripping that falls from the food through the grates. But the work of the Flav-R-Wave doesn’t end there. After capturing the grease, it instantly vaporizes it back into smoke. That way it allows it to get back into the food. The meat, therefore, keeps all the juiciness and receives the unique BBQ taste we know from wood-fired or charcoal units. It’s this feature that secures that there is no difference between using this modern gas grill and a traditional model.

The fact that the Flav-R-Wave bars collect drippings also means that they are protecting the burners. They are the protective layer that prevents the grease from getting onto the heaters and shortening their lifespan. Aside from the fact, the burners are made of top-quality stainless steel, this component is a big part of why there is a 10-year warranty for the heaters.

Linear-Flow Heat Control

If you ask someone to compare BBQ systems that use gas as fuel to other types of grills, you will often hear that it is the easiest to control a unit that runs on gas. That is something everyone agrees on, and this model is no exception. The temperature in the cook box is controlled by the knobs on the front panel. You can turn the valves to any extent you want for up to 180 degrees. That enables you total control over the Signet 320. It means that you can go as much into detail as you wish when adjusting the temperature. You should refer to the thermometer located on the lid to give you information about the current level of heat in the firebox. However, you should keep in mind that this heat gauge might not be accurate at all times. I have to admit that it’s a better alternative to use a meat probe or an independent digital thermometer. Fortunately, they are not an expensive accessory.

Extra Space

The BBQ systems have evolved, and companies are trying their hardest to keep up with the competition. Consumers today are looking for far more than just grilling results. The race for providing the most convenience is open, and Signet 320 is a contender. This model comes with two side shelves – one per each side. Both shelves are identical, and they can accommodate things of up to 50 pounds of weight per table.

That gives you plenty of options for using them. The first thing that comes to my mind is placing the platters with prepared burger patties before you arrange them in the cooking area. That makes your job much more comfortable than to juggle the plate in your hand and risk dropping it on the ground. Aside from that, you can also place your grilling tools or other essentials. The tables are of stainless steel, which means that they are resistant to rusting and a piece of cake to remove any stain from them.

While we are talking about work and storage space, let’s mention the enclosed cabinet that is integrated into the stand. It has two doors so that you can open it from either side or just open the part that you need. That’s where a built-in tank holder is located, so you can’t expect an ample amount of room. However, it’s still big enough to store away everything that you don’t use at the moment, but you will need for future grilling sessions.

Mobility and Convenience

This feature might also go into the section where I listed the reasons why you should consider purchasing Broil King Signet 320. The model stands on a cart that has four rollers on the bottom. It’s interesting to note that the wheels are turned to the outside. That is a twist if you consider that most of the other models have their rollers turned to the inside. Aside from that detail, everything is as expected. Two of the wheels are smaller than the remaining two, and they come with casters. Once you push the grill to the desired location, you use these casters to lock the unit into position and make sure that it doesn’t move. When it’s in a secured place, you can’t accidentally knock it over and even sever wind can’t affect it.

The fact that this model is mobile means that you can store it anywhere you want. For the convenience of saving some space in the spot where you will be storing the product, you can fold down the shelves on the sides. It doesn’t take more than a couple of seconds thanks to the perfected mechanism, and it will save you considerable room.

The Difference between Signet 320 and Other Models in the Series

Broil King has several BBQ systems available in this series. The one we are focusing on comes in two alternatives – classic stainless steel and the one dyed in black. Aside from the regular Signet 320, there are also Signet 70 and Signet 90 models. Their features are mostly similar, and the only difference is the extra burners offered. The model we are reviewing can be considered as the basic unit of the series. The next step is Signet 70, which packs a rotisserie station, while the Signet 90 is the most advanced model with both rotisserie and side burners included.

Why You Should Choose Broil King Signet 320

You might be intrigued by this model. However, you are still unsure whether purchasing it is the right decision. You want to know why you should choose this unit and not dozens of others available on the market. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider buying Broil King Signet 320:

Although this is an entry-level BBQ system, the fact is that it comes with some bells and whistles that set it apart from an ordinary grill. In fact, the overall feeling is like that you have an outdoor kitchen at your disposal. Aside from the central cooking area, you have a warming rack. You can use it to complete your meal by simmering some onions and mushrooms and serving them on the side. It’s a shame that it’s not a perfect place to make soup or sauce, but I am satisfied as long as it keeps my bread buns warm.

