Lynx BBQ – Lynx L27 Series 27-Inch Gas Grill



Lynx BBQ – Luxury Gas Grilling

This 27-inch Lynx BBQ is perfect for the casual outdoor enthusiast who might not fire up the grill for the entire neighborhood, but does desire a well-made, reliable  BBQ grill that cranks out consistently good chow. While Lynx BBQ grills do run a bit to the pricey side, the price is justified by the features you get as well as their overall quality.

Lynx BBQ – L27 Proves Best Option for the Casual Outdoor Chef

One of the key benefits of Lynx BBQ grills is their cast brass burners. Most grill manufacturers utilize hollow steel tube burners, which do not retain heat well and can be reduced to chilly uselessness on a windy day, resulting in uneven cooking. Lynx’s cast brass burners do a bang up job of retaining heat, specifically when you need to keep things at the high temps required for good grilling.  As we know, consistent heat levels is the key to good grilling.

Another feature used by Lynx BBQ manufacturers is their ceramic briquettes, which prove a vast improvement over the corrugated steel briquettes found in lower quality barbecue grills.  These ceramic briquettes retain and release heat at very even rates – again, lending to even temps and great grilling.

Additionally, the patented grill hood design employed by Lynx BBQ grills help make the Lynx 27-inch grill spread its heat evenly and retain that heat amidst those pesky winds you might get during a brisk fall football season.

Bring all these great features together with the 50,000 BTUs this 27-inch model puts out, the fact that you can choose either natural gas or propane fuel, the addition of a smoker box, and a an optional multi-speed dual-position rotisserie burner for chicken or small roasts, you get more than your money’s worth with the Lynx BBQ.  In fact, the Lynx 27-inch grill’s 498 square inches of grill area place it as one of the best mid-sized grills you can buy today.

Why Select a Lynx BBQ?

If you are passionate about cooking and love to BBQ, you are fully aware of the value of having a high quality grill. Use an el cheapo BBQ, and the chances are pretty great that your food will not turn out well, the meat will be cooked unevenly and you may even under cook some foods.  If you can afford to be a bit spendy, then a Lynx BBQ grill is your best bet.

Lynx BBQ grills consistently rank among the best performing BBQ grills out there.  Bottom line, if you cook on a Lynx BBQ grill, you can rest assured that your friends and family will always be eating the best BBQ.

Lynx BBQ grills use an advanced ignition system to ensure that the burners ignite as they should. To make sure that your food cooks evenly, a Lynx BBQ uses a heat stabilizer that makes sure that the heat at the grilling surface is not affected by wind. The burners on these grills are made of cast brass, unlike the hollow tubular steel burners that are used on nearly all other grills. The burners hold heat very well and and radiate heat better at higher temperatures.

If you are in the market for a new outdoor grill and want only the best, you simply cannot go wrong with a Lynx BBQ.