Best Portable Grills for RV

If you have a recreational vehicle, why not consider the best portable grills for RV? That is the perfect way to enjoy delicious food while on the go. If you are preparing for your first road trip in your just-purchased vehicle, you need to consider what you will eat during travel. And is there any better choice than having a finely-grilled steak or burger whenever you want?

Take a look at the list of top-quality portable BBQ systems we divided across several categories. We also listed the benefits of owning a product like this, as well as a buyer’s guide that will help you choose the right model for you.

Why Choose a Portable Grill

Let’s discuss the benefits of a portable barbecue first. We will try to list several of them quickly. Hopefully, that will lead you to see that you are making the right call when purchasing this type of product.

The advantages of a portable grill include:

  • Convenience – they have high mobility and compact design, which is the winning combination for any travel product
  • Use them wherever you want – are you looking to mount them on your RV or take camping? Virtually any outdoor environment is suitable to use portable BBQs
  • Affordable – regular grills can cost thousands of dollars, but even the premium portable units will fit almost any budget

Best Portable Grills for RV for the Money

These models are a bit more expensive, but they also ensure to deliver more and better features in return. Camco is a renowned manufacturer of items for your recreational vehicle. When it comes to the best portable grills for RV for the money, take a look at their Olympian 6500 Portable Propane Grill. It’s the premium model in the series that utilizes the propane outlet in your vehicle. If you don’t have one, there is no need to worry. You can buy this hose that will connect the unit to a disposable tank (1-pound, 5-pound and 20-pound tank all fit).

Olympian 6500 is a real portable model since you can attach it to your trailer or the RV’s mounting rail. It offers 180 square inches of the interior cooking surface that is powered by a single burner that boasts 14,000 BTUs of heat output per hour. Additional 136 square inches are reserved for a warming rack, which enables you to cook side dishes and keep your food warm. The grill requires no assembly and weighs only 20 pounds.

Fleming Sales RVAD400 Black RV Sidekick Grill is one of those models that will become your favorite the first time that you try it. With 214 square inches, it provides a more significant grilling area than Olympian. However, its warming rack is smaller than the previously described model. You can utilize only 66 square inches of space to simmer veggies or cook food on indirect heat. The burner that heats this entire area boasts 11,000 BTUs of power. The adapter that secures connection to LP tanks is included in the package. You can also easily mount the grill to the RV bracket as long as you have one. The exterior of the model features a porcelain finish to ensure that it will serve you for years.

Aussie Outdoor Living 6TV1U00SS1 RV Grill comes to us all the way from Australia. And let us tell you one thing – the guys from the land down under know how to make reliable and durable grilling systems. If your RV has a gas system, you can directly connect the unit to it and mount it on the bracket. Alternatively, you can utilize it as a tabletop grill, and it will provide the identical (excellent) results. The model has just over 300 square inches of cooking surface, but it doesn’t feature a second rack for warming the food. It’s a piece of cake to start it with the electronic ignition system, and there is a thermometer that will help you throughout the grilling process. The carrying bag that makes the transport more comfortable is also included in the package.

Let’s move to a different style of BBQ systems now and checkout Traeger Tailgater 20 Portable Pellet Grill. As you might have figured out from the name, this grill uses hardwood pellets as fuel. For a portable unit, it is a bit heavier with its 62 pounds, but taking it on the road with you is a smart move. You will secure incredible versatility in just one product. You will be able to grill, BBQ, roast, bake, braise, or smoke food and you won’t have to worry about what you are going to it during the day. Aside from that, Tailgater 20 requires no babysitting. You can turn it on and let it do its magic while you are fishing or talking to your loved ones. You get 300 square inches of cooking area with this product, and you can serve a party of four to six people with it. The legs are entirely foldable to make the transport more manageable. Thanks to this feature, you can pack your grill in your RV in a matter of seconds and take it anywhere.

Top Rated Portable Grills for RV

Although 6500 is a newer model, the majority of RV campers use Camco Olympian 5500 Stainless Steel Grill. The unit is not the latest in the series, but it still belongs among the top rated portable grills for RV. When it comes to features, the two models are somewhat similar. You can use it with both your RV and trailer and mounting it to the rail won’t take longer than a minute or two. However, if you don’t have a mounting rail, take advantage of the foldable legs that Olympian 5500 has and convert it to a tabletop model. You can use the built-in gas of your RV as the fuel source of purchase a hose accessory to connect to propane tanks of various sizes. The cooking plate is of cast iron to secure maximum heat retention and minimize flare-ups. The grilling surface has 180 square inches in total, but it doesn’t feature a warming rack. The construction is made of stainless steel, and you get a 1-year warranty on the product.