The side tables are spacious and designed of stainless steel to accommodate the considerable weight. That enables them to act as replacements for your kitchen countertops and serve for platters, utensils, and tools. You even get an enclosed cabinet for storing things away. Although, I do need to be honest and say that there is not that much space in the cabinet once you insert the propane tank.

Choose Your Gas

By default, Signet 320 is a BBQ system that runs on propane gas. It uses 20-pound propane tanks that you need to buy separately. The good news is that they are not expensive and you can find them at a local store. Connecting them to the supply line is done by inserting them into the cabinet, and that shouldn’t take more than a minute of your time. A single tank will secure you hours of grilling, which means that you don’t need to worry about replacing it anytime soon.

However, if you want to take things to the next level and not worry about fuel supply at all, you can consider attaching the unit to your natural gas line. Two things are required to do so – the first one is that you have natural gas running through your house. The other is that you purchase a conversion kit which is also sold separately from the grill. However, keep in mind that you are limited by the length of the hose.  If you want to use natural gas, you can’t place the BBQ unit too far from the place where you should connect it to the supply line.

Simple Assembly

We listened to a lot of people complaining that they had a nightmare time in assembling their BBQ systems. Furthermore, even some models from this manufacturer are tricky to put together. Fortunately, that is not the case with Broil King Signet 320. The instructions explain well what you need to do, and the parts are nicely packaged so that you can distinguish them from the start.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Did you know that the cook box of this unit is made of thermal-cast aluminum? It’s the best choice of material for resisting rust. The manufacturer surely knows that since they are offering a lifetime warranty on the housing. That sounds incredible, especially for a model that doesn’t cost much. As for other components, the stainless steel burners come with a guarantee on a 10-year period, while the manufacturer assures us that all other parts will function for at least two years if handled correctly.


When it comes to praising this BBQ unit, we should start with the dual-tube burners. It’s the company’s signature to design this type of heaters, and they indeed hit the jackpot. The even heat that they distribute across the entire cooking surface secures brilliant results during each grilling session.

Signet 320 makes your job as easy as it can be. The total control over the heat is available via the burner valves, and you only need to monitor the temperature and ensure to adjust it if needed. That means that this grill is more than suitable for novices and those who are just entering the world of barbecuing. It’s freaking incredible that it will take but a couple of days of exercise to make equally tasty steaks as the professionals.

While we are talking about the food taste, let’s mention that it can compare to the charcoal or wood-fired grills. The Flav-R-Wave bars vaporize the drippings immediately and infuse them back into food via smoke. That is how this unit manages to provide the same flavor as the grills that run on another type of fuel.

We can’t underestimate the quality of materials that the manufacturer used. The cook box is made of aluminum, while the burners are of stainless steel. The cooking grids are of cast iron. All these are signs that the company put considerable effort into designing a grill that will last for years. The durability of the product is admirable, and not many models out there can match it.

Finally, let’s discuss the price. We can’t avoid comparisons with this model and the Spirit series designed by Weber. This is one of the rare models that can even compete with Weber, but there is a good reason for that. There is no doubt that you get a whole lot of things for the price with Signet 320. After all, you are getting a product that has a limited lifetime warranty at an affordable cost. That is the best sign of the faith that Broil King has in its products. It’s nice to see that they base their trust on reality because this is one of the best models they ever made.


The good thing is that all the drawbacks of this model can be overlooked, especially if you consider the price tag. However, it wouldn’t be fair not to mention them because they are also something you need to keep in mind. When it comes to the performance, I noticed two things that could have gone better. The thermometer on the lid isn’t entirely accurate at all times, which is why you should rely on an independent heat gauge.

The thing that I minded the most is the fact that Signet 320 doesn’t come with a side burner. Yes, there is a warming rack that you can use to simmer veggies, but I like the idea of having an extra stove. That gives me the option to whip up a sauce or make soup, but that is not possible with this unit. Another thing that I noticed is that the tray that collects grease is a bit narrow. That is why you need to be particularly careful when placing it. If you don’t target it just right, there is a chance that the grease will fall onto the cart. That is a shame to see since I don’t believe the manufacturer would lose much if they made it a couple of inches longer.


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