BBQ Smoker Review – Char-Broil Silver Smoker

For the backyard BBQ adventurer who has been cooking on electric smokers or maybe outfitting a Weber kettle to smoke, the Char-broil Silver Smoker may be one of the better entry level BBQ smokers out there.    In many cases, you can get one for right around $200, and if taken care of, it should last you quite a while.

Size wise, the Char-Broil Silver Smoker falls into Char-Broil’s mid-sized BBQ smoker category.   As such, it’s not too overwhelming of an experience to get this smoker up and running.  Once you get a hang of keeping it at temp, you can bring pretty much all of the smoked BBQ goodness you’ve tasted in restaurants or at BBQ competitions right into your own home.


The offset firebox provides you with the heat and smoke flavor to slow cook your favorite foods. Whether the wood is cherry, mesquite, hickory, pecan, or any personal recipe for taste, nature provides the flavor and the grill gives you the means to do it the way the pros do. Char Broil pays attention to the little things that makes barebecuing truly great. If you notice the smoke stack on the Silver Smoker it is set at the top of the grill as you would expect.

Want to use the Silver Smoker as a grill?  No problem.  Just put charcoal underneath the cooking grates in the main chamber and you are ready to go. The offset firebox is always waiting for you when you want to get back to smoking great BBQ.