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About Us

The Aim Of Our Website

Why We Do This

BBQSmokerSite is your stop for everything you need to know about grilling. If you want to grill like a professional in your backyard, we are the only guide you need. We have more than 60 years of combined experience when it comes to grilling and tasting finely-grilled food. You might think that we enjoy the latter one more, but there is not one thing that makes us happier than preparing a perfect steak for our companions!

That is why we test different grills of various price ranges, including gas, charcoal and hybrid grilling systems, as well as the affordable ones and the more expensive specimens packed with extra features. We all share one mutual passion – we love everything about grilling! We want to share that passion with you and help you make all the right choices when it comes to selecting the perfect grill and features for your needs.

About Us

Our Story

It All Started With a Contest

It all started when three teenagers met at a cooking competition. Although they were each man (and woman) for themselves at that point, it was their love for grilling that got them to talk. Their dreams went beyond the contest they were in – they wanted to become well-known individuals in the cooking industry. They believed that they had the talent and knowledge needed and the fact that they won the first three places in their first competition gave them the required push in the right direction.

Assembling the Team

Destiny brought the three people together again. The difference was that they were now grown-ups, but their passion for grilling was still there. The group started getting together often exchanging ideas and opinions, as well as sharing their experiences over tasty burgers they would prepare themselves. In their search for innovation and best grills, they made sure to change often the equipment they use so that they could find the perfect combination..

Launching BBQSmokersite

The trio made a vital decision – it was about time that their experience and love for grilling is shared with the internet community! Having tested dozens of grills and cooked more than 1,000 separate dishes, they believed that they have what it takes to share their views throughout the globe. Not long after that, the BBQSmokerSite started with the intention to provide visitors with all the information they need to know about grills. The immediate feedback was incredibly positive, and hundreds of satisfied visitors are the best indicator of the fact that the authors are on the right track.

There's Still a Lot More to Go

Barbecue Experience

Professional Chefs

Our Team

Charles Thomas

Charles Thomas

Barbecue Specialist

His grandparents moved to America from South Africa decades ago and brought the culture of Braai ( an African word for grill or barbecue) with them. And that’s just how it all started.

Kevin Hunt

Kevin Hunt

Professional Chef Writer

Kevin was born as the youngest of four kids in a Mexican-originated family in Texas. He dreamt of becoming a journalist ever since he was creating family bulletins when he was a kid.

William Russell

William Russell

Master of Grills

The main author of the blog and man whose mission is to review every single grill in existence. William was born and raised in Virginia, which is famous as one of the states with most barbecue lovers in the USA.