The 2012 Competition BBQ Season is Here!

What Competition BBQ Events is YOUR Team Cooking in 2012? 

This one’s short and sweet… I’m calling for a shout out!  If you have a BBQ Cook Team anywhere within reading distance of the BBQ Smoker Site, then I want to hear about your team and where you’ll be competing in 2012.

BBQ Competitions is really where the pig meets the coals!  Whether you cook here in the South as part of the Florida Bar-B-Que Association, or are among the many other great competition circuits out there, I want to hear from you!


Rules for posting your BBQ Smoker Team Shout Out

Please include the following in your comment below:

  • Team Name
  • Where You’re Located
  • What Division (Pro or Backyard)
  • A brief description of your BBQ Smoker Set Up

I also invite you to include a link to your website, blog, Facebook Page, Twitter account, etc. in your comment below.  Let’s get a roll call going for 2012!  Consider this you making your BBQ Smoker resolution public!

My Own Involvement in BBQ 

In truth, I started the BBQ Smoker site as a fan and spectator of competition BBQ and have only moved up to the rank of “participatory spectator.”  Initially, Chad, Jared and the rest of the Whiskey Bent BBQ crew took me in just as they moved up from Backyard to the Pro Division.  In time, they introduced me to the Team Unknown crew and good Lord it was all downhill from there!  Seriously, all of the local central Florida BBQ cook teams I’ve had the pleasure of meeting – as well as several from outside the state – have and continue to be good and true friends of mine.  I consider myself lucky to know them all.

My own next venture will be judging at the 2012 Lakeland Pigfest – a very popular KCBS event held annually down here.  Can’t wait to see how my buddies do.  To all of you planning to attend the event, please send me a note here on the blog or over on my Facebook page!

Comments on The 2012 Competition BBQ Season is Here!

Eric Thomas @ 7:10 pm #

My team Shout Out info

Team Name : The Rolling Grill
Located: Ellenwood, GA
Division: Pro
We will be cooking on a Lang smoker for the 2012 competition season! We can’t wait!!
We our currently building a website dedicated to our journey in Competition BBQ (Competition BBQ Website) (Catering Website)

gary park @ 9:16 am #

Team Name: Two Smokin’ White Boys/G’s Slow Smoked BBQ
Located: Green Cove Springs, Fl/Varnville, SC
Division: Pro
We cook on a custom built gravity fed charcoal smoker and backwoods. We will try to do several FBA events, some SCBA, KCBS, and some small local fundraising cooks. We also have some other BBQ ventures in progress, and are looking forward to competing. Good smokin’!!