You might incline a bit more toward Fleming Sales RVAD650 RV Sidekick Grill when you find out that it comes with an included adapter for quick connection with propane tanks. The product can also be mounted on the rail of your recreational vehicle and use the built-in gas as fuel source. We loved the versatility of the mounting bracket. If you don’t have a fence, just convert it to a stand and place your grill on the ground. RVAD650 is more spacious than RVAD400 with a cooking surface of 270 square inches in total. However, that also counts a warming rack that is small (66 square inches), but it can be suitable for warming burger buns or simmering some onions. The entire surface is heated by a single burner tube made of stainless steel. It can provide up to 11,000BTUs per hour, and it does an excellent job of heating up the entire cooking area.

Weber Q2000 might not have a mounting rail for RV, but it is among the best outdoor grilling systems available on the market. It has 42 pounds, which doesn’t make it light, but the durability and quality of construction can be seen every step of the way. For starters, the body and lid are of cast aluminum to ensure rust resistance. The model features a burner that packs 12,000BTUs of power and is made of stainless steel. The cast iron cooking grates are split, and they can quickly be taken off whenever you want. And you will want to do it when you see that you can purchase a griddle accessory. It will have you covered for all your breakfast needs, such as pancakes or eggs. Q2000 has 280 square inches of the cooking surface, but you can also go with smaller (and cheaper) Q1000.

Flame King YSNHT400 features a cooking surface of 214 square inches, which covers a part of up to four people. There is a warming rack included, meaning that you don’t have to worry about side dishes. As usual with grilling systems that have RV brackets, you can mount in on the side of your vehicle and use the built-in gas option. However, you can also connect a propane tank to 16-pound capacity if you prefer that alternative. The mounting construction also doubles as a table to convert the product into a stand-alone unit.

Best Portable Grills for RV under $200

If you are not a passionate griller, perhaps there is no need to splash the cash on an expensive product. However, that doesn’t mean that you are out of options. We singled out the best portable grills for RV under $200, and we found a winner quickly. It’s the Cuisinart CGG-220 that features a beautiful dark green color. If you have a similar RV, you can make the perfect match.

But let’s return to the features of the grilling system. It’s not considered the lightest product on the market with 40 pounds, but its size is compact. The transport measurements are 26 x 18 x 19 inches, which makes it ideal for your recreational vehicle. As soon as you take a look at the image, you will notice something unusual for portable grills. CGG-220 features folding tables on the side. They are compact (10 x 10 inches) but they can serve for platters or some of the grilling essentials. Aside from that, we are discussing a classic tabletop model that has a cooking surface of 240 square inches. The single stainless steel burner boasts 15,000BTUs of heat output. That is enough to preheat the unit quickly and secure high temperatures needed for grilling. There is a thermometer that will help you keep track of the temperature inside the cook box and a control valve that you can use to adjust the heat level. Finally, let us mention the cooking grates which are made of high-quality cast iron. You won’t have any issues with the food sticking to the surface and things like that thanks to this feature.

The next model we are presenting is not a grilling system in its essence, but that shouldn’t stop you from seriously considering it. Blackstone Portable Gas Griddle is a bundle of three things – the core unit, cover, and a griddle kit. If you don’t want any of the extras, you can get just the griddle for under $100. While this product won’t offer you that grilling flavor or feeling you might be looking for, it overcomes that with its versatility. There is virtually nothing that you can’t cook on 260 square inches of the surface. Thanks to 12,000 BTUs of heat provided by the burner, it can reach high temperatures needed to prepare breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The bundle package is also packed with extras. Aside from the polyester cover and a carry bag that is resistant to weather, you will get a griddle kit. It includes five products – a stainless steel scraper/chopper, two spatulas and a couple of liquid dispensers. All that makes this is one of the best and most useful products you can get on the grilling market for your RV.

