Weber Grill Reviews

I still remember the first time I ever saw a Weber chimney starter, one of the most tried and true Weber grill accessories.  It was on an Alton Brown Good Eats episode.  He filled the chimney starter with charcoal, doused some oil on a piece of paper towel, stuffed the paper towel sheet into the base of the chimney, and those coals were off to the races!

Weber Grill Accessories Chimney Starter

Photo Credit: Jalapeño

Fitting, that as I began years later to delve more deeply into the world of the BBQ Smoker, I learned that this ain’t just a tool for the “Grill” crew. Nope.  You’ll see these babies rocking in two’s and three’s at most competition BBQ cook sites across our great nation.  Why? Shoot, that’s easy!  Because no single item in the BBQ Grilling or BBQ Smoker arsenal can get natural lump charcoal up to proper cooking temperature faster than a chimney starter.  And whether it’s the competition turn in clock or your family’s hunger pangs urging you on, time is always a factor!


There are of course different ways to get your Weber chimney starter burning.  You can use cooking oil on a paper towel or the nifty paraffin cubes that are climbing the ranks among the Weber grill accessories “must haves.”  Avoid newspaper, as the smoke output is not anything you’d want near your food – for sure!

In any case, you’re sure to be very happy with your chimney starter.  Happy grilling and smoking!