BBQ Smoker Friday Best Bets

BBQ Smoker Friday Best Bets

Friday's Best BetsBack in full swing, I have another “share the Food Love” BBQ Smoker Friday Best Bets post hot off the digital press! I really love this series, because it lets me share with you posts from some of the better food bloggers out there.  You’ll find great food photos, recipes, and more in this edition!

As always, I invite you to comment here or shoot me an email if you know of a food blog that you feel should be featured here.  I’m always open to the new, interesting, and exciting finds from the world of CHOW!

Ok.  Without any further prattling – let’s get to it!  

This Week’s BBQ Smoker Friday Best Bets 

Humbled in Serenbe – All-Star Food Blogger Curt McAdams shares some amazing photos and a bit of his experiences from an amazing on site meet up with other premier food bloggers at Serenbe.  For those of you not familiar with this farm-to-table community outside Atlanta, it’s an amazing example of what can be done when like minded folks get together to plan and implement a sustainable living environment.  Danielle Dimovski has a nice post from her experience at this event as well.  More info on Serenbe can be found here.

Best of the Web: BACON RECIPES- Bacon Ice Cream, Bacon Mayonnaise and a Bacon Coffin – Robyn Medlin Lindars has amassed one hell of an amazing BACON Extravaganza post here!  Seriously, from traditional country bacon to  the extreme with bacon ice cream – bacon is celebrated in all of its Porky Goodness here.  Get there now!

How to Grill Fish (Video) – Helen Rennie from Beyond Salmon put together this really great and highly useful post on grilling fish.  For many new to grilling, firing up a fillet of fish can be a scary experience.  This post not only gives you some great video “how-t0” style pointers, but Helen also provides a nice “grill this, not that” list of fish.

Spring Super Spicy & BBQ Sale – This is an awesome opportunity to grab some great deals on sauces and spices presented to us by Brian and Marilyn over at the Hot Sauce Daily blog!  Links galore to some killer products!  Get there now!

Bacon Studded Polenta with Tomato Gravy – Ciao, Yawl! – Oh yeah – continuing on with bacon as a theme… this is a great take on Southern comfort food with an Italian twist!  Good stuff, ya’ll!  :)





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