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Friday is a good day for BBQ!  My good buddies from Team Unknown BBQ are getting ret-to-get for this year’s Ocala Junior Leage Pig Out BBQ Bash, and by tonight – Damien will probably be eating a few Ghost Chili Peppers and chasing them with Red bull!

I have some great entries for this week’s round up!  

Remember, if you don’t see your BBQ, Grilling, or Food related blog featured in this series, shoot me an email or connect with me directly on Facebook and give me your blog address.  I’ll load it in the lineup and we’ll see if a post comes up in one of my future editions!

Here are this week’s posts…

Cold-Smoking Course Review – Swedish Mike, a true Swedish expat now living in Britain brings us a review of a Cold-Smoking Technique Course he took recently.  At first glance, any of you familiar with Alton Brown’s Good Eats may find the “Smoker” pictured here a little familiar!  Very cool write up here for anyone interested in the techniques required to smoke some of the more delicate proteins and cheeses.


Swedish Mike - Butchery Course Review

Swedish Mike's - "Butchery Course Review"

Butchery to Pimp Your Home Cooking Course Review – another from Swedish Mike!  Hey – the guy has put some cool stuff together of late, so he deserves the love, OK?  🙂   Mike traveled to London for the first offering of this butchery course.  They broke down lamb, pork, and chicken – all leaving home with ample amounts of wrapped meat.

Had to laugh when I read this statement from Mike… “All the meat we prepared, including the chicken carcass, were packaged up as the evening progressed and as we left we were carrying some serious amounts of meat with us. We were joking about being being put through a ‘stop and search’ and trying to convince the police that we were not carrying around a butchered whore or two.”

Chicken Wrapped in Bacon with Butter Herbed Breadcrumb Stuffing – from Kimba’s Kitchen, we have a great “anything but,” or appetizer offering.  An easy recipe anyone can make and will not be disappointed! This is a Kimba’s Kitchen guarantee. If you like chicken and bacon and stuffing, you will not be disappointed.

These guys can eat! – Another winner from Paul at the No Excuses BBQ Blog.  He and his trusty bud Pigdog – yes, that’s a nickname – cooked up some baby backs, chicken thighs, beans, slaw, and ‘tater salad for some of the local Fire Department guys.  These firemen had saved a couple of Pigdog’s duplexes from flooding a few weeks back, so this was an edible Thank You! Great shots of the food here, and an even greater message of thanks!

First Look: Pit Barrel Cooker – John Dawson of the Patio Daddio BBQ  blog steps us through the un-boxing of his new smoker.  It’s a bit like a 55 Gallon Ugly Drum Smoker (UDS), only a bit smaller (30 gallons).  Some cool features here, and I think anyone who might not want to build a UDS but still wants to play with one may enjoy it.

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