What Would I Change About My First BBQ Smoker? – William “Bubba” Latimer

I received the following response to my one question interview request from none other than William “Bubba” Latimer of Bub-Ba-Q.  Many of you saw them on the second season of TLC’s BBQ Pitmasters, and they are surely no stranger to the Florida Bar-B-Que competition circuit among others nationally.  In addition to cooking up outrageously awesome competition BBQ, Bub-Ba-Q operates two restaurants in Georgia (one in Jasper and one it Woodstock).  If you’re in their neck of the woods, be sure to look them up.  Your taste buds will thank you!

Here’s what William had to say about his first BBQ Smoker experience…

To answer your question about my first smoker set up, I honestly do not think I would have changed a thing. My first set up was a small Brinkmann bullet style smoker that cost about $40.

The reason I would not have changed it is because it made me work at what I was cooking. The thing did not hold temp well and was a bitch to operate, but I did start learning how heat, smoke and draft worked. I learned a lot from that smoker and am grateful for the lessons.

William “Bubba” Latimer


Be sure to visit the Bub-Ba-Q website, and visit either … or both… of their restaurants.  You can also connect with them on the Bub-Ba-Q Facebook page and find Bub-Ba-Q on twitter.

UPDATE: See responses we received from those interviewed here.