Hot Wachula’s Salsa Review on Hot Sauce Daily

Hi folks, I wanted to be sure you knew to check out a review I just sent over to Brian and Marilyn over at featuring two salsa Matt Barber makes over at Hot Wachula’s:  Peach Salsa and Black Bean and Corn Salsa.

Matt Barber – Hot Wachula’s BBQ
Grand Champion 2011

Photo Credit: Florida Bar-B-Que Association Website.

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Not only is Matt a phenomenal person, his salsas and hot sauces are top notch.  He uses all natural ingredients and takes a great amount care to be sure he puts out product that reflects the hard work he puts into it.

As many of you know, Matt is also a masterful BBQ Pro, currently ranking at the #5 spot for the 2011 Florida Bar-B-Que Association Team of the Year race.

Matt Barber – Florida Backwoods Smoker Distributor

Matt Barber Florida Backwoods Smokers Distributor

Matt also just became the Florida distributor for Backwoods Smokers.  If you’re looking to up your BBQ Smoker game, connect with Matt, and he’ll set you up with one of the better BBQ Smokers on the market.  Head on over to his the Backwoods Smoker Facebook Page and show him some BBQ Love by clicking the “like” button!