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Pirate Jonny’s Featured in Tampa Bay Times

Hey Guys – just wanted to let you know about a recent write up in the Tampa Bay Times on our good friends Terri and Jonathan Toner of Pirate Jonny’s Spice Rubs!  Well deserving of the local coverage, the Pirate Jonny’s BBQ Rub brand is growing fast in terms of name recognition – due largely to the very high quality of the ingredients used and the awesome personality and customer service offered by Terri and Jonathan.


I love this Tampa Bay Times article because it gives a nice overview of how Pirate Jonny’s got started and what some of influences were that factored into the great products that Jonathan and Terri put out today!

“I made rubs for get-togethers, and my wife, Terri, asked me to make a certain rub that I’d made before,” he said. “I wasn’t sure I could make it exactly the same.”

Why? Because he created his spicy rubs as he went along. But this time when he blended his Caribbean rub, he wrote down the ingredients. That recipe became the first for his new company, Pirate Jonny’s — a national award-winning recipe when, on an impulse, the Toners entered it in the National BBQ Association competition and walked away with a second-place finish.  Read more…

Award winning rubs and a family operation that’s all heart… and a little heat… definitely check out the article!

Pirate Jonny’s Rub Reviews 

Here’s a nice collection of Pirate Jonny’s Rub reviews from around the web.  Definitely give them a look see!

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Pirate Jonny’s BBQ Rub Final Thoughts 

You’ll love this stuff.  Seriously.  If you’re looking for a great BBQ Rub product that will set you apart from your fellow backyard pitmasters or competitive teams in the field… Pirate Jonny’s is a great way to go.  Contact Terri and Jonathan at (727) 441-4504 or visit