BBQ Smoker Friday Best Bets

BBQ Smoker Friday Best Bets 

Friday's Best BetsBack in full swing, I bring to you this week’s edition of Friday Best Bets!  I’m really starting to look forward to these Friday posts, as they give me a chance to showcase what other food bloggers are doing out there.  The world of BBQ and BBQ Smoker related information is vast, and I’m continually amazed and impressed at the wide-ranging variations I’m seeing out there in terms of what folks are doing in BBQ.

As always, if you would like your blog posts featured as part of this series, send me a note to kevin [at]  I’ll put your site into my Google Reader and will keep an eye out for what you have to share!

Here are this week’s posts….

Review: BigMista’s Perfect Pork Rub – Wayne Brown of “Big Wayner’s BBQ Blog” fame submitted this great guest post to the BBQ Sauce Review site.  Wayne does an awesome job with this entry – filling it with a gratuitous selection of FOOD PORN photos that will have you drooling all over you keyboard!  Get there and check it out now!

Tropical Mango Jalapeno Sauce – Danielle “Diva Q” Dimovski dishes out a great recipe for this tropical sauce that brings a little heat!  I’ve followed Danielle’s blog for a long time now.  What I like most about it is that that she presents such a wide variety of BBQ related and general foodie information. Her photos are always terrific, and you cannot leave a single one of her posts without having learned something new!

BBQ Pulled Pork Bahn Mi Sandwich – First, the photo here of this amazing little Vietnamese sandwich is beautiful.  Robyn has always had an eye for foot photography, and this post really shows off her skill!  If you’ve grown tired of the variations you put your left over pulled pork through, check this post out.

Back to Basics: Barbecue Beef Back Ribs – Living in Florida, we don’t see much beef on the BBQ Smokers round these parts.  I guess that’s why this post caught my eye.  If you have wanted to give beef ribs a try, this is a great “how to” guide to get you started!

Hickory Smoked Scalloped Potatoes-n-Pork with more Bear Lard Biscuits – First, how often do you see recipes that call for Bear Lard?  So cool!  A friend of ours works for the Canadian Forestry and has offered to serve us some bear the next time we head up to Ontario.  Until then, I’ll have to substitute it out.  In any case, this is another truly “wild” fire recipe from the “Cowgirl’s Country Life” blog.  Put this one in your feed reader for sure!

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