Florida Barbecue

I love Peebles Barbecue in Auburndale, Florida. I love it for its food, of course, but also for its history. Peebles is hands down a Florida BBQ Landmark. It should be, as it’s been putting out good barbecue now for more than 50 years!

They are only open from Labor Day till Memorial Day and then only on Thursday/Friday/Saturday from 11am till 9pm.  So, now is the time to get over there, as you’re out of luck come summer time!

Peebles Barbecue - Auburndale, Florida

Photo Credit: Hyku on Flickr.com

Peebles BBQ
503 Dixie Hwy
Auburndale, FL 33823-2810
(863) 967-3085

Oh – and trust me, they’re packed in so tight during their “season” that you’re nearly always waiting in line for a seat.

Screen walls, cement floor, and a wood pile that can sometimes look more like a “heap” rather than a “pile,” this place is a MUST for any true BBQ historians out there.

The smoke pits are in the restaurant, so count on smelling like BBQ the whole day. ‘Course – you have to go “outside” if you need to hit the bathrooms. Classic!

The ribs are phenomenal – cooked more in the sometimes higher heat – fast paced – Carolina style than the true low and slow method. But where I think Peebles really shines is with their chopped pork.

Folks, it’s beyond description. The sweet smokey flavor mixed with a few nice texture pieces of bark are just what this boy likes to chomp on when he sits down for good ‘cue!