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Beginner BBQ with Colonel Tom Walker

Beginner BBQ Colonel Tom WalkerI made new BBQ Buddy!

Mr. Tom Walker emailed me after receiving one of the email updates I send out from the BBQ Smoker Site just to say “howdy” and express how much he likes what I talk about here.  Man, what a cool email!

Here’s a bit of what Tom wrote…

Connect we must or separately we all go down.   

I know what it’s like to send out a weekly and never hear a peep back, Kevin. I don’t want you to feel like the Lone Ranger so here I am. If you need someone to dump on and know that it won’t go any farther, I’m your man. In return, keep sending me the weekly/biweekly updates. 

I’m really new to the barbeque scene. Discovered a passion for cooking a couple of years ago and received a 22″ Weber Kettle from the kids last Birthday.  Now I’m perfecting my Que. I never dreamed ribs could be so simple and so hard a the same time; heat control is my big bug-a-boo: learning to count briquettes.

I mean, go figure, I was a Cast Iron-Chef in the Boy Scouts. I trained the leaders how to train the boys. Dutch Oven Piggy Riblets are too easy and should be outlawed.   

Count me as a friend and a brother.

For the smokey arts, 


AKA Colonel Walker

So many of us out here in BBQ Blogging Land (or in any blogging land for that matter) can get the feeling once and a while that we’re posting for no other reason than cathartic release.  Tom’s email was so awesome because he introduced himself and offered his hand in BBQ pal-ship much like what we all experience when we attend BBQ competitions.   Just one more reason why BBQ folks ROCK!

A Beginner BBQ Mini-Series is Born 

Beginner BBQ.  It’s a topic that gets a lot of press in books and articles, and with Tom’s help, we’re going to do a mini-series of posts on the subject here at the BBQ Smoker Site.

The first post you see from Tom is a good one.  Basically, he’s going to tell you what happened when he committed what he termed BBQ Blasphemy and cooked a BBQ Pork Butt in the oven!

I know, you’re all shaking your heads.  But remember, this is the tale of someone dead center new to cooking Real BBQ.

If any of you have starter or newbie recipes for any of the 4 major competition categories of chicken, ribs, pork, or brisket, please link to them in the comments or put them inside the comment area itself.  As always, I appreciate the feedback!

I expect all of the following posts from Tom to be tales of his activity on the trusty Webber Kettle!  Keep your eyes peeled for that one early this coming week.

BBQ Smoker Friday Best Bets

Friday's Best BetsLoverboy said it best!  Everybody’s working for the weekend!  Man, I still love that song! Friday is upon us and many of you are looking forward to firing up your favorite BBQ Smoker and getting the fire started!  Me? I’m heading down to Venice, FL to attend this weekend’s Suncoast BBQ Bash.  I can’t wait, as it’s been far too long since I was able to get away for a competition.

Even cooler, I get to hang w/ the Team Unknown BBQ crew and help out with their vending.  Be sure to stop by their site if you get to the competition.  I’ll most likely have a brown floppy hat on and be slingin’ riblets as fast as Damien and Steve can prep them off the BBQ Smoker!

But enough about that.  Let’s get to this week’s entries!  

Steelhead with Salmonberry Glaze – Another amazing edition of grilled Food PORN from Larry Gaian over at the BBQ Grail! Not only do you get a nice lesson on what Steelhead actually are, you get an expertly delivered recipe for what’s sure to be a winner in your grilling collection!

Carne Asada Lettuce Wraps – Chris over at Nibble Me This is a great ambassador of all things “cool to grill” … and smoke for that matter!  You are always in for a treat when you visit this site.  Another excellent photographer, the food pics are almost as good as the recipes that come along with them.  Chris really does a nice job of sharing with us not only his recipes, but some of himself and his wonderful family as well.

Burger Night at Bob’s Brew and ‘Que – this ain’t your set it and forget it burger post, folks!  Get ready for a fresh homemade bun, top quality grass-finished beef, and primo fixins!

I love this particular quote pulled from Bob’s post: “A delicate texture, light to the teeth, meaty on the palate, bursting with juice with each bite flowing with flavor. I may never do patties the same again.”

Barbecue Secret Number 6 – Beef Brisket Fat Cap Up or Down? – this entry is from Joe Haynes, author of Obsessive Compulsive Barbecue.  Part 6 in a series on cooking brisket, Joe does some excellent work here.  I love his regional Virginia take on BBQ, and I think you will too!

Peachy Pork Butt –  Just get to this post immediately.  The photos speak for themselves!  Mr. Bob over at the Hog Blog puts out some of the better step-by-step no kidding professional grade BBQ recipes I’ve seen.  A Pro-Level competitor, Bob presents an awesome blend of competition style recipes, killer photos, thoughts, and musings on all things BBQ.  If you love barbecue, get to his blog and put it in your bookmarks or feed reader now!

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