Just got a news update from a NBBQA Member Snapshot that reports BBQ Catering still remains at the top of the list as far as cash sources go with competitive BBQ Teams.

Here’s how the article lays it out: 

As part of a recent BBQ Survey, we asked people how they were in involved with barbecue either personally or professionally. Not surprisingly, we found that many of those who compete in BBQ contests also make at least part of their living from barbecue. Fifty-three percent of competitors reported income from catering while 32% earned money from producing sauces and rubs. The third most popular barbecue job for this group was restaurant operator with 19%.

BBQ Catering


So my question for you guys is, how does this match up with your own experience?

I was surprised to find vending missing from the list here, unless that got folded into catering – which would make sense. For sure sauces and rubs is accurate in terms of the tally here based on my observations among teams I correspond with.

Do You Offer Catering, Sauces or Rubs? 

If your team offers catering services, or sells sauces or rubs – feel free to put your info into the comments area below. Include all the details you like – including contact info, websites, etc.

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