Building Oil Tank BBQ Pits

There are a ton of resources out there on building your own BBQ smoker, especially the Ugly Drum Smoker.  Of course, one of the more traditional DIY BBQ Smoker set ups folks tend to try to build is the double barrel Big Baby smoker.  This book provides some basic information on how to get started building this bad boy.  Interested in building your own BBQ Smoker?  Then you should give this a look see.



Of course, if you’re of the mind that all of this DIY BBQ Smoker stuff is too much for your hectic schedule, I’d recommend looking into of the many electric BBQ smokers on the market.  They’re efficient and remarkably easy to use and maintain!

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nycratkiller @ 7:48 pm #

Every one I’ve seen has been charcoal fired. Basically, they are created by slicing a drum in half and attaching some sort of legs to it. A Plumbing supply store can sell you the pipes and holder. Screw in some bolts to hold the grills and you are done.

southarkansas @ 5:54 am #

best thing to do is go to store that sells them-look at all the designs and go from there-lots of ideas from other designs

JJBlueZig @ 11:54 pm #

First (and I learned this the hard way), DRAIN the OIL TANK…
REAL good!

KhanS @ 11:58 am #

Fix one Grill inside.Make a lid and a small whole in one side,that extra smoke will get escape.Start enjoying

Sacha @ 10:02 am #

My Dad did this when I was a kid. He just cut a quarter out of the oil barrel (end to end). Paint with non-toxic heat proof paint. Put hinges on one side of the cut out quarter, and a handle on the other. He used four pieces of metal pipe to make legs. Attach, and there you go. You may need to go to local hardware store for advice on what to use to attach the legs.

pjc24ff @ 11:11 am #

Of course, start off by cutting it in two. Old car hood hinges work well for oil-tank smoker hinges. Attach a 10 lb counterweight cantilevered to the back of the lid to assist in opening. You can place the chimney either in the middle of the lid, or on the side of the lid at the end. Be sure if you place the chimney at the end that you cut the damper at the other end in the bottom half of the tank.

smokerz wild smokers @ 10:44 pm #

oil tanks are not good to use! it takes for ever to get the oil burnt out of the metal. propane tanks are the best because you can steam them out or burn them out pretty easy.