Swamp Boys BBQ Chosen for BBQ Pitmasters Season 4

BBQ Pitmasters Season 4 Swamp Boys BBQ

Folks, we  have some exciting news from one of my close friends, colleagues, and local Winter Haven, FL / National BBQ Legends Rub and Amy Bagby of Swamp Boys BBQ.   These Southern Style BBQ Rock Stars will be featured on Season 4 of BBQ Pitmasters!

There will be more and more announcements coming from the Swamp Boys BBQ Blog I’m sure.  But, for now I just wanted to get some of Rub’s personal responses about being selected for BBQ Pitmasters Season 4.

Here’s the transcript of a short Q/A we shared on Facebook last night…

Rub!  The news about Swamp Boys BBQ being featured on Season 4 of BBQ Pitmasters is awesome!  Here are a few questions my readers would love to have you answer….

1. You’ve had quite a 2012 – 2013 so far! Without giving away your secrets, what do you think has helped you most in terms of your #1 national BBQ rankings so far?

Quality products! From my meats that I get at Mac’s Meats, to my rubs from 3 Eyz and Wicked Q, to my Yoder Smokers, BBQr’s Delight pellets, Butcher BBQ Injections, and Grizzly Coolers, how can you go wrong?

OK so I just pimped my sponsors, but seriously quality in is a requirement if you want a chance at quality out. That and paying attention to the details. Ignore the tiny things and they will add up and bite you in the butt.

2. Tell us about how you guys got selected for Season 4 of BBQ Pitmasters

We sent in a very basic video shot on a phone and iPad. Corny, unrehearsed, but the real us. Also sent in my BBQ resume’. Then we kind of forgot about it, until the emails began coming in from the Pitmasters people. Said we were in but couldn’t really talk about it. Had to send in more info, pics, etc. Then this evening we were cleared to talk, so here we are.

3. What does this mean for you and your lovely wife? I mean, you guys have been on the national BBQ scene before, but this is a new level of exposure right?

Definitely a new level of exposure! To be honest we’re nervous and excited at the same time. I’ve been on TV before but it was always scripted and I knew what to expect. I have no idea what to expect with this. Plus the fact that we’re representing all of the great people in Imperial Polk County, and the pressure is on.

We just want to go, have fun, give it our best shot and see what happens! Send your good vibes our way!

Special thanks to you, Rub for answering these questions.  Good luck to you guys.  I know you will do Polk County, Florida proud! 


Whiskey Bent BBQ and Big Papa’s Country Kitchen Take Top Honors At The 2013 (9th Annual) Smoke on the Water BBQ Competition in Winter Haven, FL

2013 Winter Haven Smoke on the Water BBQ Competition

Let’s hear it for the Home Team!  Imperial Polk County was masterfully represented today by Lakeland, Florida Pro BBQ Team Whiskey Bent BBQ  – led by Chad Ward and Jared Hatcher – taking Grand Champion honors at this year’s Winter Haven, FL Smoke on the Water BBQ Competition.

Coming in second at the Reserve Grand Champion spot was Dana Hillis and his Big Papa’s Country Kitchen team out of Naples, FL.

Both of these teams represent the best of what Florida Bar-B-Que has to offer in terms of quality ‘cue.  But it goes much further than that. These folks (Chad, Jared, and Dana and his wife, Janet) would bend over backward for any fellow competitor in need and have done so in the past.  They welcome newcomers with open arms, and have even given this BBQ Blogger their time to share stories, sit with, and enjoy an adult beverage or two. OK… Three.

2013 Smoke on the Water BBQ Competition Top 10 Results

  1. Whiskey Bent BBQ
  2. Big Papa’s Country Kitchen
  3. Uncle Kenny’s BBQ
  4. Get-Cha-Some BBQ
  5. Smoky Dog
  6. Swamp Boys
  7. Fatt Ashes BBQ
  8. Hot Wachula’s
  9. Forrest’s Fine Foods
  10. Bub-Ba-Q

2013 Smoke on the Water BBQ Competition Chicken

  1. Hot Wachula’s
  2. Smoky Dog
  3. Uncle Kenny’s BBQ
  4. FBA Black Sheep BBQ
  5. Get-Cha-Some BBQ
  6. Good Buddies BBQ
  7. Boca BBQ
  8. Swamp Boys
  9. Whiskey Bent BBQ
  10. Bub-Ba-Q

2013 Smoke on the Water BBQ Competition Ribs 

  1. Fatt Ashes BBQ
  2. Collision Course BBQ
  3. Big Papa’s Country Kitchen
  4. Wooley Bully BBQ
  5. Kick the Tire, Light the Fire
  6. Sweet Smoke Q
  7. Get-Cha-Some BBQ
  8. Team Unknown
  9. Newman’s BBQ
  10. Bubba Chuck BBQ

2013 Smoke on the Water BBQ Competition Pork

  1. Boca BBQ
  2. Whiskey Bent BBQ
  3. Swamp Boys
  4. Uncle Kenny’s BBQ
  5. Florida Skin And Bones
  6. Hot Wachula’s
  7. Big Papa’s Country Kitchen
  8. Good Buddies BBQ
  9. QUE Crew
  10. Smoky Dog

2013 Smoke on the Water BBQ Competition Brisket

  1. Big Papa’s Country Kitchen
  2. Git R Smoked
  3. Get-Cha-Some BBQ
  4. All Fired Up And Kicking Ash
  5. Whiskey Bent BBQ
  6. Divine Swine BBQ Team
  7. Team Unknown
  8. Smoky Dog
  9. The Woodhouse Grill
  10. Fatt Ashes BBQ


For full results, visit the Florida Bar-B-Que Contests Page.