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I love sharing the good word of great BBQ with our readers, especially when it comes from the first hand experiences of other ardent BBQ fans and followers.

Are you someone who plans out each BBQ cook with great detail?  Do you seek out prime or hard to find cuts of meat to delight your friends and family?  Maybe you BBQ using interesting methods – like with an Ugly Drum Smoker or a Caja China.  Or, perhaps you’re into beer and would like to blog about beers that go with BBQ.  In any and all cases, I’d love to feature your stories here on the BBQ Smoker Site!

The BBQ Smoker site is on the lookout for foodies and BBQ lovers who not only love to eat or cook BBQ, but who also but also want to share their BBQ ideas, recipes, and tips with the rest of the world.  Don’t fret about getting your posts “jess right.”   Non-English Majors “may apply!”  The only requirement is that you love good BBQ and can put together a few coherent sentences about your experiences with it.

If you are interested in contributing to the BBQ Smoker Site, please fill out the contact form below. Please also be sure to provide some information about why you want to write for the BBQ Smoker Site and what types of things you think you’d like to cover.

Some things to remember:

I retain the right to modify or change any posts submitted to The BBQ Smoker Site.  You may include up to two links of your choosing in a resource box or final paragraph at the end of your posts.

All posts must be 100 percent original and will be verified as such prior to going online.  Posts with original photos or step by step photos are encouraged and will be given top priority.


Contact Form for Guest Bloggers

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