Suncoast BBQ Bash 2012 Results

Suncoast BBQ Bash 2012 Results

Well, despite my intentions, I did not get to this year’s Suncoast BBQ Bash in Venice, FL.  Life happened… and I had to deal with it!  However, I do have the report on how the field of 48 Professional BBQ Cook Teams finished up, so I wanted to get that out to you ASAP.

I’m happy to relay that Dana Hillis of Big Papa’s Country Kitchen took Grand Champion honors this year, finishing 10th in chicken, 1st in ribs, and 2nd in pork.  As this year’s Florida Bar-B-Que Association President, he did our organization proud!

Suncoast BBQ Bash 2012 Grand Champion

Photo Credit: Florida Bar-B-Que Association

Reserve Grand Champion honors went to Terry McKay of the Git R Smoked BBQ Team.  Terry finished 2nd in chicken, 7th in ribs, and 8th in pork.

Suncoast BBQ Bash 2012 Reserve Grand Champion

Photo Credit: Florida Bar-B-Que Association

Top 10 Overall Finishes by Category 

BBQ Chicken

  1. All Racked Up
  2. Git-R-Smoked
  3. Southern Flatwoods BBQ
  4. Street Meat
  5. Corky’s Smokin’ BBQ
  6. Pharter Starter’s BBQ Team
  7. Jacks Old South
  8. Blitzkrieg BBQ
  9. Fully Involved
  10. Big Papa’s Country Kitchen

BBQ Ribs

  1. Big Papa’s Country Kitchen
  2. Swamp Boys
  3. Blitzkrieg BBQ
  4. Hogs Gone Wild BBQ
  5. Getta Grip BBQ
  6. Backwoods BBQ
  7. Git-R-Smoked
  8. Unknown BBQ
  9. Jacks Old South
  10. Street Meat

BBQ Pork

  1. Southern Flatwoods BBQ
  2. Big Papa’s Country Kitchen
  3. Hot Wachula’s
  4. Swamp Boys
  5. Big Bad Wolf BBQ
  6. Great Lakes BBQ Feed Company
  7. confederate Smoke
  8. Git-R-Smoked
  9. Street Meat
  10. Divine Swine BBQ Team

BBQ Brisket

  1. Southern Style
  2. The Q
  3. Everglades Seasoning BBQ Team
  4. Sweet Smoke Barbecue
  5. Big Bad Wolf BBQ
  6. Jacks Old South
  7. Big Tymers BBQ
  8. Two Crackers Cooking
  9. Fully Involved
  10. Divine Swine BBQ Team

Full results from this year’s event can be found here.