Weber Grill Review: Weber One-Touch Gold Grill

With enough space to smoke three racks of ribs with a couple chickens on the side, the 26.75 inch Weber One-Touch Gold Grill is a beast.  While not as big as the Weber Ranch Kettle Grill, it represents only one step down and is widely accepted as a “poor man’s” version of one.

Weber One-Touch Gold Grill


26.75 Weber One-Touch Gold Grill next to a 22.5 inch grill

26.75 Weber One-Touch Gold Grill next to a 22.5 inch grill

Unlike the Ranch Kettle, the Weber One-Touch Gold grill model looks a lot like the standard 22 inch Weber kettle, but sports a robust amount of cooking space.  If you do a lot of entertaining, but don’t plan on bumping up to the catering level, this grill is a perfect fit.

History of the Weber 26.75 inch One-Touch Gold Grill

This grill, though a new issue unto itself, isn’t Weber’s first go-round with a 26 inch charcoal grill.  They had an earlier version, but was discontinued.   However, with the popularity of the Weber Grill restaurant chain, the larger Ranch sized kettles got folks hankering for a larger cooking surface.  Understandably, not everyone can plop down the $1,200 needed for a new Weber Ranch Kettle, so the need for this 26.75 inch Weber grill came about once again.


Features and Benefits of the 26.75 inch Weber One-Touch Gold Grill

The Weber 26.75 One Touch Gold Grill is coated in high grade porcelain enamel, which protects it from the elements and moisture involved in the cooking process.   Though you might need to add a couple, the unit comes with 2 aluminum charcoal baskets, which make moving your heat source around fairly easy.  Typical of the more recent Weber grill models, you also get weather resistant wheels for easy moving, a glass reinforced nylon handle and an ash catcher so there‘s less mess.

26.75 Weber One-Touch Gold Grill
26.75 Weber One-Touch Gold Grill Charcoal Baskets26.75 Weber One-Touch Gold Grill Ash Catcher

The one touch cleaning system is a handy feature, and reviewers find it useful for clean up.  You also get a thermometer mounted into the lid to help you keep an eye on the grill’s temp.  Obviously, you might want to use a probe and a digital thermometer like a Thermapen to keep an eye on your cook over time.

26.75 Weber One-Touch Gold Grill Lid with Vents and Thermometer

 There’s also a tuck-a-way lid holder system similar to the one used on the Weber Ranch Kettle.  This a useful feature, as at 26.75 inches, the lid is a bit harder to shift around than the 22 inch Weber kettle model’s lid.  More than one reviewer has mentioned burning themselves on the forearm by trying to shift the lid around improperly.  So, be careful!  A 400 degree F lid does not go well with unprotected arm flesh!

Speaking of holding temperature, this Weber is true to its name and uses the same venting system and sealed dome lid to keep temperatures steady during even the longest cooks.

What Kind of BBQ Cook Needs This Sized Grill?

The 26.75 inch Weber One-Touch Gold charcoal grill is a nice fit for backyard barbecues as well as for folks on the competition BBQ circuit who need a piece of hardware to knock out a slew of tasty BBQ chicken thighs!  (See Startin’ the Fire by George Hensler for confessions of a Chickenholic!)  It’s great for cooking multiple proteins or a mixture of proteins and vegetables at once, so the family can all eat at the same time rather than the cook always eating last!

Price and Availability

Buying the Weber One-Touch Gold Grill

The 26.75 inch Weber One-Touch Gold grill can be purchased at several online grill and patio store locations.  At a list price of $349, this grill is priced within most budgets.  If you’re looking for a bit more grilling space than is offered by a standard 22 inch Weber kettle, this is the grill for you.  Of course, the Weber name and warranty speak for themselves.

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Comments on Weber Grill Review: Weber One-Touch Gold Grill

Chuck @ 2:45 am #

I currently have a forearm burn from the 26.75 model. It’s easy to do, so be careful. Make sure you are standing to the side of the grill when you remove the lid or it may swing back on you. I believe the smaller units never had this problem because the lids aren’t as bulky. Locating an additional handle on the front of the lid instead of just the top may help control this.

Grillbabygrill @ 10:44 am #

I own one of these grills. The foream burn is a joke. If you do that to yourself you are a noodle arm. Try a modicum of fitnees and voila, no arm burn.