Great Turn Out for Biker, Blues, and BBQ Rally – Salisbury, NC

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The First Annual Biker, Blues, and BBQ Rally in Salisbury, NC was a huge success.  In fact, I’d wager to say that the work done by event organizer Gary Moss and his team resulted in one of the best KCBS BBQ cook-off events I’ve attended.  BBQ Teams and Judges received the royal treatment, and every team I spoke with raved about the great access to power and water, large and easily accessible cook spots, and of course, the $12500.00 in prize money to be won!

Biker-Blues-and-BBQ Salisbury,-NC



Gary Moss (left), the Biker, Blues and BBQ Rally event coordinator talks with Deb Mason – our “House Mom” during the event.

As a KCBS judge, I really appreciated the feedback and updates Gary sent out leading up to the event.  It seemed like we received emails from him with updates on the event every few weeks or so, which I appreciated very much coming up from central Florida.

I flew into Charlotte from Orlando on Friday morning and went over to the judges reception Gary set up.  Steaks, chicken, and some of the best green beans and sweet tea I’ve tasted were provided by the Outback Steakhouse, and I know I speak for the rest of those who attended the Biker, Blues, and BBQ judges reception when I say that it was first class all the way.

37 Pro Teams in the Field

For a first time event, the Biker, Blues and BBQ Rally did a great job attracting a good number of teams.  37 Pro-level competition BBQ teams filled the back lot at Tilley Harley-Davidson of Salisbury, NC on Friday and got to prepping their boxes and getting their entries ready for chicken, ribs, pork, and brisket.   For a list of teams and full results, head over to the KCBS website.

On a special note, I had the chance to meet a reader of the BBQ Smoker Site Blog!  I received an email from Darrin and Donna Vasseur of D&D Hickory Hogs BBQ Team prior to coming up to the event, so I was sure to stop in and say hi to them and their rescued puppy Bella.  This was their first event, and they did pretty well overall – finishing 15th overall and scoring 11th in ribs, 8th in pork, and 7th in brisket.  Chicken was their lowest category, but they’ll get that one wrangled in and will soon be a strong contender on the NC KCBS circuit!

Grand Championship Honors

I walked the grounds out back of Tilley Harley-Davidson on Friday before the judges reception and took a few photos.  Teams were busy prepping and cooking up their evening supper, and the vibe was a bit more quiet than I’m used to when I make Friday visits to Florida Bar-B-Que Association events.  This is especially true with Dorsey Odell and Team Unknown on the scene!

As I made my way to the back of the field, I saw it… the Cool Smoke smoker… in all of its red and chrome glory.  Tuffy was on the scene and when that happens, you know he’s going to be in the hunt!


Tuffy Stone and Cool Smoke were on the scene and took GC honors at this year’s Biker, Blues, and BBQ event.

As it happened, Tuffy did in fact win the day, taking home $3,500 in Grand Champion money to help him on his way up to Kansas City.  I did have a chance to speak with him for just a bit, and as everyone who knows him says… he’s one of the nicest guys in BBQ.

Chasing the Dragon

I had to take some shots of “The Dragon” for my BBQ Buds to check out.  This bad boy was on site as a chimney starter, and the folks who saw it in full force during the wee hours of Friday night said the name “Dragon” sure did fit the bill! Below are some shots of the chimney prior to being called into action and then of being cleaned out with still burning coals inside well after 4 pm on Saturday!




My KCBS Judging Experience

This was my 3rd KCBS event as a certified BBQ judge, and I was fortunate to be assigned to a table with Mr. George Goodyear out of Charlotte, NC as our table captain.


George Goodyear, KCBS Master Judge and our table captain.

George is a certified master judge and provided invaluable tips, feedback, and input before turn ins came out and in between categories. To give you an idea of how long he’s been part of the KCBS culture, his judge number has only 3 digits!  My number is in the 5,000s! Judging is a serious business, because the work these BBQ cook teams do is serious business.  I’m glad to have met George and learned from his experience.

All told, the trip up to judge the Bikers, Blues, and BBQ Rally in Salisbury, NC was a blast.  I got to visit with my Dad, eat some award winning barbecue, and make some new friends among judge and cook teams.

For more great photos and a few write ups on the Biker, Blues, and BBQ Event at Tilley Harley-Davidson – Salisbury, NC – check out Cyndi Allison’s Barbecue Master blog. She’s been at this for 12 years and counting, and her work is excellent!

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Wayne Brown @ 10:44 pm #

Great post! Wish I could’ve made it to this event. I also got to sit at a table that George was table captaining this past weekend. Great guy!