Finally, we give you Coleman Sportster Propane Grill. Now, everyone is talking about Road Trip LXE from the same manufacturer, but this is an incredibly affordable model that also delivers superb performance. You don’t have to worry about where you will place it because it comes with a foldable stand. The two wheels secure that you can move it around your camping site, but there is another way they increase mobility. You can pack the entire product in a suitcase-like shape. You use one end of the foldable stand to pull it, and the wheels make that job a piece of cake. That is indeed an enjoyable and useful feature of this 26-pound product. As for the essentials about the performance, it has 225 square inches of grilling surface, which covers an average-sized party of four people. The burner provides 11,000BTUs of heat output, and the lid is lockable. The cooking grates are coated with porcelain to prevent sticking and enable easy cleaning. The removable tray also eases the cleanup process.

Key Features to Consider in a Portable Grill

If you don’t have any experience with the grilling systems, it can be challenging to pick a portable grill. However, even if you are a veteran griller, there are some things that you need to keep in mind during the process. Here are the key features to consider in a portable BBQ:

Mobility Features

It comes as a given that you are expecting the unit to have excellent mobility. That’s not something we will question, but we want to emphasize some other characteristics that can contribute to how mobile the product is. For example, you might want to park your RV and go hiking in the woods for the day. In that case, you will benefit from a set of wheels that will make the movement easier.

When you are getting ready for the road, you need to consider the space in your trunk. You need to make sure that the model can fit, but do you need it to sit flat? Or maybe it would be more suitable to stand on end and save some extra space for other things. Most of the units can be folded into transportable dimensions. However, some of them also require disassembling. While that can save you an inch or two more, it usually involves a lot of extra work, and we suggest avoiding it.

You should also pay attention to the lid. Most have a lockable feature or are otherwise secured for transport. And if the manufacturer offers a travel case with the product, you should appreciate the effort. That is an excellent way to protect your unit from damaging and even against various weather conditions. If you don’t get a case or a bag with the model, we suggest you purchase one as an accessory.

Fuel Options

In general, portable grilling systems designed specifically for RV have the option of using the built-in gas system in your vehicle. That feature also comes in pair with the mountain bracket that will enable you to mount the unit on the trailer or the RV directly. However, if that is not something that you are looking to take advantage of, all the models also support liquid propane tanks. The only thing you need to pay attention to is the suitable size of cylinders. In most cases, there are three variations: 1-pound, 5-pound and 20-pound tanks. You just need to make sure to know which ones fit your model.

Keep in mind that not all the portable units have the equipment for LP tanks by default. In some cases, you might need to purchase a connecting hose or adapter. The good news is that it won’t cost you more than a couple of dozens of dollars.


It means a lot if the grill has a compact design so that you can fit it anywhere for the travel. However, the primary concern you should have with the size of the unit is whether it is big enough for your grilling needs. If you are going on a road trip with your loved one, even the smallest models will do. However, if you are taking your whole family, you might need to consider those systems that have a spacious cooking surface.

The general rule is that you need around 50-60 square inches of space to serve one person. In other words, 200 square inches is enough for making food for four people at once, while 280 square inches can maybe even cover six.


Aside from the size, you should also consider the bulkiness of the product. If you are transporting it in your RV and mounting it on the rail, it might not be as important. But if you are planning to take it with you for hiking, fewer pounds in your backpack mean a lot. In general, portable grilling units shouldn’t weigh more than 60-70 pounds.


This issue goes hand in hand with weight. Unfortunately, heaviness might be one of the signs of a more durable product. So, if you are looking for a grill that should last for more than one summer, you probably should turn to those heavier models. In general, you should look for stainless steel construction. That and cast aluminum are two materials that showed excellent durability in all weather conditions. As for cooking grates, cast iron is the option you should always go with because of its superb heat retention. That’s not to say that other materials for grates, such as stainless steel, are not adequate, but if you are looking for impressive results, go with cast iron.


There are two things that you need to consider when it comes to burner tubes – quality of construction and heat output. When it comes to material, you should look for stainless steel. It proved to be the best in rust resistance and overall durability, although brass will also do the job.

As for the heat output, that shouldn’t be an issue with portable grills. In most cases, they have compact cooking surface and even moderately powerful burners can provide adequate heat levels for grilling. The only advantage you will have with more potent heaters is that they will reach the desired temperature more quickly.

Extra Features

You can’t expect too many bells and whistles from portable BBQ systems, but you might look for some additional features. These can include a warming rack that you can use for indirect cooking. Having that option is perfect if you want to prepare a side dish along with the meat. Some units also have side shelves which can be used as prep space or an area where you can put your platters. It would be nice if these side tables are foldable since that will save space during transport.

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