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Why Johnny Trigg Is A National BBQ Treasure

Thanks for checking out this post on Johnny Trigg.  For those of you who do not know who he is, allow me to stop and shake my head for a second.

Johnny Trigg

You see, Johnny is one of the best and most “Bad Ass” BBQ pitmasters alive today.  Chances are if you’ve seen any major televised BBQ event or show, Johny has been on the scene – either cooking or providing insight or commentary based on his long tenure as a BBQ Smoker Ambassador.

I’ve written a good deal about Johnny on this blog, but I’ve never really provided any sort of indepth review of him here. So, without any further hold up… let’s see what we can find out there about Mr. Trigg – BBQ Pitmaster.

My Conversation with Johnny Trigg

This is a great article by Ellis County Press columnist Duff Hale.  It’s been posted around the Web in several spots for good reason.  Duff grew up near Johnny in Cisco, Texas.  As a result, this artilce is one of the more authentic and complete write ups about Johnny I’ve seen.

Here’s a bit from the article…. 

When one is growing up in a small town in Central Texas, as I did in Cisco, there is hardly any notion that someone who lives next door or across the street will grow up to become a rock star. I certainly did not have one, however, the guy who grew up across the street from me became a rock star. Oh, not a rock star in the music sense, but rather one in the world of competition barbeque cooking. I recently had a opportunity to sit down with Johnny in his living room and talk about one of my favorite subjects: barbeque. — read more on this from Duff Hale here.

Johnny Channels Bogart in “Cassa Blanca” for $40,000

As BBQ Pitmasters start to gain “rock star status” as Johnny has, it’s always awesome when they compete in an event you’re sponsoring.  This write up gives a nice take on the Smokin’ Triggers BBQ Team and their regular appearances at the Mesquite BBQ Championship in Mesquite, Nevada (about 80 miles north of Las Vegas).

Johnny Trigg Mesquite BBQ Championship

Having spoken to Frank Cosmos here in Winter Haven about Myron Mixon’s regular appearances at the Winter Haven Smoke on the Water BBQ Competition – I can tell you that it means a lot when the “stars” of BBQ come compete at your event year after year.  Myron told me himself that the Winter Haven Smoke on the Water competition is among his top 2 events to cook every  year.  You know this makes Frank really proud, as it should!

This part of the Mequite BBQ Championship story provides two cool insights into the kind of guy Johnny is and also the role that his wife Trish plays as part of the Smokin’ Triggers cook team:

While loves making people laugh, his soft side is evident when he starts talking about feeding U.S. Troops in Kuwait.

“Four of us went over and cooked 110 briskets at each post,” he said. “It was a very touching experience and the boys had tears in their eyes. We had a great time even though it was about 135 degrees.”

For and his wife, Trish, their lifestyle is unmatched. They pack up their 40-foot Diesel Pusher motorhome and also bring a Dodge truck, so they’re prepared, that’s for sure.

“Some people retire and play a lot of golf,” he said. “I got to cooking instead. It’s a hobby and there’s also a financial gain. I have cooked all over the country. You learn that you need to travel as light as possible. I tell some cookers to write down everything and then check off what you didn’t use when the competition is done.”

Trish is also a very important part of the team. She spearheads the setup and teardown while keeping her husband in order as he continues his quest to remain the king of cooking top quality ribs while maintaining the philosophy that winners purchase quality meats; use a rub or spice that will bring out the flavors; don’t overcook the meat and make sure to use a temperature gauge; and also use lump charcoal rather than bricks.

Just at the first article above, this one also gives a nice bit of backstory about Jonny and his work in the Insurance field prior his present BBQ Avocation.   You can read the entire article here.

Johnny Inducted to the American Royal BBQ Hall of Fame

In May of 2012, Johnny and the Smokin’ Triggers BBQ Team were inducted as the first of the BBQ category members placed into the brand new American Royal Hall of Fame.  Fitting that the business category winner went posthumusly to Henry Ford for his invention of the charcoal briquette.  (Read more on Ford’s invention over at the Virtual Weber Bullet site here.)

For more details on the induction of Johnny into the BBQ Hall of Fame, read the press release from the American Royal.

[Video] Johnny Learns About Pork Belly and Finds His Groove at TLC’s Pitmasters

This is a great video, because it gives you a great idea of what the BBQ competition atmosphere is like.  You get to see Johnny interact with a fellow competitor as they do morning prep work, and you’ll notice the admiration this guy has for Johnny and his award winning BBQ contest history.

As you can see… Johnny and the Smokin’ Triggers are among the best of the best in BBQ.  For what it’s worth, I felt that Season One of BBQ Pitmasters was the best, as it really gave the audience a taste of what real competition BBQ is about. This recent season went back to that a little, but didn’t make it far enough back to the initial style in my opinion.

In any case, wasn’t it cool to see Johnny and his wife Trish teach the young guns a thing or two?

Have Any Johnny Trigg Stories to Share?

I’d love to get some of your Johnny Trigg stories in the comments section below.  Either put them right into the Facebook comment section or move down to the normal comment window.  :)

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