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Competition BBQ Logos Are Just Plain Fun

I love Competition BBQ… as you might be able to guess from this blog.   What I like most about it is the spirit of it all.  I mean, where else are you going to find such a rowdy, fun loving, and genuinely nice bunch of folks ready to serve you tasty tasty BBQ that they’ve spent hours upon hours prepping?

One thing I especially enjoy are the names of competition BBQ teams and of course, the competition BBQ logos they come up with to represent their individual style of BBQ.

Here are a few that I rounded up from the Web.  I think you’ll agree they’re pretty good.

Rural Route BBQ

Rural Route BBQ on Facebook 

Burnin and Lootin

 Burnin’ and Lootin’ BBQ on Facebook

Daddy and Me BBQ


JT's Smokin BBQ


The Meat Wave

 Official Meatwave BBQ Team Page

Pork Patrol BBQ

 Official Pork Patrol BBQ Team Site

Psychedelic Smoke BBQ

 Official Psychedelic Smoke BBQ Site

Ulika BBQ

 The Official Ulika BBQ Page

Whiskey Business

 Whiskey Business BBQ on Facebook

See – I told you BBQ Logos Were Fun!

Again, the logos above are just a few of the ones I found amusing or cool.  I really like the Ulika BBQ one that shows where each of the competition meats come from.

The Daddy and Me BBQ team is awesome.  BBQ is such a great family event, both in the back yard and on the competition BBQ circuit.

The Pork Patrol… well – come on.  That’s just funny.

A common theme seems to be animals eating animals or even animals willfully prepping themselves as “dinner!”  Too funny.  In fact, the BiB Newsletter just had an article about The self-cannibalizing pigs of Texas BBQ!

Think you have a logo that’s one of a kind?  I’ll feature it here! 

If you have a logo and a fun story behind it to share, send it to me and a short write up on your team and how you came up with your design.  I’ll post it here along with a link back to you site!

Oh – and by the way… if you are in need of a BBQ Logo for your team, contact my good friend Patrick over at  He does great work! 

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