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BBQ Smoker Friday Best Bets 

Friday's Best BetsAnd so it is Friday and thus, the Lords of BBQ, Grilling, Food, Fun, and Frivolity smile upon us with yet another edition of Friday Best Bets!

Remember, if you don’t see your BBQ, Grilling, or Food related blog featured in this series, shoot me an email or connect with me directly on Facebook and give me your blog address.  I’ll load it in the lineup and we’ll see if a post comes up in one of my future editions!

Here are this week’s posts….



Spicy Spinach-Stuffed MushroomsBBQ competitions almost always have an “Anything But” category, and I can see these fitting in nicely!  If bacon-wrapped stuffed jalapeno peppers are called “Atomic Buffalo Turds,” I can only imagine what these babies would be called!

I’ve followed the Bitchin’ Kitchen blog now for a while, and it’s always filled with great recipes that are as easy to prep as they are tasty to eat! For those of you familiar with the Cooking Channel’s Bitchin’ Kitchen, with Nadia G – this ain’t it.  But I dare you to find the recipes on this blog any less appetizing!

Savory Corn Bread and Pulled Pork Bread Pudding – Ah Diva, you create such delectable BBQ delights!  What better way to use up left over test cook pulled pork than in dish like this that comes Fed-Ex’d straight from comfort food heaven!  Danielle gives us a great way to clean out the fridge and turn what we find into a hum-dinger of a good meal.  Thanks, Diva!

Rolf’s [Smoked BBQ] Fatty Piston – Wow.  This is why I love the Cowgirl’s Country Life blog!  Just when you expect another great “live fire” cook, you get this… a great showcase of German “BBQ Fatty” ingenuity!  There’s not much to say that can’ t be relayed to you via the photos in this post.  So head over and take a look.  I expect I’ll be seeing more of these Fatty Makers at comps sometime soon!  For sure, Rub Bagby might use one for breakfast time at his next Swamp Boys Q School BBQ Class!

Rib Meat Carnitas – from the Sir Porkalot Qlog we get this great post on using up the trimmings from making your own St. Louis Style ribs.  Lime, orange, and cilantro spice up these leavings in a way that’ll make you straight up HONGRY!  Apart from the FAMOUS Team Unknown BBQ Riblets, I can think of few other ways to put good trimmings to great use!  (By the way – Sir Porkalot needs some Facebook Page love. Head over there and like his page, will ya?) 

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